2002: Court case, law suit against me, basically for discarding my photography negatives.

2007: Court hearing, resulting in $ 369,000 judgment against all property titled in my ALL CAPITAL NAME.

2009: Entered Bankruptcy Court.

2011: Judge agreed to close my case, as he would not present any evidence that he had a lawful oath.

2012: Nov. Court action against me, to auction my home as partial payment on the judgment.

2013: Dec. My home is (supposedly) publicly auctioned by private lawyer on the court house steps.

     I am arrested, 16 Dec. at the auction, for mailing letter to "government" officials that they:
- were acting as a private company, - had been formerly and publicly notified of my fee schedule,
- cooperated in my unlawful arrest. I notified all who I thought had cooperated on that.

Al they had to do was to answer my letter, and show proof they were not involved.
Instead, they elected to arrest and jail me.

2014: Jan Court hearing to discuss the made up "charges". I was not given a signed summons, nor at the hearing presented with the charges, nor was it resolved that I was the "defendant."  See details of hat hearing at www.abodia.com/claim  See video & transcript.

2014: February. Magistrate said he wanted the defendant to come to a bench trial- but he never issued an court summons. I elected not to volunteer to go.

Now it is said that there is capias or warrant for my arrest. I cannot imagine that it is lawful, nor do I know who would have signed it.

I have left that area to prepare my lawful defense.

I hold papers that were signed by the participants; judges, clerks, attorneys for each of these events. That is my evidence that they have proceeded with Fraudulent conveyance of language, i.e. misleading statements.


I have gathered so far, form 3,200+ pages of court actions,

29 documents - 72 pages with signed documents that were filed at the court with the court case.   of 574 files