Truth Seeker Goal

We want to help you.  The question is how we can communicate: web page, e-mail, conference calls, mail, visits ? ?

I've collected 1/2 million files: books, videos, audios & more.  I put 20,000 files on my web site.  I touch 100s of subjects to give you suppressed information to incite you to be curious and look further.  You can know what I know directly.

I'm retired architect, actively engaged in broad research. 
I had international import business, am published poet, photographer, etc.

In 2005, I studied 9-11, to find
government and news is intentionally misleading us
to keep us stressed and focused on working to support our (corrupt) government and industry leaders.

I then learned many other things, as I became more able to learn.

News, education, history, are all controlled by the elite who own the banks,
the currency (Federal Reserve notes - world wide).  They have huge influence on all corporations, politicians, courts, media and educators.

By limiting the information that most get, we tend to believe and
follow their illusions.  You can be empowered if you just get the more fundamental and truthful information.

My goal is not to discover and show everything.  I am way past that.
I hope to encourage other people to desire to have freedom, creativity, etc.,
and to realize their own ability to learn determines:

what they might know.

The more that you learn, the more you are able to learn.

Our day to day life, the news and conversations around us distract us from a fundamental understanding of money, government, rights & more.

I cannot show you everything:
all the flaws, deceptions, illusions, conspiracies around us.

I only wish to encourage others to begin the Quest to Learn.

Learn to have an open mind, a curiosity, skill at learning.

Ye shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free. John 8:32

What I hope to teach you is how easily you can learn, learn to search and read on the internet, learn how to learn, learn how to use your word processor to collect and organize thoughts, learn & use Total Commander to manage 100s, 1,000s of files, learn to use your word processor to read books and or web pages - it is much more adaptive and useful then reading the web sites in the cryptic fonts and background that some present. 

You can do all this with your time, thought & energy.

You don't have to be in a club, group, institution.
You don't have to spend money.

Learn to learn.  I'll try to help.

I've 30,000+ hours working on computers thru 100s of different programs.

Although you have specific goals and limited software, you can learn to read, think, remember, to actually think faster and deeper if you learn how to work with your computer to let it help and expand your world.

I have taught various programs to many, as I continue to do.

Consider how you perceive, think, learn

Language - the limit of our thought.    Truth Seekers