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These are simplified articles on all that is mentioned on

Anyone can mail for 2 or for free postage.  Learn how.

Put a box around your outgoing & a box around your return address.
Also print these words on your envelop:

    General Post-office.
    zip exempt, non-domestic.

Apply 2 postage for each 1/2 ounce of letter weight.
Mail in any blue street side mail box.

You may have to repeat this a few times before your post men realizes they must deliver this type of mail.
The bar code at bottom shows it went thru the mail, but
    it was not postmarked nor did they cancel the stamp.

Mail address Format samples  Samples of received mail showing all these attributes.
    This received envelops prove all tat is explained on this website.

Mail with 2 postage  many links to information.

Taxe Percue explained  free postage to the world

9 digit zip code  to unique delivery address

Address Format reason

Address format to mail to Ted



Establish your General Delivery address

Mail- General Notes

Mail Regulations 29

Acknowledge mail from me, please

> Statues on 2 Postage Rate stat   as text

The mailing address you give to others, to mail to you, establishes your legal personality.

I live & work within or on West Virginia, a sovereign nation.
I do not live, work or engage with the UNITED STATES,
which is foreign to the people of the 50 states of the union.

Learning & using mail proves many basic truths.  Most of us:

- need not file or pay income tax,
- nor go to court, court fines, fees, jail,
- nor submit to US Codes, US courts & seemingly "government" agencies.

"Governments" have converted from de jure governments to de facto private, for profit, foreign owned corporations as explained further on this website.

You do not have to contract with these seeming government authorities.

The truth will make us free. John 8:32

Misc Notes