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These books are excellent to awaken you.

Books by David E. Robinson at
(about $ 15 to 20 each from )

Check all info, titles, prices, etc. at the source here linked !

Ted highly recommends those with – hyphen before the title.

- Commercial Law Applied, Learn to Play the Game-  New Book: 

1. History of World Banking: From An Asian Perspective

2. The People's Voice: Former Arizona Sheriff, Richard Mack

- 3. Asset Protection: Pure Trust Organizations

4. From Debt to Prosperity: 'Social credit' Defined

5. The Matrix As It Is: A Different Point of View.

- 6. Commercial Redemption: The Hidden Truth

- 7. Hardcore Redemption- In- Law: Commercial Freedom and Release

- 8. Give Yourself Credit: Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

- 9. My Home is My Castle: Beware of Dog

10. Oil Beneath Our Feet: America's Energy Non- Crisis

11. Climategate Debunked: Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Cover Ups

12. Montions of a Mountain Man: Manna, Money, & Me

13. Maine Street Miracle: Saving Yourself and America

14. Gun Carry In The USA: Your Right to Self Defense

- 15. Reclaim Your Sovereignty: Take Back Your Christian Name

16. Untold History of America: Let the Truth Be Told

- 17. New Beginning Study Course: Connect the Dots and See

18. DebtOcracy: And Odious Debt Explained

19. Deceived! A Tale of Two Frauds

20. Mary Baker Eddy Disobeyed by the Directors of her Church

- 21. Epistle to the Americans I: What you don't know about the "Income Tax"

- 22. Epistle to the Americans II: What you don't know about "American History"

- 23. Epistle to the Americans III: What you don't know about the "Money Issue"

24. The Bible as Reform: The Reformation of the Church Leading to the Coming of the Christ

25. The Bible as History: The History of Civilization Foretold in the Prophecies of Daniel

26. The Bible as Healing: The Science of the Christ Outlined in the Revelation of St. John

27. The Revelation of St. John: In Metaphysical Outline Form

28. The Palin Road Ahead: This Is Woman's Hour

The Maine Republic Free State

The Maine Patriot's Blog  newsletter   McCutcheons Ink Many books

The American's Bulletin

Robert Kelly Director and Editor
Post Office Box 3096
Central Point, Oregon [ 97502 ]

- Redemption Manual 4.5 Edition $ 150

- Adminstrative Claim for Damages with CD  $ 200

Before the Judge $ 37

- Conditional Acceptance for Value for Proof of Claim Manual & CD- Rom $ 95

Credit River, Judgment -  A Landmank Decision $ 28

FOIA: Freedom of Information Act Packet $22.00

- I Wants To Own My Land: An ‘Expose’ on Allodial Land Issues of Property $ 45

Invisible Contracts: by George Mercier  $60.00

- Jurisdiction over Federal Areas within the States: Part 1 & 2 $ 34

Stop the IRS -  Where's Your Authority? $ 9

- Travel By Right "No Licence" Driving Revealed! $ 39

TREZEVANT, James C. v. CITY OF TAMPA -  Court Case $ 10


- United States is BANKRUPT NOW! -  Documented Evidence $ 22

War Powers Act Legislation: State of National Emergency $ 36


People’s Rights


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 Dave DeRiemer, c/o People's Rights, No Tax Academy
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The more that you do learn, the more that you can learn.

Universities, government, main stream media and corporations like pharmaceuticals.

They have a strong and tight story line to keep most people from thinking about law, history, facts and truth.

This is something that you need to do for yourself.

As long as you accept the common deceptions around you, you suffer under their “authority.”

When you learn of laws, history and rights, then you have a new perspective and can make better decisions of your actions and future.

Ted collected about 2,000+ books from

The more you read diverse materials,

which keep repeating some themes,

the more convinced you are of its truth, albeit suppressed.


Web Sites:     See the hidden budgets of the government corporations.

This is money they deny they have.      Curious Truth      What Really happened      Cancel Debts      Taxes do not go to your government.         Truth Seekers   Learn fundamentals on Law


You Tube

Corporation Nation    (by Clint Richardson) 183,000 supposedly government agencies in the United States are not governments. They were converted to private, for profit corporations.

If you deal with them (which is voluntary), you surrender your God given and constitutional Rights.

21 February, 1871, the US Congress created a new corporation -
now called the UNITED STATES.

They only have dominion over Washington DC., PR, Guam, and people or territories who volunteer to accept their jurisdiction.
This is a private corporations, not a de jure government.

has a great You Tube video about Philosophy of Liberty,  freedom and rights


You own your life, your property, the money and property you acquire..

No one (neither government or tax man) can take that from you.

When you understand this principle


View Thrive video from  or You Tube


Hear Foster Gamble an elite, heir to Proctor & Gamble soap, he tells us of many things kept from the masses: free energy, cancer cures and more.

This information is known, but restricted so that we live in expensive harsh world, separate from empowering truths.


Watch Change on the Horizons, part 2 of 3 by James Rink.

Watch the video or get the text file from Ted or the internet.


You can see that basic rights we had 200 years ago have been taken away by deceptive laws.

You can get them back, when you understand they were taken away.



Elden has 1000s of pages on his web site.

You get the basic ideas and you can look further in many places, video, books, audios.


Many people lack a basic understanding of the REAL problems that surround us.

Once you know they are obvious, before you kwon you just don’t see them.


Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein shows how events in our world are presented to shock us to a type of reaction or behavior.

When you take time to re think about them you can see you were deceived for their purpose.


Anyone can mail a letter across the country or next door for 6 ˘ postage

See how


This clearly demonstrates there are 2 United States,

one controlled by federal law (the corporation)

There you have no rights: WV, KY, OH, ME


And one where you still have rights: West Virginia, Ohio, Maine

No taxes, courts, law, fines !



Many in our group have simple little $ 100 tablets.

We share articles, books, audios & video or other for learning.


Some have just $ 25 mp3 players. You can still learn much that will never be:

 in news, on TV, nor in main stream books or universities.


For other people to hold power over us, then have to hide basic truths.

When you see those truths, then you can step out of their control.


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