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The Orion Project has met with a number of different inventors. Presently, we are supporting the research and development of several inventors' breakthrough energy technologies. We described four of these projects during a recent interview on the World Puja Network, two of which are briefly mentioned in this Newsletter.

Recent TOP-Funded Projects

A Canadian researcher, Thane Heins is developing a more efficient generator technology that has the potential to become self-powering. He has figured out a way to reduce the normal back EMF (electromotive force) produced as a magnet moves past a coil in a generator. He then utilizes the back EMF to push the generator instead of slowing it down. Heins is a very careful researcher, documenting each modification of his coil and rotor design. He then uses this information to improve on the previous version of his designs. He is presently building TOP a prototype motor generator that can be used as a research tool to study ways to increase the power output and “loop the system" (make it self-running.) He has posted some of his earlier work on YouTube (search under Thane Heins).

We are funding another project, which is being carried out by a researcher who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. He has studied Nikola Tesla's writings and inventions for many years and plans to use this knowledge to build a solid-state energy-collecting device. This device uses coils tuned to access the naturally occurring, rotating magnetic fields, which the Earth produces and are essentially everywhere. This energy is then stored and converted into useable electrical power. Unlike many technologies TOP has researched, this technology requires no mechanical energy or an external power source such as water, sunlight, or wind. Once the device is built, the energy is free in a similar manner to solar energy, which is free once the collectors are built. This magnetic field energy is available both day and night.

The Orion Project is very excited about these recent projects, and we plan to send out updates on any new developments in the next 1-2 months.