Correct Sentence Structure Parse Syntax Grammar

How do we build a law suit to apply above to our problem ?


Here is my plan.  As I develop this, I post at:


I believe I have lost much to many courts, attorneys and that there is a remedy thru C.S.S.P.S.G.

That I am exploring, but I need huge help to make this happen.


2001 I photoed a wedding. I promised the bride 140 proofs, but gave her over 600 final prints & 2 video tapes.

3 month later, as I cleared my file, as per my contract and I so notified the client.

2007 Court: The client sued me over 6 years, and got a $ 369,000 judgment against me for my destroying my duplicate work.

This crippling debt has sucked most all of my cash. I've sold most of my property.


2009 My father died and left me significant cash assets and 1/2 the value of the sale of his home studio.

He put his assets into a trust designating funds to be given to me for my:

education, health care, comfort, and reasonable support and maintenance of the beneficiary (me).

My sister is the trustee to my trust. She will not give me funds to fight a legal battle to hold my home,

nor to maintain my home, which has serious problems needing maintenance.


2009 I entered bankruptcy court not then knowing any better solution.

2011 After nearly 3 years in bankruptcy proceedings, I wrote to the judge several times to show me his oath of office.

He declined, then abandoned my case and I left the bankruptcy with no loss.


2013 Nov. Plaintiff brought suit against me and my home in local Circuit Court.

They did not properly serve me notice.  I wrote to W.Va. AG, Sherriff, Court Clerk, and or Judge to determine what is proper lawful service. None would answer.  That case proceeded. I was noticed of hearing meetings, but since I had not been noticed to the first hearing, I did not attend.  In Aug. 8 friends went as witnesses to watch the proceedings. One friend took in my birth certificate to show the name they were charging. The bailiff accepted the birth certificate, a court record, and tore it up in as seen by my 8 witnesses.


2014 Dec.  My home was recently auctioned. I hope I can get it all BACK !


In pursuing the C.-S.-S.-P.-S.-G method, I have reviewed over 3,200 documents on my cases.

I collected about 300 pages of documents that were submitted to the court, filed with the court, of which I could get copies from the court. I have all of these as pdfs and 100s of pages of paper file from the court case.

I have 50+ pages with one or more signatures; judge, clerk, attorney, partner in firm, etc.


I, and our group, have long studied Judge: David-Wynn: Miller's method, process, book and web site.

We understand Correct Sentence Structure.  I'd like to apply this to my several court cases, to recover my home, get better access to my trust account, and hopefully to recover or secure any money for all these wrong or exaggerated actions forced upon me.


< See the list of documents that we already have to use.

After we know all that we need and how to complete them, we will do what we can, then find help to finish the documents we don't know how to do.


> Collect your original papers from judges, clerks, attorneys who have their adverb, verb syntax and which they signed, (even better I think if those pages are already recorded in the court file, or in a court case. - i.e. a public record.) 
Those would be hard or impossible to refute.)  Always hold originals unblemished. 

On a copy of these documents, mark the parse of each word to demonstrate that you have the knowledge of Correct Sentence Structure.  Include a key showing 1=adverb, 2=verb, ....


> Determine which of Miller's forms to include, or use.

> Modify the forms to your conditions.

> Make appropriate copies for the court, the summons, and YOU keep all originals.

> Prepare documents with postage stamps, your autograph, and mail to yourself at the USPS, registered mail.

> Take your BOUND documents to the (Federal Court) with your money order payment for the filing fee.

> On acceptance & stamping by the court clerk, autograph over her stamp & initials and the same with all that you will serve on your vassalees.

> On notice from the judge to send your summons, complete that with proof of service, to get back to the court.

> Wait 45 + 3 days, trust law and rescission, and you should get your default judgment if:

   - you do this correctly, al that you say is correct, in truth, and supported by irreutable, unrebutted evidence.

--- Below are my personal problems, not general problems you have - - -


I think I may  need to get some form(s) of government created/ approved IDs


The most important thing would be to take any action so that I could walk around freely in W. Va. which I now fear to do.

Working from out of state, and out of my car is very very ineffective.


I fear to walk to a WV Driver's license, they might capture me.


Then I will gather what documents I can with that have signature from:

- government, or courts or judges or clerks signature.


I'll copy them and try to mark their syntax.  Have other people CHECK your work.


Then I'll make a list of the names and address of those who signed such documents.

Then I have to prepare my case, in syntax.


Starting with the original court case, that put a judgment on me.


Then the bankruptcy (maybe in can include that, listing the attorneys who acted against me.

Then the Kanawha Circuit Court Action that set up and auctioned my home


Then the recent summons to court about my filing fraudulent documents.


This is a huge project, but I am trying to do it.


I'd sure like someone to check my paperwork, but I'll start getting al the info together.


The simplest way for me to give complicated info to other people is to post it on a web site, which I will eventually do.


When anyone sees errors, the can tell me and I can immediately change it and repost so that others can see and fix my errors.


Although there were as many as 20 people involved, I will only include those of whom I have a document, like a complain or a finding, that has their signature, their confession to false and misleading statements via CSSPSG.


I filed & recorded many notary protests which were never answered, but I will not include any of that to try and keep this as short and on point as I can.


Thanks for any comment or redirect that you may have.


The simple plan I see is.

Get their signed documents,

copy and mark the proper syntax (hold all originals unblemished)


Offer that they correct and return to me (thru the court in 45+3 days) and then they default


I'll get all my stuff ready, mail to myself with Registered mail # at Post Office, then pay filing fee and file at federal court

- then do service process with green card return to each adversary, on getting those back, submit them or copies to the court and then just wait for them to default.


I know it is more complicated then that bu that is the basis


I don't even know if I can get a real ID to go into the Federal Court hose as I must to sign again over the documents that the clerk receives and stamps


I wonder if I should file this whole thing in a different state, but I still lack any government approved ID and or address.


Lots of things I have to resolve.


     traveling ted


To really do this and succeed, I think I need many minds to help me.


I think I could also file for damages, like 4 times my original damage of $ 360,00  but I don't yet knwo how to make tha tclaim.


I'd love to get anyone, :David-Wynn: Miller, or :Russell-Jay: Gould, anyone to help and I could pay some.


(My sister still holds my money tightly, my home may be occupied or torn down 1 June I am told.)


I cannot file for 1 month, to prepare all this stuff.


Even if I file today, I hope this will finish fast enough.


I can also make a duplicate set of documents to file after 48+ days on the default,

in case I end up in j a i l and someone else has to make that filing.


Sort of tough doing this all by myself, but I am trying.  Many would like to see me succeed, but I don't know how they can help. They'd have to learn a whole bunch quick.


To be safe, I think I will not come back into W. Va. until I have at least filed the originals.

that may be May 1st or even June 1st. I move as fast as I can.