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Project Cloverleaf – Chemtrails and their Purpose

Operation Cloverleaf: The Most Dangerous Weapons Testing Program in History

9200 sealed indictments in 94 US District Courts

Are the 200+ Recently Resigned CEO's on Trump's List?   You Tube

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates are on the Run    Article    Published on Dec 29, 2017

The CEO's of some of the largest companies in the world have coincidentally “stepped down” at the same time that the first president in U.S. history formally announced a “national emergency” and a type of war against every criminal in America, the international corporate world, and every country and organization in the world that wishes to break U.S. laws, including the U.N. which Trump has already “called out” for its crimes and has begun to de-fund them.
Just look at the tidal waves that Trump recently caused in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, etc. by simply announcing that America was now going to be moral and honest. ...

How to Win in Court - You Are Law - Subrogation

End of Deep State, Cabal    Illuminati - peace    American History

Robert Fox Teaches the Law, God bless him  You Tube    Published on Dec 31, 2017

Crash Course on American Law, 1 hr. / day for 24 days, NLA.

Important You Tubes - Money, Fed. Res., JFK assassination, NASA fakery, & 100s more.

Pagan events swept into Christmas:  Jeremiah 10 2-4       Don't do as the heathens, and cut a tree, bring it into your home and decorate it with silver & gold.

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Belief and knowing is based on information.  If you avoid information, you can pretend things are not happening, but only suffer consequences later.

You can doubt or not believe things of which you have no information, but anyone can easily follow an idea until you have definite information.

Certainly unbelievable, incredible things are happening all around us. It is better to be informed to avoid lost, harm, danger,

        then to be fixed on old ideas that these new things are NOT happening.

I learn fastest by reading and keeping articles.  Videos are a way to enter a new subject, but reading can manage more detail effectively.

Here are many important You Tube videos.

Hint:  Sometime you have to read, listen, watch a lot of information before you finally realize that it is real, true, important, as you were so firm, convinced, stuck in an old way of thinking. 

On morals and behavior, we should honor God's word in the bible. 

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On present activities, we should be aware of a changing, world, as suppressed information is being revealed.

There are now over 9200 sealed indictments in 94 US District Courts filed from 10/30 thru 12/22.  This can all be verified with the courts' PACER system.

This link has a pdf from PACER from each court:
Click on button "11/27 thru 12/22" for pdf of each individual court's latest docket list.
Most of the courts have all of the indictments filed on the same day, and the case numbers are sequential.
A normal year has only about 1000 sealed indictments.  This year had 9294 in 2 months.  DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!
It will be interesting to watch as they are unsealed in the coming weeks and months to see which govt officials, CEOs, Hollywood types, etc. are charged with pedophilia, rape, murder, eating babies, treason, bribery, money laundering, and so on.
See also:

9200 Sealed Indictments as of Last Week

What sparked most interest were the record number of sealed “docs”

Link to back-up files:

How many are normal? 1,077 per 2009 report:

Updated counts are in 9,294 total@damartin32 organized the count (see team in graphic)

— THESTORMHASARRIVED (@Sewapalooza) December 31, 2017