Letter to Friends 

Napoleon said there are 2 forces; sword and mind and the mind ultimately wins.

I say thereíre 2 forces; force & persuasion/ invitation, persuasion is best ! most enduring, more humane in application.

I desire to change you  (& you want to change me.) That is normal.

My tools come from others. In fact, I really desire you change to be like a 3rd person, one I met, who helped me change & improve.

Some people use books or courses that cost money. My offer is an invitation you can learn / change for Free ! without money.

You may have pencil, TV or computer.

I show ways to use your computer as the greatest tool for teaching / learning.  Go at your own pace, repeat or review when convenient.  I can also send information on a CD/ DVD disc.

Learn how to use computer, mp3 player, tablet, to hear, see, and read materials.

The most useful thing I teach, is how to use computers & media players to learn.

My content is useful, learn the process, so you can see, learn & get advantage. Learn the truth and get huge benefits. the Truth will make you Free !

There is value here ! Learn how to get to it. Contact me in any way. When you admit you do not know something (like how to read a file) then you can learn how to. You canít learn until you are ready to listen. Learning is listening. Beyond content, I teach technique. How to learn with little money.

The best way I have to communicate complicated things is thru print, via disc, web or e-mail. An introduction can come by a call or a visit.  With friends, we grow in knowledge and help each other, talking or listening.

I find & prove things different then what others "already" know.

You may have your own interests, or way to learn. If youíd consider what I offer, you may gain from me. Iíve 10s of 1,000s of useful files

By the introduction, you see if you like something or not. You wonít go deeper unless the introduction was fun or useful.

From You Tube: you can download RealPlayer on Windows / MS Explorer computer which will play .FLV files.  or use FireFox and get Video downloader.

I could give you more words, but if you just watch a few minutes, Iíll bet you become interested.

You can watch this or related from the You Tube on the web . Search Spirit Science. I download so I can watch anytime, pause, resume or repeat all at my convenience and leisure.

I have 10s of 1,000s of digital books I can send. My experience is that stubborn, fixed adults wonít look at deep things, until they waded into the shallow waters and found them fun, interesting and useful.

I would / could give you far more information, but I don't work for you until you demonstrated to me that you have an interest to see things I have or offer, and or are willing to learn how to use the 1,000s of things I have captured and gladly share.  Get a $ 10 - $ 30 mp3 player. Use a computer to copy files to it, like with Total Commander Ė a free program. You can have the benefit of fun and important knowledge far greater, deeper, and more useful then you can learn in college. The things I find, collect, harvest are beyond most people consciousness, in that they do not know or image that these subjects are interesting, important and or available.

I believe learning / knowledge is the most empowering thing we can do with our time. I offer you a window to change your future. Meet me Ĺ way ! When you learn to accept, use computer, I can give you much more. 

We may have different goals, values, lives, people.

The least you could learn from me is how to get to files on a computer, and the best would be to get from me any of the 1,000s of files I have to share. I cannot or will not convert every file I have to something that is compatible to what other people want, as there are dozens of different file types.  If people will meet me Ĺ way and learn to use a computer as I do, then I can give them the best or most relevant (for them) of the 1,000s of files, videos, books I have.

Learn simple ways to do things. Find things I have that youíd want, they give you content simply. If you want to print or study them, thatís fine, Itís just time & $ for someone to print them, but nearly free to just copy them to a CD or a thumb drive. You can learn how to find the source files and convert them as I do.

To many people I give a Terabyte of info, videos, books, to some I fill their thumb drive.
For you, I can give you files on CD/ DVD you can view, read, play, listen or watch on your system or players.

I tried to make an index of what I have and put the index on the web. I have 40,000 files or more. When people visit (or call) I can search my files and find topics of their interest & limit what I give them to file types or formats they can and will use.

I have doc, jpg, mp3, wmv, avi, vob, and 100s more. I have 100s of subject; crop circles, health, history, technology, free energy, sacred geometry, ancient secrets, and much more.

I try to show people, on many subject, I can lead them far beyond what is commonly known. There is a reason you donít know these deeper things. You think they arenít true or not important. All knowledge can be a  benefit, but you first have to realize it exists, & that you can find and use it.

I donít like to give people one book at a time. My time & cost are what I value most, but if I give you 10 or 100 books/ files of your interest, and your learn how to get to them, like using Total Commander, then at your time and leisure you can preview what I give you to see what you want to look at in more detail.

Total Commander lessons www.abodia.com/l/tc

I help people who will work with me. Some may require I know what they have and how they work. That is not cooperating. If we talk and I learn the things of your interest (or my suggestions) and I learn how you can use files, graphics, pdfs, mp3, avis, etc. When I know you can and will look at different file types, then I can make a disk for you.

I have no joy to spend time and effort preparing things for people who wonít look at it, or donít know how to look at the files.

Anyone you might pay, might give you what you want in a form that is familiar to you. I donít have money to print, but I can give you great knowledge in digital form, if you will learn to use it from that form.

What I am asking (or requiring) is that you follow my lead to learn more of how to use your computer. In the end, whether you take my books or not, you will learn how to get to many things you could not do before I guided you.

The reason I have such broad vision of health, history, energy, and many subjects is that I am not limited to newspapers, or TV, but can get information from diverse people in diverse forms.

I have long been able to get fax, e-mail, digital books, compressed and zipped files and many odd things that others donít know how to open. I am a code breaker, researching new worlds of knowledge.

Sure Iíd rather focus on what you want, but meet me 1/2 way. Show me what forms of information you can use.

I would always rather do then read (you too), but I find when I learn new things, then I can do faster, easier and cheaper then I could before I learned.

 What I offer you is also good for your friends. Pass this note / disc forward. Any can contact me 304 344 2335.

The simplest thing I have to give is DVD videos, but books are better. I can clearly show you that many of the limits of your current beliefs are easily expanded when you learn how to learn as I can teach. Let me show you new worlds

Perhaps you have books, movies, or audio recordings youíd like me to copy and share. I have languages, poetry and many things. I am building libraries.

It is nice to have and hold a leather books, etc., but I, with little money, have found ways that many can read, watch, hear many great things from their digital file, which I easily copy. That way more people can gain from what I have.

My specialty in content is things that are hard to find anywhere else.

This is most important recent findĒ

Spirit Science as FLV files.

It talks of Sacred Geometry, manís quest beyond mind and body to deal in the spiritual world, to reach, gain Christís consciousness, love and appreciation for God and His creation & creatures.

Get Real Player program from internet free, then go to You Tube - find videos,  play or download them with Real Player. Convert to avi or even mp3 files.

Get ConvertLite, to convert file types. Itís a free program from the internet I have 100s of things you would enjoy, when you understand how to convert & use them.

I do not organize or prepare thumb drives, DVDs or other materials until I have someone who wants them and or will look at them.

I have 1,000s of files. I only make a copy of particular things when someone is ready for them.

I introduce concepts, articles, books.  With an introduction, something may catch your interest. Youíll not watch a 6 hour video or 10 hour book, unless something catches your interest. I havenít yet made an intro to 100s of books I have, but I hope too. Maybe you will help me.

If you just watch the first 10 to 15 minutes of the Spirit Science FLV files included on this DVD, with Real Player, I think you will find it fascinating too.

It may not make you money or help with your current plans and goals, but it might change your perception of the world around you - offer you opportunities, insights and or understanding to things you have not known before.

I went to Carnegie Mellon University, & Blair Acad. in New Jersey, and Colo. Outward Bounds survival camp.

I was nearly 60 years old before I realized all the good, great knowledge was out of the reach in main stream and what most people think about.

I learned I can get, learn and use that knowledge for free or nearly so, if I spend time learning how to find and get it.

It is not secret or expensive. It all falls in your lap when you know how to seek it.

Ask  and it will be given, knock and a door will open, seek and you will find.

Iím I lived 60 years not realizing I was missing the good stuff.

One book I have is Dead Manís Secrets. It shows clearly (as many other books I have) what we know or think of history is terribly flawed. A century, an eon ago, people had devices & knowledge that are unknown to most today.

Those in power and authority try to simplify our lives and remove from us the knowledge and desire to have health, and many benefits once more widely known. The d a r n e d thing is that most of us accept those limits. We donít realize we ourselves can have a better life if we first believe that we can and then strive to find & learn those hidden things.

Most grasp for and cling to the visible and popular. I try to encourage people to look further into their future and to have a broader understanding of how the world works. They, like me, can avoid paying taxes, or risking property and rights to people who donít have a right to your property. Step out of assumptions that surround you - have a better life.

My experiences is that I can always teach computer skills to young people faster as they are in that world. If I taught your child / friend quickly by phone, maybe they would teach your more slowly and patiently in person to you. The hard part for me to teach is dealing with people who do not know the 100s of basic things about computers. Computers, media players, DVDs are the best of devices to teach and learn, but you need to learn tricks on how to use them.

Change to benefit !

Here are free programs I get for windows from the internet: I could put them on a disc and send them. You can download them directly.

Total Commander (and several plug ins), Index Your Files, ConvertLite, MS Word Reader, Real Player.

My library of videos, books, articles, etc. is very extensive, many listed titles are listed on web.

I have a password place on my web  I could post file(s) that I would not send by e-mail. You can go to the site with password and get things there.

I prefer not to send or post things that are copyrighted. Selling them is not the only breach, simply copying them I believe is not right in copyright law.

Thereíre places on the web you can get what I collected like Scribd.com & DocStor.com. The WayBack Machine lets you to go to a web link that was live in years past now in backup file. You can view or copy the content.  You cannot search with WayBack, only view a specific link, and specific year it was there.

I saved many things no longer available on the web and or that cost money to get.

My main site www.abodia.com/t at top left is Search Ė it shows how to use Thought Print © my method to find most anything. At the top right is A New Reality my free pdf book. You or a teenager can find and confirm many things that most people will never consider, and certainly not believe that they could even know if they wanted. It is not that hard. It requires thought, time and effort.

I have converted books from many sources, like inner library loan. I give my local library (by e-mail) a title and author and they find and lend me a book for 30 days for $ 3. This is best deal on the planet. Sometimes when I read even a little of a book, I find the information so important or shocking that I scan the whole book. I use Omni Page Pro to convert scanned images of photos & words to a MS word document, which are much easier to use & search, then a pdf. Converting a book to MS word takes me from 2 to 4 to 10 or 20 hours or more per book ! Iíve converted 100s & 100s of books to MS documents, taking 1,000s of hours. I do it because I think the information is very important.

I can search thru my hard drive of documents & books quickly to find  things. As I can see many things quickly, I can confirm things I am discovering and or hone the best of several thoughts.

I ainít so smart, but I have great tools and an incredible library. Everyone would tell me to throw away 95 % of what I have, only 5 % is useful (to them) but everyone would select different things to be of use for them. I do not know, and have not read all that I hold, but I am quick to find things that are relevant and or inner related to be of use to myself and or other people.

Simple summary. We always choose first what we love best. True, we delay anything we can. But when you randomly learn new things (simply by considering them) sometimes you actually change your priorities, and or your actions.

No one wants to change (even me) but I continually find things I was not even considering, things that have a dynamic benefit for me or others.

Many throw away a thing that they do not personally need now. I hold many things I may need later and or that could help someone else Ė like people who have a mortgage.

We should think beyond ourselves - our immediate needs, share with each other.

We need to simply make the best moral decision on everything now in real time.

There are a zillion excuses to not do anything I recommend and to stay separate from me and my friends. But thereíre good reasons to connect to me.

In the end, many people are concerned with who they connect with. I have found that people lead to ideas and ideas lead  to people and them to more ideas. I follow things, even if I do not know how or when they would benefit me. I follow ideas. Anyone can know, they only need to be curious.

I prefer to write, so any can read slowly or many times. I do not like to speak and repeat and beg others to listen. The body of my thinking and benefits are well described on my web sites.

Those who communicate with me can get the most useful things I can give.

Contact me in writing:

Webmaster, c/o 1331 MacCorkle Avenue SE, Charleston, West Virginia

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