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- the Searl Effect Generator: SEG: produces free electricity energy - forever !

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Searl built his concepts based on Magic Squares, with 5,000 year history.  In his youth, he had recurring dreams of these magic squares.

They formed a method that he developed in to both creating free energy from rare earth magnets and for creating and flying levity disc - anti-gravity without using any external power or fuel.

He was raised thru foster homes, He was neglected as he was dead and people thought he was dumb.  Since he did not get conventional schooling, he was free to think of things that others don't think about because he was not told they were not possible.

Nothing is impossible except that which the state of your mind makes it so.  John Roy Searl  (Mind power/ manifests all-TE)

Searl's SEG free energy generator / levity discs makes: no noise, no heat, no vibration, no pollution, without friction, any load levitates, develops it's own gravitation machine.

He started in the1960s.  He publicly demonstrated his flying disc often in open fields.  Many reported seeing the "UFO's" until the Air Force confirmed and the media announced they were just Searl's levity disc.  The US Air Force inquired of his research, but Searl wanted his inventions to be used by the public, not for military.

His home was burned down once when he left town, then years later all his equipment was stolen/ destroyed again !

John Searl Presentation - Unarius San Diego (Part 1 of 2)

See part 2 also, many things on this web site may not be available thru web sites we formerly knew.

His unmanned levity disc flew 500 times around the world controlled by radio Ham radios.

It flew London to Australia in 30 minutes, it preformed with no problem.  He was making a disc to have a man pilot and passenger, but was stopped from working on his projects.

It was predicted flight from Earth to Moon in 1 hour.

Since 1946, this technology has been blocked.

Energy is found in the rare earth field.

He did public demonstration air shows weekly, week after week, wrote and published many books on how  he thought magnetic forces work.

Proof to the Intellectual community is the entire process by which an end result Is achieved from creation of the Idea to practical.

John Searl wrote close to 30,000 pages to his Law of Squares, totaling 100 booklets. They're typed In 8 font, double-sided, and on 8.5 by 11" paper. See the description link for 28 hours of interviews and media, 5 websites with countless links and a scribd document.

All the Information has been available for decades.

He explained his theory of Magnetic energy & inverse gravity in

The Law of the Squares - TruthTable

The Secret of the Searl Technology

by Prof. J.R.R. Searl, M. Inst. Pi.

His Anti-Gravity or inverse gravity disc created:

- no - noise, - no  pollution, - no heat, - no vibration, - no consumption of earth's oxygen, - no need to carry fuel, - no runways, - no launch pads.

We are the tomorrow people. The decision makers.

Tomorrows Transportation, Today.

Development researched by

Searl National Space Research Consortium UK.

1968 This was the plan to develop such a vehicle for commercial use for deep space exploratoin.

Who konws what the future holds. It may become reality.


All truth passes through 3 stages.

1 It is ridiculed.

2 It is violently opposed.

2 It is accepted as being self-evident.

       Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860


Law of the Squares - arrange sequential number in a patter that the sum of all c=rows, columns and diagonals = same sum.

15 12  5  2 = 34

 4   1 16 13 = 34

 6   7 10 11

 9 14   3   8


11  5 14   4 = 34

 2 16   7   9

 8 10   1 15

13  3 12   6


Shuffle any full row or column to new arrangement

diagonals also total 34,


(consider they are tiles repeating vertical & horizontal in series)


61 67 58 68            = 14 +240 = 254

70 56 65 63            = 14 +240 = 254

64 62 71 57            = 14

59 69 60 66            = 14

  =   =   =   =

14 14 14 14            14 +240 = 254



time, space & energy is in random state

transpose the matrix, so the output is uniform

it resonates.

electrons are the only thing free to move.

Converts random energy into conductible current.


AntiGravity: The Dream Made Reality

The Story of John R.R. Searl

by John A. Thomas Jr.


D.I.S.C. Direct International Science Consortium