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Alex Jones - 9-11

Area 51- Dreamland Secrets

Conspiracy- Behind Closed Doors

Conspiracy – The Secret History – New Science Ideas

Crop Circles

Free Energy - Anti Gravity

Hidden Agenda



Lacy Williams - Energy – Vaccinations

Phil Experiment, Montauk, Schneider, Underground Bases

UFO Titles

Other Titles

Moon Landings

Alien-Bible-Weird Science

Weapons,                Other Subjects

Moon - Did we really land on the moon ?

Conspiracy 1 with many wmv or avi files on 1 disc

Conspiracy 2 disc set with many wmv or avi files on 1 disc

Movie Titles             

Courses, Yoga, Tai Chi, Exercise

Courses: Standard English, Physics, Statistics, Government

DVD & CD Files, wmv, pdf, CD audio & more.



^ - - Index     Titles  Alex Jones - 9-11

Dark Secrets - Inside Bohemian Grove, Matrix of Evil

Martial Law, Dictators, Great Illusion, Rise of Police State

Police State- Total Enslavement, Police State2000


Artie- 9-11 Missiles

Confronting the Evidence- NYC Forum & Painful Questions

Loose Change I & II

Painful Questions & book, Huffschmidt

Terror Storm, Texe Marrs

Wm. Rodriguez, CD audio Natl. He was the Last Man Out of WTC.  Noted as Hero by Pres Bush,

                9-11 Commission won't include his testimony of hearing & seeing explosives destroy the WTC.


American Scholar for 9-11- Forum

Steven Jones Lecture on 9-11, UVSC, Feb 1, 2006


Al Cuppett, I AM, New World Order, Army Chiefs of Staff

   Clinton imported 3/4 million Russian guns to US in advance of the foreign troops now here.

HiJacking Catastrophe


^ - - Index  Titles  Area 51- Dreamland Secrets


Area 51 Base, Is it hidden Space Port ?,Grizzly Adams Prod.

Area 51, America's Most Secret Base, Vanguard

Secrets in Dreamland, Disc 1 Locations ufoTV

Secrets in Dreamland, Disc 2 Locations ufoTV


^ - - Index  Titles  Conspiracy- Behind Closed Doors


1 Murder in the Heartland, Oklahoma City Bombing- Conspiracy

2 Conspiracy X: UFO Government Secrets Revealed Conspiracy: -Behind Closed Doors Disc 2 Rated NR 1 hr. 2005                 see UFO set

3 DNC - Y2K Protests. Conspiracy-Behind Closed Doors Disc 3  Rated NR 1 hr. 2005 Behind Enemy Lines Democratic Natl. Convention 2000

4  The Book the Church Doesn't Want You to Read

   panel discusses Jordan Maxwell, Tim Leedom, Steve Allen, Bill Jenkins


Delving into the conspiracy theories that keep online bloggers buzzing,

this fascinating 5-disc collection uncovers previously unreported information about the Sept. 11 attacks, the war on terrorism,

the Kennedy assassination, secret societies and other government cover-ups

"Hemp Hemp Hooray"


^ - - Index Titles  Conspiracy – The Secret History – New Science Ideas

In Search of America’s Drug Lords

Secret Heartbeat of America:  CIA & Drugs

Masters of the Universe


^ - - Index  Titles  Crop Circles


15 Crop Circles, Colin Andrews

Crop Circles - w/ Colin Andrews interviewed by CIA

Crop Circles - Best Evidence

Crop Circles: Quest for Knowledge – Colin Andrews


^ - - Index  Titles  Free Energy - Anti Gravity


Energy PC, files for viewing on computer, pdf, etc.

Free Energy - Anti Gravity Propulsion Sys, Tom Valone, NSI, ufoTV, Indy World & Vision

More Energy Devices - Dennis Lee, Declaration of Energy Independence, Incredible Products for the 21st Century, vcd

The Case for Free Energy - Dennis Lee, vcd

The Race to Zero Point Energy, Bill Jenkins, Light Works Audio Video, vcd


^ - - Index Titles  Hidden Agenda


1 Capitalist Conspiracy, Knowledge 2020 Media, ha

2 Subversive Factor ha

3 Truth of Communism, Knowledge 2020 Media,, notes ha

4 Anarchy, USA, In the Name of Civil Rights

5 Katanga, untold Story of UN Betrayal ha

6 No Place to Hide - Terrorism ha


^ - - Index Titles  Illuminati


Illuminati 0, Chris Everard

Illuminati 1, Conspiracy, Enigma TV, Chris Everard

Illuminati 2, The Anti-Christ, Enigma TV, Chris Everard


Cloak of the Illuminati d 1, William Henry, Ancient History

Cloak of the Illuminati d 2, William Henry, Ancient History


Illuminati - Prophecy Club, lecture, 23 vcd

Secrets of Illuminati- Movie, Blair secret, Bush Brotherhood of Death, Tarnished Crown

   Enigma TV, C. Everard, vcd,


^ - - Index  Titles  Kennedy


Best Evidence - JFK - showing that 2 caskets arrived at Bethesda MD Hospital, and that the body was switched, not traveling across the country in the ceremonial casket where wife and plane members thought the body was.

 Both planes recovered, fuel lines had been turned off

 Crash site same location, 50 miles off coast in front of Kennedy summer home on coast

JFK - The Director's Cut by Irving Stone

   12? home films shown taken on day of and near our about the assassination

JFK- A Case for Conspiracy, reviewing the Parkland TX Hospital 12 member medical team that observed the body to be very different than the wound described by the Bethesda Medical Facility / autopsy in Balt. MD and the illustration included in the Warren Report

JFK Assassination Films, Case for Conspiracy, Robert Grodin

JFK- Assassination the Bush Connection- For the People

JFK Jr. Assassination - Plane Crash, Pentagon restricted search fro 15 1/2 hour before searching crash site.

  same site as TWA flight 800 ? that was destroyed, or another possible Manchurian Candidate

  Who was working on the body for those hours before it reached the Bethesda Hospital ?


^ - - Index  Titles  Lindsey Williams Energy - Vaccinations


Economic Hit Man, Jonathan May

Emergency UpDate- Energy Non-Crisis

Vaccination, Are They worth the Risk


^ - - Index  Titles Phil Experiment, Montauk, Schneider, Underground Bases

   video CD


Alfred Bielek- Philadelphia Experiment, Time Travel, Government Secrets

Alfred Bielek- The Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk Survival Accounts

   Montauk- Mind Control, thought transfer, underground experiment bases

Phil Schneider- Final Message; Underground Bases, Aliens, Secret Government


^ - - Index  UFO Titles

Best UFO Evidence

Best UFOs of 1990s

Conspiracy X, Closed Doors

Flying Saucers are Real d2, ufoTV Top Secret / MAJIC

Secret of the Black World - UFO, Bob Lazaar

UFO Government Secrets Reveals, ufoTV, Conspiracy Behind

UFO Kecksburg, PA 1967 ?

William Cooper on Parapsychology  TV ?


_ TE CD Conspire Files Idx


-  means CD, sizes are Mb or Gb

- 15 Crop Circles

- Confronting the evidence

- In Plane Site

-- Trials of Kessinger

.  means with Index

.109 Conspiracy ebooks

.Energy CD 605 mb

.Give me Liberty 313 m

.Gov. Conspiracy CD 44m

.Liberty Assets CD aud

.Secrets 664 m

.Underground CDs 10g

Disclosure CD

We the People 2.4 g vid


^ - - Index      Other Titles

Aleister Crowley.doc

Alex Jones DVD.txt

Am Government P1 SD.txt

Apollo 11 DVD Kan Co Lib.doc

Area 51 DVD.rtf

Barry Seals 2 DVD.txt

BATF Breaking the Law.rtf

Be Cool DVD.txt

Behind the Scenes v2 DVD.rtf

Big Buy- Tom Delay buys Congress.rtf

Birth of Federal Reserve DVD.rtf

Bush Family Fortunes DVD.rtf

Celsius DVD.rtf


CIA 1 2 DVD.txt

Consciousness 5 DVD.rtf

Conspiracy eB 1.doc

Da Vinci Files 2.rtf

Da Vinci Shroud of Turrin DVD.rtf

Emperor of Hemp.rtf

Free Energy & Antigravity Propulsion.rtf

Freedom Rd Icke 1 & 2 DVD.rtf

HAARP Documentary.doc

HAARP:  Holes in Heaven

Hidden Adjenda Vol 1 2 DVD.rtf

Hitler’s Sunken Secret DVD.txt

Holes in Heaven DVD.rtf

Illuminati 1-2 DVD.txt

JFK Assassination DVD.txt

JFK Conspiracy 03 DVD.txt

Knights Templar.doc

Learn Personal Finance SD DVD.txt

Learn Public Speaking SD DVD.txt

Lindsey Williams DVDs from Reality Zone.rtf

Lost Science 2-6 DVD.rtf


Mark of the Beast Documentary.doc

Masonic Rituals.doc

Masters of the Universe NSI.rtf

Mysteries of Dead Sea Scrolls Exposed d1-3 DVD.rtf

National Treasures DVD.txt

OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds.rtf

Physics #2 SD DVD.txt

Quantum Hologram & ESP.txt

Reich DVD.txt

Remote View- Terrorism DVD.rtf

Remote Viewing DVD.rtf

Reptilian Agenda Icke d3 DVD.rtf

Secret of Nikola Tesla Movie DVD.txt

Secret Space DVD Outline.doc

Secrets of Dreamland 1-2 DVD.txt

Secrets of Illuminati.doc

Secrets of Matrix Icke 2-2 DVD.rtf

Secrets of UFO's- Area-51 Base.rtf

Star Wars Weapons 1-2 DVD.rtf

Technologies of the Gods DVD.txt

Tibet- Cry of the Snow Lion DVD.rtf

Tower of Infamy DVD.txt

Tower of Infamy Texe Marrs sum DVD.rtf

Transformation of America

Trials of Henry Kissinger.txt

Truth about Communism ha DVD.txt

Unconstitutional, The War on our Constitutional Rights

Uncovered, The War on Iraq

UnPresidented, The 2000 Presidental Election

Unholy Alliance

Waco - Rules of Engagement.txt

Wolves among the Sheep.rtf

Yoga Step 1-3 DVD.rtf

Zinn Peoples History.rtf


^ - - Index      New CD Files (to include into the above index)


  9-11 Related

Alex Jones Rise of Police State 911

- Terror Storm, - 911 Martial Law

Terror Storm – Alex Jones


^ - - Index      911 set

Aftermath: Unanswered Questions

American Scholars 911 (4 cds)

Bush Family Fortunes

Celsius Bush

Century of Self, wmv

Confront the Evidence – Eric Hufschmid

Cuppet, Al - I Am:  New World Order, ret. Army Chief of Staffs

Democracy Now (responding to) Imperialism – Row the Indian girl

Democracy Univ Vol. 2

Distorted Morality

Hijacking Catastrophe

Zinn, Howard: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

Masters of the Universe

Murdoch’s War on Journalism

National Hero Exposes 911 Cover-up, Wm. Rodriguez Aud. CD

Chomsky, Noam:  Rebel w/o a Pause

Chomsky, Noam: Manufacturing Consent

Chomsky, Noam: Power & Terrorism (3cds)

Painful Deceptions – Hufschmid

Secret Heartbeat of America (CIA & drugs)

Stephen Jones 911 Lecture 1 Feb 06

Tex Marrs 1,2

Tomahawk Missiles from Woolworth to WTC, Artie 911 CD jpg

Trials of Henry Kissinger


Uncovered Iraq War

Uncovered Whole Truth

Unpresidential Elections

Waco: Rules of Engagement (3 cds)

Weapons of Mass Destruction

What a Blast – Architecture is Motion

Zinn: Voices of History


^ - - Index      ABC Set

ACLU Freedom Files: beyond the Patriot Act

Case for Free Energy

Conspiracy 1-4

109 Conspiracy E-Books

Government Conspiracies

Conspiracy E-Book collection

Conspiracy wmv

CIA 1,2,3

Crystals, the Power of

ChemTrails Aerosol Crimes


Corporation, the 1,2,3

Eyewitness Hoboken 911

Reptilian Agenda

Hoxsey: When Healing Becomes a Crime (cancer cures)

John Coleman M16 1,2

Lost Science 1-9

No ID found:  Terry L. Cook

No Place to Hide – Peter Jennings

Orwell, Roll Over

Psychic Spies 1,2,3

Quantum Holography 1,2

Remote Viewing Methods 1,2

Viva Little Man: Reich, Dr. Wilhelm Orgone

Secret Space, cd audio 1,2,3

Secret Space, enigma TV, UFO Germn WWI & US Astronauts

Theft by Deception: IRS 1,2 no Law requires to pay Inc. Taxes,

Technology of the Gods 1,2

Secrets of Nikola Tesla, 

USS Liberty: Dead in the Water, false flag Israel fight Egypt


^ - - Index      Alien – Bible – Weird Science

Dead Sea Scrolls 1,2,3

 Icke, David - Secret of the Matrix 1,2

Icke, David - Freedom Road 1,2,3

Da Vinci files 1,2,3


^ - - Index      Moon

What Happened on the Moon

Race to the Moon


^ - - Index      Weapons

Horowitz- Star Wars


^ - - Index      Other Subjects


ACLU Freedom Files- How Patriot Act crushes lives, imprisons innocent

CIA & Foreign Wars,, How CIA crushed democracies worldwide, kills million

CIA 1 & 2, BBC report on what they have done

Icke, David- Reptilian d 1-2

Lost Science 1 – 5, Wm. Henry, slide show lecture vcd

MI6, whistle blower John Coleman

No ID Found, Terry Cook

No Place to Hide, NBC, Peter Jennings

Psychic Spies, Remote Viewing

Quantum Holography, Astronaut Edgar Mitchel

Roll over Orwell, 198414 is Here

The Corporation, legally crushes the individual for profit.


^ - - Index                  Conspiracy Disc wmv 1 & 2


9-11 Rd to Tyranny Extras211204rttbb.wmv

9-11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.wmv

9-11 Special_Release_bb.wmv

911 - Loose Change 2nd Edition DVDRip (ConCen) XviD.avi

911 the Truth and Lies Part 1.wmv

911 the Truth and Lies Part 2.wmv

911 the Truth and Lies Part 3.wmv

911 the Truth and Lies Part 4.wmv




Alex Jones - Masters of Terror.wmv

Alex Jones - Matrix Of Evil(Part 1).wmv

Alex Jones - Matrix of Evil - part 2 - 148kbps.wmv

Alex Jones - Skull & Bones Exposed.WMV

Alex Jones - World War 4 - Iraq   ( VIDEO ).wmv

Alex Jones - America Destroyed By Design.wmv

Alex Jones - Order of Death.wmv

Alex_Jones - Police_State_III_Total_Enslavement_147kbs.wmv

Alex_Jones - Homeland Security.rm


Comp. Annual Financial Reports Exposed 1.ram

Comp. Annual Financial Reports Exposed 2.ram

Jim Marrs - 911 An Inside Job.wmv

ML Extras031505bb.wmv


Painful Deceptions - Part 2 - 60 mins.wmv

Painful Deceptions - Pentagon Part 1 - 60 mins.wmv


Secret Evil of 911.wmv



Martial_Law_p01(& 2 & 3)_bb (&mdm).wmv






            43 files


^ - - Index                  Conspiracy disc set 2

020305 AerosolCrimesbb.wmv

040105 MonopolyMenwmbb.wmv

110105 FlyingCircuswmbb.wmv

13 Bloodlines Part 1.wmv

13 Bloodlines Part2.wmv


231204 BrainWashingwmbb.wmv

281204 MysteryBabylonwmbb.wmv


ABC News Closeup - Mind Control - Part 1.ram

ABC News Closeup - Mind Control - Part 2.ram


Alex Jones - Fluoride & Vaccines.wmv

Alex Jones - George Bush Arrests Alex.rm

Alex Jones - The Nation of Aztlan.wmv

Alex Jones - Symbolism.wmv


Bohemian Grove_full_bb.wmv








Conspiracy Theory - Did We Land on the Moon.avi



George W Bush Election Expose (BBC censured).avi

Global_ Governance_128KBps.wmv

GULAG USA - Texe Marrs.wmv



Investigative Journalist Greg Palast - Bush Family Fortunes.wmv




Lone Gunman Pilot Clip - World Trade Center.wmv



ML Extras031505bb.wmv

Molech & Friends (Alex Jones & Booth) - Belly Theme For Joe.wmv

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve.wmv




Secret Gov Bill Moyers 1 & 2.wmv

Secrets of the CIA Part  1, 2, 3 part a & b, wmv

September 11- Evidence to the Contrary REDUX 2006.wmv

Skull and Bones Part 1.ram

Skull and Bones Part 2.ram

The Mena Connection_chunk_1. 2, 3.wmv

The Money Masters 1.wmv





Waking.Life.Alex.Jones David Icke.avi

Wetback - Video.wmv

[WTC Controlled Demolitions from 9-11]

[documentary] Nazi America - A Secret History HIS.asf


^ - - Index      Movies

1984, movie ’54 & ’88  not yet available

Along Came a Spider, Morgan Freeman Ashley Judd ?

Animal Farm, Orwell

Aviator d1 & d2, based on Howard Hughes by DiCaprio

Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey

Big Buy DeLay

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Cider House Rules

Cirque du Soleil, 6 min. Ballet / Yoga / Video

Coma, Geneviève Bujold, Michael Douglas,


Conspiracy 6 mil – Final Solution, movie

Constant Gardner, Aids vaccine in Africa sterilizes women

Coyote Ugly, Piper

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Dancer, The, Ballet behind the Scenes

Enemy of the State, Will Smith

Enron: Smartest Guys in the Room

Final Fantasy d1 & d2

Kinsey, Sexual Practices Research

Manchurian Candidate


My Life, Billy Crystal

National Treasure, Symbols of Evil in Am.

Night of the Hunter

Peace ! from the Original Series XXI Century w/ Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis,

Amy Goodwin, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King III,

Greg Palast, Scott Ritter, Danny Schechter, Howard Zinn

Professional, Natalie Portman @ 12 w/ Lyon Cleaner

Shout, Guess Movie Titles, game

Tibet Snow King, attach & imprison Spiritual Leader


^ - - Index      Courses:

American Government (9 cds)

Standard Deviants: Physics, - Statistics, Standard English, Shakespeare

What the Bleep is Going on – Consciousness


^ - - Index      Yoga / Tai Chi / Exercise