Invest in Precious Metals Dec. 08

Gold and Silver look like phenomenal buys now if you can get any.   The dollar looks high against foreign currencies, but (fair warning) the government has prepared the Amero currency to replace Federal Reserve Note currency because the dollar will nosedive over the next few months and precious metals prices will hit the roof.  They already have started hitting the roof in foreign countries.  And bullion buyers tell me they can barely get their hands on any, in spite of low prices.

Stop goofing around.  Buy precious metals now. Look at the prices over the past year.  They could go lower, but not likely much, and not likely for long.  Click this link then select silver and gold historical charts for 2008:

See? Silver has dropped below $9.50 and gold below $750 per ounce.
Note that when the European nations switched to the Euro from their native currencies, prices skyrocketed and inflation destroyed the people's savings. The same will happen in the Americas as a result of the switch to the Amero.

These days, a diversified portfolio consists of silver, lead and food.  I am "all in" the first two and working on the third.
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