Ted Elden - Public Speaker 
Charleston, West Virginia, 304 344 2335 

C/O 3501 MacCorkle Avenue SE # 304, Charleston, West Virginia

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Architect, photo / video grapher, importer, entrepreneur, computer guru,
researcher and language fanatic, researchers / lecturer

I actively seek opportunities to speak to public. 
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Speaker for your Rotary / Civic Club/ Students

I speak regularly around the state to civic groups, Rotarians, Lions Club, Kiwanis, college & high school students

I've assembled a vast repertoire of topics to fascinate, delight, enlighten and inspire audiences of all ages, all types.


I'm a Toast Master, Architect, ret., national & international registration, importer, entrepreneur,  college teacher.
I've been nationally published / award winner as writer, poet, photographer.


 Here are some of my topics;    ^ - - - top

- Reason to Reality, looking beyond the media,

     What Really Happened on 9-11,
the Veil of Secrecy", deeper truths -
what national news once revealed – yet has now hidden.

- Language, the limit to our thought ,
     and nuisance of our perceptions

- Deception in Media, what main stream hides and how

- Computer – what they can do to increase our thought, actions

- Suppressed Medical and Scientific Discoveries, how to get the inside info.

- Truth and how to find, confirm and explore it – anyone can find truth with the internet.

- Taxes – income - The reason 67 million have quit paying –legally, with court case verdicts

- UFOs – from Government Reports & in W.Va.

- Secret Organizations, over the centuries

I can talk 10 minutes or hours, and or take questions.
I can take the cross fire ! 

I can stir audience to re think assumptions they've made.

I can bring slide show and or video
I have LCD projector and all the equipment.

I recently spoke at a college for a 3 hour class.
The students kept me an extra hour.

At civic club presentation, civic group gave me 15 minutes, yet kept me an hour with questions.

Why I Speak    ^ - - - top

I have personally met, talked or corresponded with the primary witnesses, researchers, engineers of my subjects !

I have 1,000s of DVDs that give expert & witness to many of the hidden things on going in America, a unique library from international sources.

I'm delighted to share my unique libraries, 1,000s of books, e-Books, articles of things most have never considered and certainly never seen.  I doubt you can find any of these materials in any other library or institution in West Virginia.

Knowledge is not by authority but by diversity !

Millions of others have found these too,
but they are specifically excluded from news.

Here are clues to deeper truths I've found.  www.abodia.com/t

$ 60,000 cost of my Carnegie Mellon Univ. degree

$ 20,000 value of my video resources

$ 10, I can put 450+ books on a single DVD disk, many copyrighted, but released from www.Scribd.com

This source of knowledge supersedes or renders invalid most of what is commonly believed, what I learned in college, news, history.
.    Open your eyes, change your life for a mere $ 10.

Brief Auto-Biography    ^ - - - top

I'm Ted Elden, son to Henry Elden, architect who built Top O Rock,  round Glass Cliffside Studio - overlooks River & Capitol City in Charleston, w/ national awards & publication.

I delight to go to new audience to enlighten, entertain, open new doors of perception.  I have many topics, I speak across the state to civic groups & students..  I’ve had over 150 of my writing published in national publications, one poem won a $ 500 prize from Arizona, one photo won first place in  international photo contest. Thanks for your interest.

I've done intensive research in recent years, acquiring 400 books to fortify my presentation. I’ve acquired & loan or show 1,000+ different DVDs of incredible things happening nationally that the news will not repeat, and I have 3,300+ articles from national news that most have never considered, all point to one conclusions – there is vast deception in national news, as confirmed by conflicting reports from local news sources like: OK City Bombings, Columbine Shootings, Waco, and many more.

I am architects, and graduate of Carnegie Mellon Univ. Blair Academy, New Jersey, Colorado Outward Bounds (survival) School.  I've served as / was a member of:

- West Virginia Board of Architects, - Nat. Council of Architectural Registration Boards, - Am. Inst. of Arch. (ret.), -  Charleston Rotary, - Toast Masters, - Producers Council, - Ohio Arts Council, - National Intern Development Program (architects to be register).

I built my studio with 10 roofs shaped like saddles, thin but strong.  They're wood shell structures.  Some say it looks like Tamarack.  Both our studio-homes were on national TV, Home & Garden, Dream Builders many times & in Dwell Magazine.

Beyond building around the state, $ ˝ billion in design / construction over 30 years, I’ve had an import business, bringing in special abodia photo display cabinets from Europe and selling them across American & around the world, from our catalog & web site. I have many side businesses, interests, hobbies, skills and curiosities.

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