14 Jan. 2019 Habeas Corpus, Get out of Jail. Discussion


Notes by Scott, a few adjustments by Ted.


When dealing with police always take / say:

5th Amendment without assistance of Counsel to stay in private.

Always have a habeas ready autographed ahead.

Use aggrieved instead of defendant.

If given an attorney, request for assistance of unfettered counsel. See CJS Sec. 7 Vol 4.

With public Notice

Attorney will not be able to file these and be in compliance with court.

50 4302 Marshal Law

Call on Provost Marshal.

Lieber Code 27-20 (we are) non-combatant peaceful Protected Civilian – Not Mr. or Sir.

Expatriation Act Sec. 3 liberty…


[All letters are written in acronyms, periods are required to make a conclusion.

Hyper dictionary – www.HyperDictionary.com a dot is a two-letter word.  Law is a 3-letter word with L.?

Insurance Broker – Get bond for trust. Pure trust only (foreign trust) – not irrevocable or revocable.

If you are embroiled with any court do the administrative process with / thru risk management. – Remedy for the public side.

Person with [Municipal Court].

Add (notice) all (people connected) up to governor,

Write to them by their name, the living man, you may add: _ acting as governor, acting as judge, etc.

They will default, then we send to risk management

After 3-4 people complain on a public servant they lose their job.

File at dept of risk management. Turn over to IRS.

I am I a people.

I have no evidence that I am a citizen.

Fixture – Court.

Road (where arrested) and courthouse (where tried) are not owned and not in territorial jurisdiction.

Captured and tired in an area not owned by the US.

There are 7 elements of jurisdiction: the person, the place, the rem (law or event), etc.


Private administrative request for private discovery.  ____ DBA attorney general. No citizenship, show me the contract etc.

Always Sign pp by: Scott-Alan: Odam © as agent.

[send to Hague, Vatican, …]

Titus in constitution

Conditional Acceptance, Proof of Claim-

State comment(s) or questions, but also specify default answer and list/include enforcement.

A writing is anything written (or typed)

A Document is something that is Docketed in the Court.

Show me the Contract! My name is private. Why am I here?

You can’t hear them!


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Scott Odam