Save America - Get involved !  Sept 2023

Well, if / when good times are coming it is going to have to be up to us.  While many people sit and blame God for all this BS, God is sitting there and saying "YOU are supposed to bring heaven on Earth, I can only provide the blueprint, you have to build it."

We face a conundrum.  There is a group of psychopaths with a plan to kill 90% of the people. And they are EXECUTING the plan in plain sight and getting people to volunteer and cooperate.  It is interesting how suicide and euthanasia can be sold to a society lacking critical thinking.

They aren't a very big group, but they have infiltrated every aspect of society, media and politics.

Therefore their influence is nearly universal, I point out that it is a counter balance to the universal INSTINCTS given to all humans.

What options do we have in this war? Pitchforks and torches don't seem to work, mass gatherings of protests are classified as "terrorist threats" (It is a threat to their plans).  Although the public has seen fit to purchase over $2 M worth of guns last month, a street war against SWAT teams is problematic. We don't have tanks.

About the only sensible option is to become involved in what passes for "government" and hold the locals accountable. This approach seems to be working when even  only 30 people show up to voice concerns over the "trans" agenda at school boards or mask mandates at city council meetings.

Several videos show the boards resigned on the spot, and / or left the meeting, which allowed the people remaining to hold a vote and vote out the bastards. (one example here, but there are plenty more omitted by MSM.) This is a little known fact. it works because the boards/ councils don't really hold much conviction on a proposition, they are merely taking guidance from position papers handed to them by influencers and by "bribes".  They get to have lunches and dinners with "well heeled" and "well connected" people who smile over desert and wink "I owe you one".

  The second common sense option is to "letter bomb" representatives and congress with a list of items that you want investigated and or stopped until the people have been given the facts and can make an informed decision.  The list of grievances is lengthy and will read like a dog's breakfast of infractions that will make it difficult to achieve focus. But here are the top contenders:

A. Chemtrails / weather modification - we did not ask for this "service".

B. Proper health measures in food labels and elimination of additives KNOWN to cause health problems (Food from the US is banned in Europe due to this). 

C. Radiation Studies on health issues for 5G need to be made mainstream. France recently banned the Apple phone due to known health issues.

D. Fluoridation of your water - Fluoride is a known neurotoxin and is banned in many countries and counties.

E. Publish ALL studies on the efficacy of masks and vaccines. Thousands of studies have been done and are suppressed by the "system" which show that neither work as promoted.  (They appear to work as INTENDED - once you realize the nefarious intentions behind the mass genocide and mass mask wearing ritual.)

  These are the simple ones and should be priorities as the have an impact on cognitive thinking. (Which is why the attacks are ALL focused on disrupting brain activity. They know that once the brain is damaged, they can roll out 15 minute cities, which will morph into 1 minute cites  with little opposition.  

Seriously, a few thousand letters showing up from the people WILL cause the politicians to take note. And for those who are reluctant to send a letter because they will be placed on a "LIST".  Let me put that fear to bed: YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE LIST.  But nothing says that your letter can't be signed "One of the People". There is no way a congressman is verifying the signature on several large mail bags of letters anyway. They don't even do it for elections. The message will be understood by even the most brain dead masquerading as "your representative". 


You can show the people how to make their voices heard for only 3 Cents. Get your list of congress here:  Members of the U.S. Congress