Israeli 9-11

We are four days into the "Israeli 9/11" and the similarities to the US 9/11 are striking.

A country that is known for the most sophisticated military defense on the planet, orders the guards at the border to an emergency "meeting" just before the fireworks, leaving many posts unattended.

Immediate identification of the perpetrators as terrorists, even though fingerprints of Mossad / CIA involvement are evident.

Immediate worldwide coverage. It seems we have more footage of the Israeli War in four days than we have seen of the "Ukraine" war in three years.

A few brave insiders - normal people who worked for the IDF or were witness - have come forward to point out how impossible this would be to pull off, mostly ignored.

Massive money changes hands in the region within the prior month. (in the US it was massive shorts on airline stocks). This time:

The main storyline in the US 911 was a handful of middleastern "masterminds" were running the whole operation using synchronized Timex watches from a cave in Afghanistan using box cutters. The narrative evolved and was shaped to wage war on Iraq. 500,000 (at least) Iraqi civilians, mostly children, were killed.
This narrative is being shaped to wage war on Iran it is asserted that the Biden funding to Iran was the source of the "event". In the meantime, mass genocide of Palestine - even as they are ordered out, areas outside the gates are bombed as they leave.

In the Israeli 911, we have primitive hang gliders and pipe bombs being met with a massive retaliation of missiles and the unlawful use of white phosphorus. The fresh water pipes to civilians are filled with concrete, electricity is cut off and the uninvolved people in the strip can not escape as the two entryways into Gaza are sealed. And for the most part, the population of Palestine is allegedly about 17 years old, mostly children. Another 6 day holy war. (do the math six days without water).