Truth Seekers - April 9, 2012          -ts-hp-    

Many people watch TV, read newspapers, and enjoy movie sand books.

Fine, but you have a limited view of the world.


When you realize that when you use a computer, a DVD player, an mp3 player, and learn to use the internet,
you can slip past the censors, past the gates to the secrets that surround us.


Learn about money, banking, war, drugs, law, government, Federal Reserve - a monopoly of private banks - world wide,
taxes, your rights and much more.


Older people, or those well established in money, title, property, position and or reputation sometimes grow fixed and static.
They want to cling to what they have and know.

Some of us desire to move on. We want to understand the world, our reality and to adapt to it.

to do that we need to learn things that were not available in the public information through schools, news and government reports

The information was specifically suppressed by the elite who own the banks, money, the governments and more.


But should you be curious, you can learn the new technologies;

- computer, - internet, - mp3 & - DVD players.

You can get the suppressed information for your consideration.


If you choose any subject like:

- banking, - war, - drugs, - law, - government, - taxes, - your rights.

- Federal Reserve - a monopoly of private banks - world wide,
The trick to avoid calamity in life is to continue and develop your ability to learn.

When you learn the new technologies, they are like a new language, and you can find, see, learn things that are not available to those limited to news, TV, libraries.  the good stuff, the suppressed information is available to those who search and connect the dots.

It is not in the dominate news, because those few elite people who wish to control, rule and tax you do not want you to have the basic foundation of information.

All about you are also deceived and act as if they are hypnotized to believe the popular news.

It is greatly mocked and scorned if you drift from main stream thinking.

but in learning and discovering the hidden reality, you can learn how to avoid calamity.

There are vast resources, many available thru this web site to learn of a New Reality.


See by Foster Gamble of Proctor and Gamble

See Change on the Horizon, by James Fink on you tube and in articles on the internet.


The world is definitely not as you have been taught.

When you learn the new technologies, you can easily by yourself, find, confirm and know the truth.

The truth will set you free. John 8:32


Good luck hunting.


One way to learn of computers, internet, mp3 players is to find, hire, pay or get the help of high school or college kid.


The young are quite deeply involved in these technologies and skilled at learning and teaching them.


I myself have at least 30,000+ hours working on computers and can do in minutes what would take others to hours to do if they could do it at all. I have built a large library of software programs to speed tacks, like filing, finding, researching and cataloging information form the internet and other resources.