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To: Mr. Douglas Steidl, FAIA, President, 2005 (wrote to him many times)

Kate Schwennsen, FAIA. Pres. 2006         RK Stewart, FAIA., Pres 2007 taking office in Dec 2006

American Institute of Architects, Headquarters

1735 New York Ave.

Washington D. C. 20006                             telephone 202 626-7300     26 November 2006

Re; 9-11 – Did fires or Explosives Cause the Collapse of the World Trade Towers ?


Dear President Steidl:                  


The primary duty of registered professionals is to protect the public safety.  Professionals intelligence, knowledge and experience provide a delicate connection between science and fact.


As I have written you and others here mentioned many times before, I pray, in the spirit of the season, you may consider this important subject which I am sending  to all your state chapters and others listed.


9-11 was a tragic event for our country, quickly “solved” by our government and propagated by our media, leading our country into fear, anguish, anger, war and unrestrained spending.

Have we, as building professionals, been hoodwinked ?  Who should better understand the collapse of the World Trade Towers than those in our profession, possibly with the consultation of demolition experts ?


As I and millions have reviewed the events of that day, it seems much of the cover story is not true and impossible. As the nation is confused on the reality of that day, have we been making bad decisions ever since.

My web site collects salient information that isolates the demise of the World Trade Towers – linking  many experienced, dedicated and articulate technical analysis that show clearly that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by internal explosives and not “fires from the airlines.”

If anyone can prove that explosives were not used, they can win a $ 1 million reward from the site.  See details on their site.  None have been so proven.


We are citizens of our great Republic.  As we ignore this issue and accept the false finding, our whole country and world spiral out of control to follow and support horrendous, inappropriate actions : Patriot Act, Homeland Security, endless War – founded on unexamined, probably false, hoaxed premises.


I pray that you and the AIA, with your vast knowledge and resources give this subject serious study and hopefully bring to the attention of the public, the nation, our leaders, the truth of the World Trade Tower collapse.  These widely publicized reports; The 9-11 Commission Report,  NIST WTC Collapse, a “paid” report, which, I believe, exclude consideration of many important factors, as shown in this letter.

At the web site, you can view on line and or purchase DVDs that show a clear and thorough case for proof that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by internal explosives.

911 - Part 1 Demolitions [proof] DVD  Chapter Titles

1 Introduction             2 The Myth                 3 Steel Building                     4 WTC Design and Construction

5 Facts about Steel              6 Building Collapses

7 Pre-collapse Sub-basement Explosions – photos, video, seismic explosions before the planes hit or building collapse

8 Pre-collapse Interior Blasts                      9 Pre-collapse Ground-level Explosions

10 Pre- and Mid-collapse Explosions        11 Squibs: Visible Explosions                    12 Shockwave

view online or obtain copies or info from 

"911 Mysteries" can be streamed or downloaded in 3 parts for total run  time of 90 minutes at Google video


Once started, the WTC fell at near free fall speed.  How can such a collapse pulverize concrete and steel so quickly as if they were turned into water, such as a controlled demolition ?

Never before has a collapse dissolved an entire building into a fine dust !

I have done all I can to establish first hand involvement.  I’ve personally met and talked with many key witnesses like William Rodriguez, who was honored by President Bush and NY Governor George Pataki as a national hero for saving lives since he was the last man out of the WTC.  The 9-11 Commission interviewed him privately and will not print his testimony.  He has spoken to world leaders and ~500 million – thru radio and TV – worldwide who want to know the truth, but is censured in America.  He and hundreds of firemen and on site reporters reported seeing and hearing the numerous explosions in the WTC buildings prior to their collapse. I’ve confirmed these facts with Morgan Reynolds and talked with and joined Scholar for 9-11 with James Fetzer and Steven Jones, Brigham Young University.


My web site gives more information and links you to many other important, precise, clear and articulate facts on this subject.


If anyone can prove that explosives and / or exotic weapons did not destroy the World Trade Center on 9-11, they can win $ 1 million reward, offered by  Check the terms with them.


There are many DVD’s and reports that cover this subject, some of the best are linked form my web site.  Jimmy Walters, has spent millions and giving DVDs to Fire Chiefs and officials to get N.Y.C. and the nation to Wake Up and examine the obvious evidence.


I have contacted you and many here listed on previous occasions who don’t seem to realize that hiding these facts nullifies the conclusions that have warped / transformed our country.  ReOpen wants to investigate the real events of 9-11 which are very different from the generally accepted official “Cover Story” promoted by government and media. Millions of Americans are aware of a probable great deception as evident thru the internet.


Here is an overview of many important facts:

Many factors suggest World Trade Towers were destroyed by internal explosives on 9-11

(charges set in buildings in advance)

 all concrete was reduced to dust (never in a collapse before)

 WTC 1, 2 and 7, fell in less than 10 seconds,

 explosions at the basement of the WTC were heard and felt before the building fell

 explosions in near buildings were seen before and or unrelated to the planes hitting the WTC.

 many explosions and flashes were observed by hundreds of witnesses, news casters, 47 fire men.

 molten steel was found under the rubble 6 weeks after the WTC were down, even though they were watered daily to keep dust down.

 only internal explosives could have created this intense heat, also observed in NASA satellite photos.

 thermate was found on WTC samples.

 the large dust cloud demonstrates a pyroclastic flow of super heated materials in fine particles moving a high speed thru NYC streets and nearly across the river, like the debris from volcano, not fire and collapse. 

 roof 100' antenna collapsed before the building fell indicating the building core, the strongest part with the least combustible material fell first.  That core was hermitically sealed to prevent the circulation of oxygen and spread of fire

 FEMA and NIST report agreed that the jet fuel kerosene would have burned off in a few minutes, leaving only the building contents to burn
on a floor or two.  Burning building contents don’t produce the high heat necessary to weaken the massive steel girders of the core.

The NIST $ 20 million report and the FEMA Report on the WTC Collapse DO NOT INCLUDE or discuss these obvious facts,  which contradict their findings and report.


After hundreds of hours of research, and thousands of dollars purchasing materials and information, this letter outlines my most salient, articulate examples of things that architects should investigate.  If I err slightly in any single item, that does not discount this letter.  On the contrary, even if only part of these accusations are true, they should be investigated.  I have never been involved in a project of this nature before.  Initially, I was shocked, depressed, and angered as these truths surfaced.  But I have not shied away from my responsibility to alert others.  For decades, I have relied on authorities.  In this case, when I examine the evidence, it seems so distant form the evidence that the authorities are examining, I think that we have to speak up, call for an accounting.  This effects us each personally, and millions of others as well.


I’d like to thank the following people who have necessitated that I distribute this letter.  I have contacted them numerous times over the last year, offering facts, DVD presentations, personal meetings, and / or inviting them to numerous public presentations around the state.

They have consistently absolutely ignored my communication, without even acknowledging receiving them, least addressing these issues.  A brief list includes: West Virginia’s United States Senators and Representatives,

W. Va. officials; Governor, legislators, local mayors, local new media.  Also these W. Va. professional organizations; W.Va. Soc. of Architects – President, Administrator & others, W. Va. Board of Architects.


I was a classmate with Douglas Steidl, AIA President, studying Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University.

What an incredible legacy, the AIA, he is leading. 

God Bless you, the AIA - in all ways.


Ted Elden, AIA Architect, PO Box 3201, Charleston W. Va. near [25332] 

Telephone 304 344 2335, web site


 Copies are distributed to the AIA Chapters across the United States, NCARB, the State Boards of Architecture, W. Va. Newspaper Editors, CMU Architecture Staff,  and possibly other Colleges of. Architecture – Department Heads and other College Presidents and or news media..


Henry Theodore (Ted) Elden, Junior has been a practicing registered architect in W. Va., over 25+ years, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, member W. Va. Chapter of AIA, Charleston Anvil Club, Charleston Rotary, former member of: NCARB, IDP, NCARB exams grader, W. Va. Board of Architects member, Producers Council.


Please respond to me directly, and progressively, with copies to your constituents, as to how you and your organization will take research action on this extremely important issue.


I don't want a simple answer like, "others like the 9-11 Commission, FEMA, NIST and various studies have done the work.  I do not believe they have dealt with the hard issues, the hidden facts.