How to become a Sovereign
- Regain your lost rights !


Establish and enjoy freedom in:
wealth, health, safety, travel, security, privacy.

I/ we want to help others, discover the freedoms we have found.

I have collected files, video, web sites that I share to alert and aid others to discover the truth, and to change their lives to take advantage of hidden knowledge.

A simple way to understand what we are doing is to study at this web site.


Below are some of my notes.  Those who visit me, may see additional information.


To become a Sovereign,
    a person equal or superior to any lawyer, court, judge, law, king.

Here are the steps:

-        copyright your name (and your thumbprint, retina scan, Ö): form you complete, sign, notarize        recommend: recorded at Co. Court, get book & page #, take to legal ad in news, then if every attacked, send a copy of the certified legal add to your attacker.

-        Common Law Copyright of your name (Common law is still in force in America and the world.  It trumps, exceeds, prevails over US corp & state laws, but you have to know how to use it.  Contact a sheriff to form a constitutional jury, or get a jury of 3 sovereigns to view your paperwork)  Common Law Ė which is encoded world wide, evolved over 2000+ years, encoded in UCC: Uniform Commercial Code


To have the superior claim on anything, be the first to claim it,
    and be the closest connected to it.  First in line, first in time.

The parent has the first right of the child, not the school or the government,

    unless you register a birth certificate and give those people superior rights.


Meet with me privately at my home, call in advance.

Thatís the best way for me to show and or give you specific information to help you.  We find/ I hold web site links, audio & video files, and

    1,000s of documents, forms to declare and maintain your sovereignty.


I think, you need to learn of the problem, then learn of the solution.

Many excellent coaches are easily available via the internet.

Here are some people & or their topics, titles


Robert Menard: Bursting Bubble of Government Deception, Magnificent Deception (youtube)

Winston Shrout, Solutions in Commerce, how to get unlimited bonding thru your birch certificate & how to use that to win or trump any (corporate) judge, court, harassment form the US (corp.)

Mary Croft, How I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscating Bureaucracy known to man                             No one has any authority over you, unless you accept it; doctors, lawyers, police, courts.   Many people choose to let a doctor, professional make recommendations, decisions for them.

David Everett Robinson: Regaining Your Sovereignty Ė Take Back your Christian Name, History of Money, History of Income Tax, I bought and read a dozen of his titles.

Here are some links on my web site that should useful.  You need not read / study / view/ listen to all I suggest, but they all fit together to give you greater knowledge, confident and success.  Some things you may not get the full understanding until you have read other things.  I am constantly reviewing materials I have studied before to constantly deepen my knowledge.  To me, it is by knowledge you achieve and maintain your freedom.  What you donít know and or if you falter, then they will dominate, control and abuse you. You have the God given right to all your freedoms, but being right, or having some knowledge and proper action will not guarantee you safety or success against such a powerful, deceptive and in place enemy.  Submitting to them just magnifies their control over you.  They donít stop at limit of their rightful authority, but press on.

Video files: flv, use flv player, or Real Player free from the internet.

Listen to these short video clips: Strawman, Enslavement - how others control us. Becoming Sovereign:
Read: Strawman, Secure Party Creditor

Download and use the forms in Steps to Becoming Sovereign:
Sovereignty-docs.Zip         HOLD HARMLESS and Indemnity Agreement Template

Sample of SCHEDULE A Ė For UCC-1      They can help @ $ 25 / hr. contact 

    I may supply the forms on disc that are available from Restore-AmericanNow

Desire is the fire for what ever you desire.  You can accomplish anything if you stay focused, persistence, unswerving and donít give up.  Many weight (estimate) the cost to achieve something and give up before achieving it, thinking itís price is too high.  I say, you do no even know the value of what you can achieve until you have searched long and hard to simply see and understand the limits of your freedom, see the possibilities, stay to course to achieve your rights.

Language is the limit of our thought.  What cannot be expressed in language (word, image, object, Ö) can not be consciously seen (or heard), described, remembered or told to another.  Thoughts and things can be recorded in language and in recordings (film, audio, Ö)  The more broadly you consider something, the more clear is your understanding of it.  Many people limit their considerations to popular media; news, TV, even books and movies. Many other sources on any subject are also available through the internet and other sources.  Sometimes, an audio interview, web site, DVD documentary, not in popular circulation or consideration, can reveal concepts, facts, witnesses, public records that completely change our perception of an event.

A Digital World:  As you gain access and ability with a computer, software, internet, DVD, mp3 and medial players, and ability find, keep, manage information on a computer, you can greatly expand your ability to handle information, to learn, remember, and communicate.

On ReadingTheir are many sources; libraries, inner library loan, web sites, buy books.

You can learn to read books and articles directly on your computer screen.  If viewing a digital file, like pdf or web site, you can copy all or part of the text and paste it into your word processor to change to font and style that makes it easy for your to read, particularly if you view it in Reading Layout. When you can read on your screen, and reformat documents with your own word processor, you have far more knowledge quickly and easily available to consider, compare, learn, remember, and far cheaper then buying everything.

When you learn how to manage files, folders, videos, audio, documents, images on your computer, like with Total Commander, you can think and know much more complicated and or subtle things, then if you are without these computer resources.

I capture video and convert to mp3 audio files, which I carry in thumb sized mp3 player and listen while I walk, do errands.  Many listen to music, or news, but you can learn and establish your freedoms with study.  Not just by reading books and internet, but from watching videos and or listening to audio tracks.