9-11 Review tonight- 6 pm EST - 20th year anniversary


Tonight: Saturday, September 11, 2021 9:00 am PST, live, shown on the internet.

Deep Truth on 9/11 - the Real Scheme and Science

David Icke joins Foster Gamble on the Freedom Portal

09/11 A date that lives on in history.

What really happened? What has it led to? What have we learned?

Foster is heir to the Proctor & Gamble fortunes.

Foster wanted to blow the lid off this most notorious of false flag events once and for all, so he reached out to the researcher he considers most deeply informed about the scheme and the science for this 20th anniversary expose.

David Ickes 900 page masterwork THE TRIGGER: The Lie that Changed The World - Who Really Did it and Why is the most definitive explanation of the real who, why and how it was pulled off.

You dont want to miss this event! Lies will be exposed as we follow the money and apply real science to determine the truth about this tragic moment! Well also explore what we can do with that knowledge going forward.

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Ted's notes on the video:  It shows things Truth Seeker lerned decades ago,

yet the public has not yet seen this evidence.

ThriveOn.com/911 2+ hr video

Facts on WTC demolition in NYC on 9/11 hidden from the public by mainstream media & government by Foster Gamble (of Proctor & Gamble) & David Icke.

Time stamp in minutes of video:

16 Dick Chaney in charge of main "drills" on 9/11 similar to and later converted to real events on that day. Transportation Sec. Leon Peneta said he was present when Cheney rejected the idea of scrambling jets to defend the Pentagon.

17 Each WTC Tower of about 1 million tons of concrete & steel were pulverized into dust, and fell to the ground at free fall speed (as if they were falling free, not crushing thru the million tons of concrete & steel.

Nothing like this ever happened before or since.  Huge skyscrapers have caught on fire & burned, but none has ever collapsed except these on 9/11.

Direct Energy Weapons explains what happened to World Trade Towers, similar to Calif. Fire explained by Dr. Judy Woods, in her book, Where did the Towers Go ?  Similar to the Hutchinson effect.  The buildings turned to dust & blew away.  Cars up to 1/2 mile away were toasted by some energy or electrical force.

22 WTC building 7 fell at 5:25 pm (but was reported by BBC at 4:55 to have already collapsed.  No plane hit it.  It only had small fires, but it eventually fell straight down, like in a controlled demolition, into it's own footprint.

Behind the Smoked Curtain, Barbra Honaker' book explains a Cruise Missile, painted to look like a commercial airplane, hit Pentagon.

25:20 no plane debris found at Shanksville crash

Both crash sites showed no plane parts, no people, no luggage,  At Shanksville there was disturbed earth like a land fill.

Alan Frankton, in his book Lying Liars, said Mayor Koch told him not to fly on 9/11

Cell phones could not communicate from planes above 5,000' in 2001.

Remnant steel from WTC was hauled off to N.J. and sold to China.  It was all tracked and traced, under heavy security, but destroyed or sent away without any investigation of the cause of the steel's destruction.  The material evidence was meticulously destroyed.

Asia family gave gold in NYC, WTC, in exchange for bonds to be paid back 12 Sept. 2001. including loans to Senior Geo. Bush.

29 $ billions loaned for securities, Black Eagle Trust.  The  banking law restrictions were lifted so money transfers could be made without revealing the sources of the money.

WTC destruction hid the theft of the gold the day before.

29 Senior George Bush was beneficiary of those loans in securities.  All was presumed to be destroyed on 9/11.  Ted E. thinks the gold was stolen the day before the WTC were demolished.

Investigators at the Pentagon were investigating the $ 2.3 trillion reported missing from military accounting by Rumsfeld on national news on 9-10-2001.  The part of the Pentagon where the audits were where being done was where that cruise missile collided with the Pentagon.  No plane parts, people or luggage was found in the debris.  The impact area was 40 ? feet wide.  The plane was 150 feet wide.  Evidentially the wings did not hit the building ?

30: Amy Goodwin, Democracy Now, interviewed Wesley Clark, who was told after 9-11 event that the US military were planning to attack 7 countries: Syria, Lebanon, Iran in the next 5 years, without any reason yet given.

30 Building memorial excluded building 7, the Solomon building.

31 The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it.  Let it loose; it will defend itself. - Augustine of Hippo

32 Biggest Secret, book by David Icke shows behind the scenes people manipulate world leaders to do the bidding of the elites, super rich.

35 Icke speaks, In 1990s he learned that a few people control the world.  Then he speaks of secret societies, cults, from Babylon until today, they manage all human activities behind the scenes thru puppet leaders & governments, doing their will.

They orchestrate calamities to change human behavior.

(To) Know the outcome, (you can) see the journey.

Interlocking leadership, satanic cults.  Follow the network from Babylon to Rome, then London.

The leadership builds an empire.

British Empire in 1930

English say, the Sun never sets on England (the Sun is always over land controlled by England).

Other empires: Africa, then America, colonial period.

Overt control by European powers, transition to covert (hidden) control.  Vast network spanning the world, gives the appearance of rolling back their power (as they go to covert control.)

No people resist or challenge the leadership's power as they don't know it exists.

41 For the few to have power over the many, they have to centralize power giving fewer and fewer people more control over more and more people.

First hour by Foster gave specifics of facts on 9/11 that refutes the official government story, the NIST report & the 9/11 Commission findings.

News media, government, even universities are all intrinsically tied together to propagate impossible stories to keep the public from seeing their evil deeds.


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