Collaborate calling on the provost marshal for assistance IF we stay private:non-combatant peaceful protected civilians


If we are going to have a "declared" martial law then we should learn what to expect and how to use the military courts for bringing the cases of RICO Organized Crime Gang Scheme Extortion Racket traffic stops to the JAG for prosecution.  In fact, all cases we are summoned to under the threat of death by a thug with a gun that drag our bodies into a civilian appearing court but said court has a martial law Army military flag should be brought to the attention of the JAG.  We non-combatant peaceful protected civilians are entitled to civilian due process and we cannot get to civilian due process in a Army martial law flag flying summary process court.  The entire BAR Card owned and operated Judicial System is a Grande Deception carried out by satanic priests of the middle and inner temple located in one of the Sovereign Cities of the Sun, "The City of London." 


As you can determine from Title 50 USC 4302 we remain under martial law military occupation because there has never been a Peace Treaty that ended the Civil War.  The advertisement for the martial law occupation is brass cannon balls on top of outdoor flag poles and eagles and spikes on top of indoor flag poles along with gold rope signifying summary administrative procedure ruled over by an administrator with an advisory jury panel  only to make the charade look legit. 


The advisory jury, composed of plantation slaves subject to benefits of the trust government are specifically chosen because they dont know fact from fiction and there combined intelligence is usually less than that of one dairy cow; and they have no authority to make any decisions in the outcome of the case. 

UNITED STATES v. GRIFFITH et aI., 2 F.2d 925, (Court of Appeals of District of Columbia.  Submitted October 9, 1924. Decided December 1, 1924.), No. 4114.  "An employee [employee means subject to benefits. everyone with a SSN who works for an employer who has a EIN is deemed an employee of United States] of United States is not qualified to serve as member of grand jury in any District."  Once again, the illusion of reality has replaced actual reality.

The slaves in the jury always vote for their masters 99 per cent of the time because they embrace the illusion of reality as being actual reality.  Because the resident slaves are so dadgum ignorant, we pretty much live in a country and state that is totally lawless and currently operates under judicial tyranny and anarchy just like what Jesus Christ was faced with from Pharisees who twisted the law to their own advantage while under the rule of the Roman Empire because the people then willingly chose "lack of knowledge."


Most thugs with guns are only "this state" trust or corporate property guards like any trust or corporation that has an armed private policy and custom enforcement department, and are NOT Transportation officers authorized to enforce the 545.352 speeding section of the Transportation Code; and because the section 201.904 specifically allows speed enforcement only upon commercial operators, if you check the/your latest speeding citation, the box called "com veh" is never checked off because you are not engaged in hauling paying passengers for hire in a commercial vehicle, thereby proving that you have no contracts or licenses for allowing you to earn a profit by driving for hire on the public rights of way and therefore required for abiding by the transportation code. 


Traffic citations issued to peaceful non-combatant protected civilians is an extortion racket and such racketeering upon the peaceful protected civilians within the occupied territory is prohibited. 


In Texas, transportation code violations as applied upon the peaceful non-combatant non-commercial protected civilians is a 6 Billion dollar per year RICO organized  crime gang extortion racket.  The Illusion of reality has replaced actual reality.  We the people are not commercial operators.  But everyone believes without actual fact that commercial speed codes apply to non-commercial people.


The Liber Code and FM 27-10 protects the Bill of Rights to the non-combatant peaceful protected civilians. 


We have the protected right of traveling about our private affairs in a private non-commercial road machine without enforcement upon us of commercial regulated traffic and transportation commerce codes. 


Just because the alien property custodian, and that would be General Paxton, has the right of knowing the identity, by Driver License or ID card, of those whose property within the occupied territory he is holding in trust [ever wonder why the AG runs the child support?  Our children are part of our estate property and under martial law our property is assigned to the state as trustee until we have a plebiscite of the people for restoring lawful de jure government] does not mean that we are engaged in traffic or commerce just because we voluntarily obtained a DL or ID card so that we can avoid being assassinated at the side of the road by a closet murderer guard thug with a gun in a pretty uniform who is probably suffering from PTSD, who when placed under even minor stress, will revert to murdering everything in sight just like he did with impunity in Iraq.  


The JAG is our friend if he will do his job for protecting us from the Bar Card carpetbaggers and their thugs with guns operating their RICO extortion racket.  If we ever get to a declared martial law we need to know how to use the opportunity against those who have brought upon us the deception, anarchy, and judicial tyranny we now have.


If any recipient has any documents they think I should add to the below list, please send them to me.


sincerely, lewis