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Advanced preparation is everything! This requires a support system, so have your family/friends (reliable) come on the call and learn as well since they will be the one serving the habeas.

The KEY is we MUST stay in the PRIVATE from the very 1st interaction with the public (police, IRS, judges, etc..), in order to obtain protection and enforcement. If not, we'll be dragged and sucked into the PUBLIC (their house, their jurisdiction) and remedy will be unreliable hit/miss at best. We must comprehend that we can NOT argue jurisdiction when we've already stepped into their house by contract, due to our own ignorance. It seems counterintuitive, but there are NO courts....everything in the world is commerce and administrative.

The main idea is to have a group of people around you who know this procedure and have the docs ready in order to assist one another. If one is kidnapped, another is ready to serve the Habeas on the warden who must take the victim in front of a magistrate. IF the victim is able to stay PRIVATE from the get go (first police interaction) by invoking the right to remain silent (5th) without assistance of counsel, and is not released, THEN, the provost marshal is contacted to compel release. If the magistrate gives victim BAR lawyer as counsel, great! victim requires this counsel to sign contract stating that s/he is ONLY act in the best interest of the victim and require him/her to file the in forma pauperis, judicial notice, which BAR members won't/can't do, so victim fires him/her on the spot. Victim STILL does not have assist of counsel and court cannot move forward and cannot imprison.you

"i take the 5th, without assistance of counsel" for everything.... Do not interact with the fiction and create joinder and incriminate yourself.  You MUST have someone reliable to serve the HC on your behalf if you get kidnapped.

After the admin. process is completed, file claims against the bond (risk management) to get restitution.... They're not going to be able to pay in gold/silver, so good to have a pure/foreign trust with a bank account where they can make deposit?

The strategy is this: Per their own laws, the courts have to abide by (6th article, supreme court case Argersinger v. Hamlin) "persons convicted of misdemeanors cannot be subjected to imprisonment unless they have been afforded counsel".

Commingling law forms are a trespass on the public side and are dangerous. 
1795 U.S. Supreme Court decision which states in part:

“In as much as every government is an artificial [manmade] person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only; a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary [invented], having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed [barred] from creating and attaining parity [equality] with the tangible [physical]. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial persons and the contracts between them. ” PENHALLOW v. DOANE'S ADMINISTRATORS
See also: CRUDEN v. NEALE 2N.C. (1796) 2 SE 70 “Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.



"... and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding."


Other interesting tidbits:


:18  do not voluntarily go into court or police dept.... everything's commerce!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uGn-G5tbE8  Lawful Money, michael joseph--must listen!

48: you endorse the feds (defacto/public) when you autograph anything without using "redeemed in lawful money per 12USC411" autograph ONLY given (first) middle name, attorney-in-fact (DBA) for legal name....john joseph, DBA JOHN JOSEPH DOE

54: court knows if you're under the feds or lawful by your actions.... sheriff under the venue of the fed, UN

1:05: courts are administrative.... he says legal same as lawful?

1:07: police have no bonds.... you bond them when you endorse the feds

stop using credit cards

1:09: if you file 1040, you agree to be trustee (always guilty, debtor) under IRS. If you redeem, not need to file

1:15: postal money order = lawful money, backed by gold/silver

1:32: disclaimer BEFORE your autograph

1:34: do your DBA/ANC first!!

1:37: demand for lawful money per 12USC411 takes you out of the fed

Errant Sovereign Handbook- augustus


Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank.

Documents - General Discussion above

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