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    3 videos , 1  1/2  hours each, video transcript follows

You Are Amalek, part 1

Jewish people in high ranking, leadership positions, rule our world
and they are actively trying to kill us
transcript of video follows:

Larry Fink

Blackrock CEO

Blackrock bought controlling interest in Pfizer in 2019

Rob Kapito

         BlackRock President

Mortimer J. Buckley

         Vanguard CEO

Rochelle Walensky

         CDC Director

Anne Schuchat

         CDC Deputy Director

Sherri A. Berger

         CDC Chief of Staff

Mitchell Wolfe

         CDC Chief medical office

Jeff Reczek

         CDC Director, Washington office

         CEO President Novavax

Stanley Erck

         CEO President Novavax

Serge Weinberg:

         Independent Director Sanofi

Stephane Bancel

         CEO Moderna

Tal Zaks

         Vaccine Creator & Chief Medical Officer

Emma Walmsley

         CEO GlaxoSmithKline

Drew Weissman

         Pioneer in development of mRNA vaccines

Albert Bourla

         Pfizer, Chairman and CEO

Mikael Dolsten

         Pfizer, Chief Scientific Officer

Sally Susman

         Pfizer, Executive Vice President

         Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Alex Gorsky

         Johnson & Johnson, CEO

Pascal Sorlot

         Astrazeneca, CEO

Xavier Becerra .

         HHS Secretary

Alex Azar

         HHS Secretary

Rachel Levin

         US Assistant Secretary of Health

Jeff Zients

         Biden's Covid. Czar

Andy Slavitt

         Covid Senior Advisor

"America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up and sell it off, piece by piece, until there is nothing left buff the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control.  This is what we do to countries that we hate.

We destroy them, very slowly."

         - Benjamin Netanyahu+

Recorded at Finks Bar, Jerusalem, 1990


Shabbos Goyim

"A non Jew who works for the interests of Jews."

Janet Yellen

         Secretary of the Treasure

Anthony Blinken

         Secretary of State

Merrick Garland

         Attorney General

Wendy Sherman

         Deputy Secretary of State

Secretary of Homeland Security

         Alejandro Mayorkas

Director of National Intelligence

         Avril Hainesi

White House Chief of Staff

         Ron Klain

Secretary of State for Political Affairs

         Victoria Nuland

Office of Science and Technology Policy

         Eric Lander

Dir of Central Intelligence Agency

         David S. Cohen


Heroes of the Year

Dr. Drew Weissman

         Perelman School of Medicine,

         University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Mikael Dolsten

         Chief Scientific Officer, Pfizer

Dr. Anatoly Altstein

         Chief Scientist

         Gamaleya Institute

The Genesis Prize (R)

         recipients follow

Dr. Michael Rosenblatt

         Chief Medical Officer Merck

Jeffrey Zients

         Coronavirus Respose Coordinator,

         White House

Dr. Rochelle Walensky

         Director, U.S. Center for Disease Control

Dr. Albert Bourla,

         Not a Medical Doctor.

No vaccine experience prior to Covid.

He's a Veterinarian.

Congratulations Dr. Bourla

2022 Genesis Prize Laureate

Fraud, Sept / 2009

         a strong supporter of Israel


Issac Herzog

         Israeli President


Pfizer Inc, along with subsidiaries, paided the largest criminal fine in history.

Marketing Drugs for other uses

Unapproved Drug Sales 15% of all Pharma Sales

10M Prescriptions per year

Pharma's Big Fines

are just a drop in the bucket

Pfizer: $ 2.75 B in Fines = 1% of Revenue

Elie Lily: Medication Provided $ 36 B in Revenue

- Bloomberg

One of the whistle blowers, John Kopchinski, a former Pfizer sales rep and Gulf War vet said in a statement; "In the Army I was expected to protect people at all costs.

At Pfizer, I was expected to increase treatments at all costs even when sales meant endangering lives."

- Reuters Reported

In 2010, two virologists filed a Federal Lawsuit against their former employer; MERCK PHARMA.

Alleging the vaccine maker lied about the effectiveness of the mumps portion of its MMR-2 vaccine.

The following is a portion of the Jan. 11th, 2018, legal deposition, of acclaimed Jewish vaccinologist,

Doctor Stanley Plotkin, who is widely considered the "Godfather" of modern vaccine programs.

Dr. Stanley Plotkin, MD, World's Leading Authority

Jewish Prof, Sir John Bell is President of the

Academy of Medical Sciences and Regius

Professor of Medicineat, Oxford University.

He is a member of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Scientific Advisory Committee.

mRNA vaccines create spike proteins in the body.

These proteins require a "pathway" to the Ace2 receptors that most of us have in order to generate the (so called) antibody. Spike proteins are now shown to cause; blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, sudden death and a whole host of auto immune diseases.

A new Japanese study regarding "up-regulation" of spike proteins and who specifically is most and least at risk of developing blood clots and other side effects.

In their six weeks of life, the chickens are treated with deprivation, neglect and cruelty.

Elected officials turn a blind eye to the fifteen laws that are broken because, ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities vote in blocs.

"The Jews have a disproportionate number of mental defectives, idiots and imbeciles. It is well known that a large percentage of neurasthenics and neurotics are Jews.

In Europe; blindness, deafmutism, idiocy and insanity, are up to five times as frequent among Jews as among Gentiles."

- Dr. Maurice Fishberg

Eugenic Factors in Jewish Life -1917


An ill-defined medical condition associated chiefly with emotional mental disturbance.

Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia

Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases.

The study was conducted by Professor Ariel Darvasi, assistant dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in coordination with Dr. Todd Lencz from The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York. The first portion of the study included the largest-ever sample group of Ashkenazi Jews ever researched. Of the 2,500 Ashkenazi Jews from Israel who contributed DNA samples for the study, 1,500 were healthy while 1,000 were        affected by mental illness.

4 NY babies get herpes from Jewish circumcision rite in past 6 months



Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews

"The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews. Goyim were born only to serve us.

They have no places in the world - only to serve the people of Israel" - Abraham Kook

'The difference between a Jewish soul and the souls of non-yews is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle." quoted from Messiah Dealeys by Seth Rachlensky

"The Best of Gentiles should be killed."

job shebe gorum harog

Jewish Encyclopedia under Gentiles

"The Best of Gentiles should be killed just as the best of snakes should have their heads crushed."

Funk and Wagner Jewish Encyclopedia under "Gentile" p 617

"The greatness of a Nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Gandhi



"The highly stressful cruel methods of restraint must be eliminated."

- Dr. Temple Grandin



Jerusalem Post, Feb. 19, 2008:

"Rabbinate to Phase Out 'Shackle and Hoist' Animal Slaughter"

Jerusalem Post, July 8, 2011:

"Chief Rabbinate 'Against' Shackle-and-Hoist Method



Haaretz, June 18, 2010:

"Israel's Chief Rabbi to Mark Imported Beef       Unkosher if Slaughtering Process Not Changed"

Jerusalem Post, February 19, 2008:

"In fact, gratuitous cruelty to animals during the slaughter process does not disqualify the meat, said sources in the Chief Rabbinate."

It's in the Jewish interest, it is in humanities interest that whites experience a genocide.

Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered, and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.

- Rabbi lshmael Levitts


The Jewish Construct

To do that, they must remove borders, destroy nations, destroy races, destroy religions.

We know that Karl Marx who was at the initiation of the great communist project.

Marx himself was of a Jewish family.

Today, they are talking about the pregnant man.

We are being told that the sexual identity is not innate but it is acquired.

"We intend to turn Europe and

North America into a mixed mongrel race of Asians and Negros ruled over by Jews"

Jewish EU "founding father"

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi

Taken from his book Praktischer Idealismus - 1925

"I speak of the death of the white race. The complete removal of all means of reproduction of the so- called Aryan race. Men, we now control the destiny of this race.

It is now time to make sure the white race becomes extinct through miscegenation and having a virtually zero birth rate. We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of the last white children playing with little dark children and knowing that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction. We can ruin the ancient pure bloodline of an Aryan child by convincing him or her of the altruism of begetting interracial children.

We must expose the race mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this country."

- by Foxman / ADL President

August 25, 1998, New York, NY.

"The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the white dead males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. "

Noel Ignetiv

Harvard Professor - 2002

"Forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear. Our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples. "

Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich

Council of European Rabbis / Budapest - 1952

Barbara Spectre and husband, Rabbi Philip Spectre moved to Sweden in 1999. She established the Paideai Institute in 2001 using taxpayer funds.

She admitted her goal isn't to help migrants and refugees acclimate, adjust and assimilate to Swedish culture.

Her mission is to ensure and establish Talmudic Jewish supremacy, which is; the Kalergi Plan.

Make no mistake, her goal is to destroy Sweden, Europe and Christian nations by weakining the bloodline of white Europeans.

"Ishmael is the broom for Israel.

Refugees don't occur by happenstance.

There would have to be a crisis, a natural or manufactured event to displace millions.

People on mass don't abandon their families, community, country and culture for no reason.

For that to happen, it takes .. WAR


In the Zohar Hakadosh,

There will be two big buildings,
they will be destroyed.

Edom is America.

"It's common knowledge, Israeli, Mossad and the CIA are behind the 9/11 terror attacks."

Francesco Coma

         President of Italy, 1985                                                                                                  1992

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Translated and edited by Israel Shahak

Hillary Clinton, unaware the camera was still rolling, laughs at the brutal assassination of Libyan President; Muammar Gaddafi - Oct. 11, 2011.

"The wealthy Jews rule the world; the fate of the governments lies in their hands. They start wars between countries, and when they wish, the governments make peace. When the wealthy Jews sing, the nations and their leaders dance along, and meanwhile the Jews get richer!"

- Theodor Herzl


"The analysis also used a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) basis, which takes into account the living cost and inflation rates, in order to compare living standards between the different nations. Some small territories, such as Liechtenstein, Nauru, Vatican City,

Monaco, San Marino and Andorra were not included in the study.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ranks in as the poorest country in the world based on its GDP per capita over the 2009-2013 period.

With DRC citizens earning on average $394.25 a year, some one outside is paying $ 3,000+ each for air fare & or transportation for their migrating to other nations !

Experts estimate 20 million are already dead due, to COVID Vaccination & over 2 billion injured

Peeling back the layers of deception and obfuscation reveals a shocking truth that may not be all that shocking to our informed readers:

Covid-19 "vaccines" are injuring and killing far [more than covid ]

It's all connected

Many think they know what's going on. Let me tell you something ... 95% don't have a clue. The real head of the snake and the massive power behind everything from Wars to Covid and everything in-between and beyond is one specific group. Everything that doesn't make sense with our world is all connected and scripted. It's to enrich them and pave the path for their global domination while diluting and ultimately eliminating the White European bloodline.

The New World Order is their construct. I'm proving what few have the courage to admit. Dangerous, but this is the hill I'm willing to die on.

Part 2 of 3


The White House is set to launch a $1.5 billion ad campaign to win over vaccine skeptics, report says Biden administration will spend nearly $10 billion to expand access to Covid-19 vaccines and build confidence


The White House has enlisted dozens of TikTokers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers to encourage young Americans to get vaccinated

The Atlantic

America's Health Will Soon Be in the Hands of Very Minor Internet Celebrities

By Kaitlyn Tiffany. February 18, 2021

Ad campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy in U.S. with celebrity help

US Ramps Up Effort to Convince Young Adults COVID Vaccine is Safe

Public needs to wear masks `for several, months,' Fauci says.

Biden administration finalizes deal for 200 million vaccine doses from Pfizer, Moderna

Covid-19 CVC Health Vaccine Incentives

- Trip for two to Super Bowl

- VIP Package to Heart Music Festival.

- One week Norwegian Cruise

- Four Day Trip to Bermuda

Comedian Heather McDonald says she's recovering form skull fracture after collapsing on stage.

Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta's top killer province.

Moderna says Covid vaccine for children, 6 months to age 6, protects against severe disease

               Berkeley Lovelace Jr. Mar. 23

Be honest.

You didn't trust the science

You trusted the TV

Shabbos Goy

Goyum who works for interest of the Jew.


Rochelle Wallenski

CDC Director


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -Voltaire


Fauci is a frontman for Big Pharma.

He controls academic lies, and has incentives to support the fearmongering. He did it before with

HIV and AIDS. He's a master at it.

He's been there during Reagan, the

Bushes, Obama and close to Gates and all these other foundations.

This guy's a lifer.  He is DEEP STATE PHARMA.

- Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Los Angles Times

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon

by Joel Stein, Dec. 19, 2008 12 am

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe '`the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

Every single aspect of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was Jewish.

Every single aspect of Covid is Jewish.

You must always be willing to truly consider evidence that contradict your beliefs, and admit the possibility that you may be wrong.

Intelligence isn't knowing everything, it's the ability to challenge everything you know.

- Thomas Sowell


                word virus is derived from the Latin word (viri)
which means poison. Poisonous secretions of snakes / creatures / plants.


acrid element venom toxicant

               poison: a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed.


venom bane toxicant

The definition of the word "virus" never changed.

It's never defined as an invisible airborn respiratory disease. To this very day, the re-branded virus has never been isolated, tested or proven to even exist.

That is why, it is still referred to as: "Virus Theory".

Let Them Talk

Harry Fox, Investigative Journalist

Live, October 21st, 2014

Rockefeller - LockStep





Implications of worldwide population growth for US security and overseas interests the 1974 National Security Study Memorandum

The one thing man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by a World Government, a New World Order.

- Henry A. Kissinger

'The Jew cries out Anti-Semetism, while he's stabbing you in the face."

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Nobel Prize Recipient / Author / Anti Communist Activist

Bishop Richard Williamson all the lies in the news,

Israel & CIA did 9-11, NYC ?

Robert Roos

European Parliament Member

You don't get vaccinated just for yourself, but also for others

Today, this turns out to be complete nonsense.

Now, this turned out to be a cheap lie.

Millions of people worldwide (got the vaccine from fear) because of the myth that "you do it for others".

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy." - Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum.

For a very long time I've been on a lonely path trying to wake the masses. Well ... here's where that ends. I worked very hard putting all three parts together. Now it's up to you.

Since 1952, Holocaust reparations of hundreds of billions of dollars from the taxpayers of Germany and Austria have poured into the Rothschild created State of Israel.

Even taxpayers from France, England, Canada and the USA who supposedly liberated the camps, have paid collectively hundreds of billions as well. Make sense of that.

"WAR is a racket

It always has been ...

Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many.  Out of war a select few make huge fortunes."

-Major General Smedley Buttler, USMC


Holocaust 'survivor' admits to lie

Prominent member of the Spanish Holocaust survivors' community admits to never being imprisoned in concentration camp

By Ynetnews I Published:

Jewis Victims of the Holocaust: The Soap Myth

Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
Table of Contents Hidden Children
The Soap Allegations

We don't have any evidence that the Nazis actually manufactured soap with human bodies.

"No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough, and the masses will regard it as the truth."

- John F. Kennedy


WW II Peace agreement, Malta ?

Winston Churchill, England

Franklin D. Roosevelt, USA

Joseph Stalin, Russia

The same Bolshevick (Jews) who annexed Russia in 1917 by killing Tsar Nicholas and his entire family. The same Jews who murdered 10 million Orthodox Christian Russians.

The same Bolshevick Jews who starved seven million  Ukranians to death known as the "Holodomor." All funded by International Jewish Bankers.

Ukraine Is the most fertile land in the world, the bread basket of Europe. But when the Ukrainians tried to assert Independence from the USSR, the Bolsheviks, led by Stalin, exterminated them through hunger. In 1932-33. an artificial famine was brutally enforced, and 10 million innocents and their animals starved to death. Even as word got out. America and the world did nothing to stop it. This unspeakable political crime against humanity Is the genocide known as... Holodomor

In 1933, Adolfus Hitler made "usery" (bank interest) illegal. He kicked out the Jewish Banking cabal,

Rothschild, Warberg, Schiff and Morgan. They were plunging Germany into a starving nation of debt, poverty and marching towards total genocide.

Hitler arrested Baron Louis de Rothschild






Germany started printing their own currency and loaned it to their citizens, interest free. The Banking cabal saught revenge and declared War on Germany and lobbied other countries to do the same. This started in 1933, seven years before WW2.

Newspapers Headlines





Daily Express

Judea Declares War on Germany

Jews of all the world unite.



Defense League Asks 2,000,000
in City Area to Stop Buying German Goods and Service.

Jews of all the World Unite In Action

Jews inside Germany began committing domestic acts of terrorism. Hitler finally had enough and drew up the: "Transfer Agreement'; granting safe passage to Palestine for all Communist Jews. They could no longer be trusted to remain in Germany.

German shipping vessels provided safe passage.

A memorandum was established between Germany and the Bank of Palestine. Using today's valuation, over a trillion dollars of Jewish assets were transferred unscathed.

International Jewish bankers could not risk the rest of the world printing their own currency. They influenced England and her allies to declare War based on lies.

Hitler did not want War. He pleaded against it.


Winston Churchill stated;

"We will have War with Germany whether he likes it or not. "




Despite what the Allies were doing to Germany, Hitler still refused to bomb civilians. That is undeniable fact.
95% written and taught about WW2 are fucking lies.

General George S. Patton was murdered in Heidelberg Germany, two days before he was to return home at the end of the War. He hated what the Allies were doing to the German people. He loathed General Eisenhower and called him a,"sadistic sociopath".

"Gentlemen, I have come this morning to the inexcusable conclusion that we have fought on the wrong side. This entire war we should have fought with Germany against the Communists and not the other way around.

I fear that perhaps in fifty years America will pay a dear price and become a land of corruption and degenerate morals. "

General George S Patton

July 21, 1945

Killing Patton?

His Life - His Death.- told by those who Loved Him

John F. Kennedy / USA

Muammar Gaddafi / Libya

Tried to print their own currency.

Saddam Hussein / Iraq

I feel compelled at this moment to clarify.

I have no hate, ulterior motive, nor is there any financial gain for me to spend two hundred hours putting this series together.

I am not German nor do I know many Jews.

It's about the truth. Without that, we are simply going through the motions of our lives, blind to the actual realities of our world. That's by design.

Oh, and one more thing I must mention, because I cringe every single time.

Konrad Heiden was a Jewish communist, freelance writer for Jew owned news outlets around the world. His propaganda articles spanned from Europe to the United States.

He's credited for coining the term: "Nazi" to describe the German military and people.

When in fact, "Nazi" was a 17th century

Austrian/Bavarian slang /derivative, towards Ashkenazi Jews. Meaning:

(cruel, untrustworthy, simpleton or idiot)

Do you think for a second, the German military and the German people ever referred to themselves as; cruel, evil, untrustworthy idiots?

Considering the word "nazi" is part of Ashekanazi it would be easy to correlate? Nope.

90 years later, everyone from Facebook tool-bags to historians and politicians still use that word to describe the German military of that time.

That's just a small example of how easily we've been manipulated into thinking exactly, what they want us to think.

They killed there 30 million Russians.

Expulsion Not Extermination

Even when allowed to return, they got kicked out again.


Year Place

250     Carthage

415     Alexandria

554     CIermont (France)

561     Uzes (France)

612     Visigoth (Spain)

642     Visigoth Empire (Spain)

855     Italy

876     Sens (France)

1012   Mainz (Germany)

1182   Franc e

1182   Germany

1276   Upper Bavaria

1290   England

1306   France

1322   France

1348   Switzerland

1349   HieIbron (Germany)

1349   Saxony (Germany)

1349   Hungary

1370   Belgium

1380   Slovakia

1388   Strasbourg (Germany)

1394   Germany

1394   France

1420   Lyons (France)

1420   Lyons (France)

1421   Austria

1424   Fribourg (Switzerland)

1424   Zurich

1424   Cologne

1432   Savoy (France)

1438   Mainz (Germany)

1439   Augsburg (Germany)

1442   NetherIands

1446   Bavaria

1453   France

1453   BresIau (Germany)

1454   Wurzburg (Germany)

1462   Mainz

1462   Mainz

1483   Mainz

1484   Warsaw

1485   Vincenza (Italy)

1492   Spain

1492   Italy

1495   Lithuania

1496   Naples

1496   Portugal

1498   Nuremburg

1498   Navarre (Spain)

1510   Brandenberg (Germany)

1510   Prussia

1510   Prussia

1515   Genoa

1519   Regensburg (Germany)

1533   Naples

1541   Naples

1542   Prague

1550   Genoa

1551   Bavaria

1555   Pesaro (Italy)

1557   Prague

1567   Wurzburg (Germany)

1569   Papal States (Italy)

1571   Brandenburg (Germany)

1582   Netherlands

1582   NetherIands

1582   Hungary

1593   Austria

1597   Cremona (Italy)

1614   Frankfurt

1615   Worms (Germany)

1619   Kiev

1648   Ukraine

1648   Poland

1649   Hamburg

1654   Little Russia

1656   Lithuania

1669   North Africa

1669   Vienna

1712   Sandomir (Poland)

1727   Russia

1738   Wurtemburg (Germany)

1740   Beylorus (BeIarus)

1744   Prague

1744   Slovakia

1744   Livon is (Latvia)

1745   Moravia (Austria)

1753   Kovad (Lithuania)

1761   Bordeaux (France)

1772   Poland

1772   Russia

1775   Warsaw

1775   Warsaw

1789   Alsace (France)

1804   Russia (Villages)

1808   Russia (Countrysides)

1815   Lubek (Germany)

1815   Bremen (Germany)

1815   Franconia (Germany)

1815   Swabia (Germany)

1815   Bavaria

1820   Bremen (Germany)

1843   Austria

1843   Prussia

1862   USA (General Grant Are.

1866   Galatz (Romania)

1866   Galatz (Romania)

1866   Romania

1880   Russia

1919   Bavaria (Foreign born Jews)

1938 -1945 Germany

1948   Arab Countries

"Some may call it Communism, but
I call it what it is: Judaism!"

- Rabbi Stephen Wise

(The American Bulletin, May 5th, 1935)

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

- William Casey, CIA Director

(from first staff meeting in 1981)


"America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up and sell it off, piece by piece, until there is nothing left but the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control.

This is what we do to countries that we hate.

We destroy them, very slowly."

-Benjamin Netanyahu

Recorded at Finks Bar, Jerusalem, 1990

"Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him

He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

Post-War diary of John F. Kennedy - Summer 1945

"While the international world Jew slowly but surely strangles us, our so-called patriots shouted against a man and a system which dared in one corner of the earth at least, to free themselves from the Jewish-Masonic embrace and oppose a nationalistic resistance to this international world poisoning."
- Adolf Hitler, the man who almost crushed the Jewish New World Order ?+

The struggle for world domination is between me and the Jews. All else is meaningless. The Jews have inflicted two wounds on the world: Circumcision for the body and conscience for the soul. I come to free mankind from their shackles.- Adolf Hitler

"The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia is going to become Reality for the whole world."

The American Hebrew Magazine,

New York, Sep. 10, 1920)

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - a Summary

01. Place our agents and helpers everywhere

02. Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans

03. Start fights between different races, classes and religions

04. Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way

05. Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials

06. Appeal to successful people's egos

07. Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail

08. Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism

09. Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us

10. Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary

11. Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism

12. Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect

13. Rewrite history to our benefit                                                                                                  (Zionism - NWO)

14. Create entertaining distractions

15 -Corrupt minds with filth and perversion (Jewish Zionists)

16. Encourage people to spy on one another

17. Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor

18. Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold

19. Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.

20. Introduce a progressive tax on wealth

21. Replace sound investment with speculation

22. Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments

23. Give bad advice to governments and everyone else

24. Blame the victim

Book Says:..[Talmud ?}

- Abusing Children is OK

- Raping Women is OK

- Killing Whites is OK

- Enslaving Whites is OK

- Stealing Money is OK

- Raping Newborns is OK

- Breaking Babies Spines is OK

- Murdering Children is OK

- Stealing Land is OK

We really need to talk about the Jews.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." - Voltaire

We shall have world government

whether you like it or not, by quest or consent. - James Warburg