2002: Original Law Suit- Court case - now activated as it was mentioned on other court papers filed against me recently.

     Judge, Clerk, Attorneys - 2 against, 1 for me.        Resulted in $ 369,290.62 judgment against me. 5 Dec. 2007

2009: Bankruptcy: Judge, Clerk, Attorneys - 2 against, 1 for me.

2012: Nov. Court case to auction my home to partially settle judgment noted above

     Judge, Clerk, Attorneys - 2 against, none for me.

2013: 20 ? Nov. & 16 Dec. arrests & jail for me, as I tried to settle the judgment via paperwork, considered fraudulently

2014: 28 Jan. Hearing -

    3 Magistrates: Papers for - warrant, - jail confinement, - bail bond, - summons to hearing (this last one is not signed).

         Hearing did not establish a defendant, nor clarify the charges.
Paperwork was released 1 week after the hearing so I could not make a defense.

    I don't have signatures from Prosecuting Attorney or Public Defender, just the 3 Magistrates.

     19 Feb. Bench Trail scheduled, NO Notice, nor Service Process was ever issued to me.

Currently I am living outside the state because I am told there are people seeking to arrest and jail me,

but I do not think they have lawful or signed warrant.  But I also know they are not concerned with such fine details.

Summary: I reviewed over 3,200 pages of documents in court actions against me.
     I isolated 500+ pages, including 50+ pages with signatures.
     I have an abundance of evidence.

I'd appreciate help on process, on checking my developing paperwork, and checking my syntaxed documents.