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Painful Deceptions - Unanswered Questions     
Eric Hufschmid‘s book, DVD, video, support materials analyzing facts of 911
a gas flame in your fire place or on your kitchen stove (burning hydro carbons like; wood, gas or jet fuel), show the maximum heat of a blue flame at 1500 o F.  Steel will not soften & melt until temperatures reach 2700 o F.  No amount of hydro carbons or jet fuel can ever reach that higher temperature.  The WTC fires produced red & yellow flames, lower temperatures than blue, burned shortly, about 15 minutes, then smoldered with black smoke, indicating fires were nearly out.
   1500 o F will not melt your pots & pans, nor can it melt the steel in the World Trade Towers.  The World Trade Towers were not consumed in fire, but violently exploded in sequential charges set up before 911, as is clearly evidence in all the video coverage and the tremendous violence of that collapse, spewing steel beams hundreds of feet up ways and away from the exploding buildings.  In the black hole of the Towers after the crash, you can see people standing at the edge looking down.  The fire did not consume them.  The fires were not that hot.  If he fire could not consume people, how could it consume massive structural steel ? After the plane crashed thru the side of the WTC and the flames burnt out, you could see people that walked to the edge of the building opening.  It people walked thru the space, the temperatures could not have been over 200 o F ?
The buildings fell nearly as fast as free fall. All that concrete & steel were pulverized and fell as fast as if it they were water.

World Trade Center Collapse -
Evidence of a Controlled Demolition

Disturbing evidence the World Trade Center towers did NOT collapse because of fire.
The towers were destroyed by controlled demolition.  There was much more energy, pulverizing the steel & concrete, than the simple collapse of the building would have had.  See engineering and video analysis of this.  6 weeks after 911, after site was watered / hosed down after fires, molten steel was uncovered buried in the debris.  How could the steel be heated that hot and still be hot weeks later with all that cooling water poured on them.
The steel framed World Trade Center Towers collapsed and disintegrated in 8.5 seconds ! How is this possible?
Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? by Morgan Reynolds
Why the Towers Fell – Steven Jones, Brigham Young Univ., Physics Professor 

110 stories in 8.5 seconds, near the rate of free fall of an object with no resistance below it.10+ floor disintegrate each second.
Imagine any 10 story building in your town, pulverized in 1 second, impossible without internal explosives. see
    More mysterious is WTC Building 7, which fell hours later like controlled demolition.  No plane hit it. It had only minor fires on 2 floors of 27 story, 3/4 billion dollar building that held many government offices.  9-11 Commission did not explain why that building fell.

World Trade Center – Who Owned and Controlled it ?

Suspicious things happened just before 9-11. The WTC, paid for and built by taxpayers, was leased to a consortium led by real estate developer Larry Silverstein just weeks before the buildings were destroyed. He boosted the insurance from $ 1 billion to $ 3.5 billion, including coverage for terrorist attacks, and now may collect $ 7 billion in insurance to rebuild.  Marvin Bush, our President’s brother, was involved with Securacom - now named Stratesecin who provided the World Trade Security at the time of 911.

Who knew in advance ?
How did they financially profit from 9 11 ?

Anomalies in the stock and options markets in the United States and in other countries point to insider trading based on advanced information about the 9-11 attacks. Were millions of dollars were made in 2-3 days around 9 11?.

NORAD Stand Down

Why did NORAD not respond to their normal regulations to investigate hijacked airlines for over 1 hour ?
Why were no interceptor jets immediately scrambled to check out “terrorist” planes ?

Cleveland Airport Mystery

At time of hijacked airlines, on 911, two unscheduled commercial planes totaling 200 passengers, made an emergency landing at Cleveland.  These sequestered passengers later flew off to where ?  What happened to these passengers? Why is this information withheld from the public?  See article in Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper.  Mayor & broadcast news announced this, one referring to one flight as Flight 95, which was the same number as the flight said to have crashed shortly after in PA.  Which is true, Cleveland landing to crashed in PA ?

President Bush & WTC Executives at Offutt AFB

On 9-11, Billionaire Warren Buffet hosted a charity gathering, including many executives who would have been in the WTC at Offutt Air Force base? After President Bush left Florida, he flew to this AFB here first before returning to Washington.  Is this coincidence?

Did a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon ?

Why didn’t the public see any debris from an airliner, nor any human bodies at the site of the Pentagon attack?
Many think that a commercial airliner did not hit the Pentagon, in examining the public record.

On 9/11, US Military had many War Games Ongoing

These games caused confusion between the pretended events and actual events.
Was this planned to coordinate with the attacks on 9/11?  Were there not 5 war games on-going

Were there Advanced Warnings of 9-11?

9/11 Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld talks of attacks and predicts twice that Pentagon will be a target.

Widow of 9-11 WTC Victim is Suing President Bush

A billion dollar lawsuit was filed in Federal court suing President Bush for government’s role in 9-11 WTC events.

Zogby Poll of NYC residents show nearly 50 % believe US Leaders had foreknowledge of Impending 9-11 Attacks

Northwoods Plan    Plan in MS Word Doc.        Plan - original in PDF


Our US government (CIA) considered mass destruction of property and the deaths of thousands of its own citizens in order to justify adventurism and war? This chilling document from the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Northwoods Plan was concocted in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during March of 1962. This document proves beyond any doubt that the United States military leadership at the highest level was seriously considering killing American citizens, both civilian and military, to create a pretext for a war with Cuba. Particularly  disturbing, after 9-11, is the Northwoods Plan’s proposal to kill American college students using a remote controlled drone plane which was to be shot down by a fake MIG.


This section contains a text file for easy reading and a  link to an adobie pdf file of the actual Northwood Document  recently unclassified under the Freedom of Information.  If this was 40+ years ago, what might they do or plan today, with much more money and more sophisticated technology.


Their plan then included remote drone planes, killing civilians and pretending this was hostile action from the Cubans to justify our invading them.


The Bigger Problem:
What is our government doing ?

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