1. UPU Universal Postal Union (Mail Fraud) Material received in Envelopes through the US Post Office that is unlawful.


2. Wire Fraud (Media communication, an email, phone call, electronic devises)


3. Actual Fraud/Constructive Fraud

A. to make material misrepresentations

B. knowingly, intentionally, and negligently misrepresented facts by trick or scheme


4. Undue Influence

A. intentional misrepresentation


5. Unjust enrichment

A. to intentionally misrepresent facts to enrich another party unjustly


6. Conversion

A. to obtain money(s) by false pretenses [violation of PA. Consolidated Statutes Sec. 3922 for reference in finding yours]


7. Aiding and abetting

A. to work in concert with another to alter facts by trick or scheme


8. Deceptive Trade Practices [PA Consolidated Statutes Sec. 4101]

A. to work together to intentionally and fraudulently modify facts


9. Misprison of a felony 18 U.S.C. Sec. 4

A. to thwart reporting of criminal wrongdoing


10. Accessory after the fact 18 U.S. C. Sec 3


11. Oath of Office to the U.S. Constitution and State Constitution (having a current, proper oath on file, properly signed by oath taker) Or, having NO oath on file.


12. Foreign Agents Registration (having NO registration)


13. Malpractice (malfeasance)

A judge acting in insurrection and rebellion against the US Constitution