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Please add your comments and or correct me.


Wording:  in lieu of Affidavit, use

Asseveration or My Statement of Facts,

which we autograph subject to charge of perjury with 2 witnesses or notary.

Eon ???

You, on the call, may ask (e-mail) me one question for me to forward to one person who was on the call. Only one question as follow up.

I do not have permission to share contact info between you all.

Wander Ann, who are you ? how can I contact you e-mail, text, phone ? Where are you ? Who invite you ?

Cypher dictionary ?

If I make errors or list things in errors, no e-mail will follow. I will try to correct errors on my web pages.

- - -

Regarding these questions or anything, anyone may contact me in any way.

New people can just phone me and talk of their life, problems, learning.  I will LISTEN.  We need each other.

I prefer e-mail over any other form of communication.

If anyone will give me a mailing address

# street

city, state

Then I will mail them a letter with only 2 postage. I've mailed for 2 14,000 times. Learn how here:

Mail is important part of lawful/ legal action, superior to personal service process.  Learn to do court by mail, NOT by appearance !  Mail is also the most private way to communicate.

Ted suggests, rather than fight them in court on their claims on you, YOU establish claim on them by writing the truth to them, which they will not rebut.  Then get a judgment on them.

My public / recorded documents are here:

I did one affidavit that was titled all these:
Administrative Remedy, Proof of Claim, Conditional Accepted for Value.

In 13 years, where I recorded about 1,000 pages, NO ONE has ever responded to anything I wrote & established in the public or private.

Phone me when you can also be looking at my website. I've 20,000 ? pages or articles there.

I share what I know and better, I share my sources.  What I like BEST to teach is how to use computers.  They can manage a huge about of information. IF you can FIND the information, then you get a benefit.

If you rely on someone else to manage your information (like news, government or attorneys), they will ALWAYS take advantage of you & your natural rights - because you don't know what they are doing.  Many people profit by continuing a deception, whether they do or don't know the truth.