Exposing the Matrix

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Ted notes: This history in law that brings us to now. Why you have no obligation to pay taxes, go to court, suffer fines, jail, control, nor to have a driver’s license. I have 100s of supporting documents – these are the key ideas.

Consider these ideas, you can confirm them any time.


The contents hereof are not intended as legal advice, should not be inferred to be such, and are offered strictly in the spirit of education. scholarship. research, and helping one's fellow Man through the sharing of his experiences.

The reader should undertake a particular course of action only because of his own due diligence, verification and evaluation of pertinent facts, and realization of personal certainty in the matter under consideration.

Once upon a tune, in a faraway land ...

"How to snatch from the sovereign American People their Liberty and place them under the discretionary power of the executive that we control?" says one Bank of England goldsmith-bankster to the other.

"Change the legal meaning of the word they use to describe the territory in which they enjoy their sovereignty. "State, " to mean territory that we control via our hirelings in Congress. " says the other in response. "but do it during wartime (in an internal war that we create) so no one will notice. Thereafter, when they see that particular word in a legislative act. they will think it means the one thing, when 'legally' it means the other (as defined by us), and we can impose our will on them. through our servants on Capitol Hill - and get away with it - because of the American People's foolish trusting nature."

"Not everyone will buy it: we need to get them all to enter into a binding contract without knowing it and from which there is no apparent escape-and the contract should rescue them from something, so they are predisposed to agree to whatever we offer. To begin with, why not give them loans of easy credit through the banking monopoly we institute and persuade them to borrow and purchase stock in the stock market, because 'everyone knows the stock market is going up'- it costs us nothing to do so and we can secure the loans with their land and property - and then crash the stock market, contract the availability of credit so the economy dives into a depression, and foreclose amid evict them from their farms and homes and toss them out on the street, just like we did in ancient Rome," the second replies.

With "an undeterminable amount of abstract money, ledger credit page entry, or paper notes" available from the goldsmith-bankers' costless loan process (fractional-reserve lending), as sanctioned by the new British King William III. With arrival of the private Bank of England in 1694, the British people swell with national pride as the English navy conquers the world by force of arms and Britannia "rules the waves"-at the pleasure of the goldsmith-banksters but expense of Britons who, under the personal legislative jurisdiction of Parliament, pay increasingly heavy taxes that allow the goldsmith-banksters to conceal that the private Bank of England does not loan actual money (gold or silver coins) to the British people, only inflationary, valueless, bookkeeping entries of digits in the account of a "borrower."

First some history about the culprits.

Oliver Cromwell is the British traitor in the employ of the goldsmith-banksters of the private Bank of Amsterdam who covet control of the British throne to create the Bank of England- and want revolution. With unlimited finance for the best of arms and a horde of mercenaries and trained revolutionaries at his disposal. Cromwell assumes the powers of tyranny and augments the English revolution and plots and carries out the death of the British king. Charles I, to make way for the Amsterdam goldsmith-banksters' Dutch proxy and "king-elect," William III of Orange.

Just 32 short years after institution of the Amsterdam goldsmith-banksters' new private Bank of England, we get the classic proverb about death and taxes:

--Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed."

Not too long thereafter [1799] the goldsmith-banksters effectuate their dream of a personal income tax on the Englishmen who "borrow" the digits they loan, whereupon reality debunks delusion and:

Even though Britannia may rule the waves.,

Britons always will be wage-slaves.

When the United States of America hits the scene July 4. 1776, and thereafter. American residents of the several Union states, as constituent members of the supreme political authority of the American Republic, enjoy the unalienable right: of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" free of the personal jurisdiction of their servants in Congress and respective Union state legislature and are the subject of no legislative statute,  -and they know it.

For roughly the next 175 years, there is no such thing as a law enforcement officer, only peace officers, and Americans living throughout the Union enjoy lives free of molestation by their servants in government. The term "law enforcement officer," an abbreviation of statutory-law enforcement officer, will not begin to appear in law dictionaries until the 1950s.

On June 30, 1864 Congress, as personal agents of the goldsmith-banksters of the private Bank of England, plant the innocuous statutory seed that, ultimately, effectively erases all the aforesaid unalienable rights and places firmly under the personal legislative jurisdiction of Congress, the American People. This single fraudulent act is the cause of the condition of the world today, a product directly attributable to the practice of usury and fractional-reserve lending worldwide poverty, corporatization of the food supply, secularization of nations, demonizing of religion, destruction of the environment, erosion of morals. etc. facilitated by Congress' pledge of full faith and credit to pay interest, primarily with personal income taxes collected from the former sovereign American People, NOW WAGE-SLAVES, on "an undeterminable amount of abstract money, ledger credit pages entry", or "paper notes" created by the selfsame goldsmith-bankers, now ensconced in their new command post, the Federal Reserve, for the military conquest of Earth by their personal hit men, the U.S. war machine.

"The Federal Reserve Act" is enacted in late 1913 and Federal Reserve notes begin hitting the streets in 1916. At that time the main focus of the goldsmith-banksters is implementation of the personal income tax, to keep the effects of inflation in an "acceptable" range, so it is not a cause for alarm among victims of the swindle. A barrage of income-tax legislation on the heels of the 16th Amendment keeps the American People agitated from the shock that, for the first time in history, Congress is claiming legislative power and jurisdiction over their personal lives, liberty and property.

Article I § 8(17) and Article 4 § 3(2), the territorial clause, of the Constitution provide, respectively and in pertinent part:

Article l §. 8(17)

The Congress shall have Power -To exercise exclusive Legislation ... over such District ... as may ... become the Seat of the Government of the United States …and ... like Authority over all Places purchased ... for the Erection of Forts. Magazines. Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings ...

Article 4 Sec. 3(2)

The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States:.. .

The species of legislative power "limited as to its objects, but extending all over the Union" is known as subject-matter jurisdiction;  the other, "an absolute exclusive legislative power over the District of Columbia." is plenary and includes, in addition to subject-matter jurisdiction; territorial and personal jurisdiction,

plenary -- unconditional. unlimited, unrestricted, comprehensive

Whereas, it is clear that the Constitution authorizes Congress to exercise personal legislative power over residents of the geographical territory subject to the plenary jurisdiction provided in Article I § 8(17) and Article 4 § 3(2). it is devoid of provision that authorizes exercise of such power over the sovereign American People of the several states of the Union.

The American People, pitted against each other in what is called, ironically, the War Between the States, are not aware of Congress' alchemical transmutation [in the 182nd of 182 sections, on the 84th page of an 84-page statute] of territories-into-states; and can be predicted to believe or claim-erroneously-that they reside in a "state,"

In order to evade and defeat the provisions of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution in their quest to secure, in behalf of their masters at the private Bank of England (parent bank of the future private Federal Reserve). personal legislative power and jurisdiction over the American People. i.e., the creators and supreme political authority of the United States of America Congress, in 1864. change the legal meaning of the word "state" to exclude all the states of the Union and include only the territories and District of Columbia.

Upon establishment of the district of territory comprising the seat of the Government of the United States. later known as the District of Columbia. as provided in Article I § 8(17) of the Constitution adopted September 17. 1787, ratified June 21, 1788. implemented March 4. 1789 and referenced impliedly in Article 4 3(2) thereof. Congress. for the first time in history, have:

_ Defined territory, by the name of the District of Columbia. over which they exercise exclusive territorial legislative power (rule); and

_ Residents. i.e., inhabitants of the District of Columbia, over whom they exercise exclusive personal legislative power (govern). via the consent of said inhabitant.

The perplexing nature of Section I of the 14th Amendment resolves when one discovers that less than two years earlier. Congress-on June 30. 1864. in what is likely the most sweeping but effortless stratagem in history, before or since, evidently for the purpose of nullifying the unalienable rights enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and circumventing, evading, and defeating the jurisdictional "chains of the Constitution" by which they are bound-strip the word "state" of its popular and ordinary meaning, as understood by all Americans and used in all legislative instruments since and including July 4. 1776, and convert it into a specialized term and define it to mean the same thing as its constitutional and statutory opposite, i.e., "one of the territories or the District of Columbia."

They do this under cover of the Civil War and thereafter withhold the new "legal" definition and meaning from the American People.

The Civil Rights Act of MA, the 14th and 16th Amendments to the Constitution, and every single other legislative act since June 30, 1864. Without exception. hews to the said new definition. The "secret" is concealed through the ongoing use convoluted and essentially unfathomable definitions of "State" and "United States," which exclude, by deliberate act, what people normally think of when they hear "State" or "United States." For example. there are 75 different definition of "United States" in the 50 titles of the United States Code: all of which, however, upon decryption, mean nothing more than (1) the District of Columbia. or (2) the collective of the District of Columbia and certain of the Territories

The congressional stratagem of June 30, 1864. results in the inversion of the American paradigm through redefinition of a single word. "state." i.e., a Union-state, into a term of art with a constitutionally and statutorily opposite meaning, which equates, ultimately. to the District of Columbia. Congress has no personal legislative power or jurisdiction in the former. exclusive in the latter: and now nearly every American falsely believes that they reside in a particular "state "State" of the "United States" and are a "citizen of the United States."

Following in the footsteps of foolhardy egocentric Britons before them. who "never will be slaves." American wage-slaves still falsely advocate that contemporary America is "the land of the free. "

SEC. 182. And be it further enacted. That wherever the word state is used in this act it shall be construed to include the territories and the District of Columbia ...

The absurdity of said Section 182 is a violation of both letter and spirit of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and a breach of the equitable duty, trust, and confidence reposed in Congress by the sovereign creators of the United States of America. as well as good conscience, operates to the injury of the American People, and therefore constitutes constructive fraud [included in law dictionaries no later than 1856. omitted no sooner than 1999].

Congress. via the ruse of June 30, 1864. effectively commandeer, with malice aforethought, under color of law, via intentional production of confusion in the public mind as to the meaning of that certain novel term of art, "state." extra-constitutional geographical territory over which to exercise absolute exclusive personal legislative power and jurisdiction over the American People. and set about to extort from said sovereigns, as revealed in the title of said Act, "Internal Revenue to support the Government, [and] to pay Interest on the Public Debt," for the aggrandizement, as we shall see.

The Fourteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution, passed June 11, 1866, and allegedly ratified July 9, 1868, is one of the most confounding pieces of legislation ever to issue from the Halls of Congress.

"All persons born or naturalized in the United Stales, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property. without due process of law. nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

The novel, so-called citizen of the United States, introduced in 1866. is a subject and person (not a sovereign or man) and a United States Government employee [expressly defined as such in sections 552a(a)(2) and (13) of Title 5 Government Organization and Employees of the United States Code], whose legal residence is the District of Columbia: defined territory over which Congress exercise ABSOLUTE EXCLUSIVE PERSONAL legislative power and jurisdiction.

In 1866 it is well settled that Congress have no personal legislative power over the American People per se (i.e., those who make their home in one of the respective several states of the Union), only those residing in the District of Columbia or one of the other places/ properties belonging to the United States.

If the foregoing is factual and true - and it is - how can Congress in the 14th Amendment infer that all Americans, both those of the Union states and those residing in territory, property belonging to the United States, are the subject of rights and duties, i.e., persons and citizens. and ignore the sovereign standing of the American People''

As of 10 years thence, in the Revised Statutes of the United Stains ... 1874 '74, Congress revises "state" to "State" and "territories" to Territories", but otherwise retain the same language; to wit, in pertinent part:

SEC 3140 The word "State" when used in this Title, shall be construed to include the Territories and the District of Columbia

The 14th Amendment is a Trojan horse because it appears benign but operates to undermine organic law. [i.e., to obtain in every "State," throughout the "United States," over "citizens of the United States "]

The lack of constitutional authority to exercise territorial legislative power anywhere in the Union, or personal legislative power over any of the sovereign American People who reside there, is conclusive proof that

(1) Congress IS USING THE NEW  DEFINITION OF "STATE" in the 14th Amendment, and

(2) all Supreme Court Justices are complicit in the same CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD and HIGH TREASON for permitting a false constitutional amendment. Such is the magnitude of power of those to control of Congress and the judiciary.

Congress commits the same constructive fraud as that of the Civil Rights Act April 9, 1866, as well as High Treason in passing the 14th Amendment June 13, 1866, and all other legislative acts thereafter: a conclusion borne out in tact. increasingly so. as documented herein, to the present day; and adopt and employ policies of obscurantism and insidious incrementalism, through wholesale application of pleonasm and tautology in all official banking, corporate. and State and Federal governmental. legal, and tax-agency utterances of any kind whatsoever, so as to conceal the fraud: and embark on a strategic plan to lure the government that justifies a presumption of legal residence in the District of Columbia, for the same purposes stated in the title of the original Act of June 30, 1864. i.e., "to provide Internal Revenue to support the Government, [and] to pay. Interest on the Public Debt

ple'o-nasm    The use of more words then is need

tau-tol'o-gy . . . That form of pleonasm in which the same word or idea is unnecessarily repeated

Between 1864 and 1894 Congress makes more than 60  attempts to enact a statute that justifies exaction of income tax from the American People, the sovereigns over whom they have no personal legislative power. The judiciary dis-allows each for un-constitutionality.

The Federal Reserve Act. like its antecedent in England, is slated to introduce fractional-reserve banking in 1913. but Congress has yet to devise a tool that will induce the American People to "volunteer" to pay income tax and yet still pass muster with the Supreme Court.

Today. the controlling definition of the term "State" in all State and Federal legislation means either (1) the District of Columbia. (2) Guam. (3) American Samoa. (4) the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, (5) Virgin Islands, or (6) the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and no other thing. the collective of the foregoing "States."

Each of the so-called 50 States (sans "of the Union"), e.g., "Mississippi State." "California State." "Nevada State," etc. forgoes its proper name and goes by "State" in all legislation: usually preceded by the words "this" or "in this." i.e. this State or in this State.

The term "State" in each of the foregoing examples means. literally. District of Columbia, i.e. . "State of California" ="District of Columbia of California" etc.

On February 3. 1913, Congress enacts the 16th Amendment to provide revenue from taxes on incomes in the "several States." i.e. the Territories and District of Columbia:

The Constitution authorizes Congress to impose an income tax, if they so choose, on persons residing in the Territories and the District of Columbia, the newly defined States.

However. whereas Congress and the judiciary know that "Stales" means only the Territories and the District of Columbia. the American People do not konw.

Most Americans believe that they live in the United States. Not according to the IRC: When used in a geographical sense the term "United States" means the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. the Virgin Islands. Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the District of Columbia and no other thing.

Following the Roaring 20s (easy loans of credit/digits after the Federal Reserve Act). the savings, wealth, and estates of millions of Americans are wiped out by the goldsmith-bankster- orchestrated stock-market crash of 1929 and Great Depression. Many Americans, especially the elderly, are unable to provide for their own needs. In an apparent act of benevolence [?],. Congress institutes a "solution" for this terrible state of affairs, a "personal retirement program of the Government of the United States" to what is called the Social Security Act of August 14, 1935.

The reference to `United States' is a "statutory" reference [rather than a reference to the Constitutional Republic - i.e.. the 50 states] to the exclusive jurisdiction of the National Government which is well-known as the District of Columbia.

So when you see "United States" Think the "District of Columbia".

The biggest secret in America and most important term in IRC. around which literally everything revolves. is "United States."

The controlling definition of the IRC terms "United States" and "State" is found in IRC § 7701. which provides, in pertinent part:

(a) When used in this title, where not otherwise distinctly expressed .

(9) United States

The term "United States" when used in a geographical sense includes only the States and the District of Columbia.

The terms "include." and '*including" when used in a definition contained in this title shall not be deemed to exclude other things otherwise within the meaning of the term defined.

110) State

The term State shall be construed to include the District of Columbia

In order for the Federal Government to tax a Citizen of one of the several states, they had to create a contractual nexus. This contractual nexus is called "Social Security." The Federal government always does everything according to principles of laws.

In 1935, the federal government instituted Social Security. The Social Security Board then, created 10 Social Security Districts creating a "Federal Area" which covered the several states like an overlay.

In 1939, the federal government instituted the "Public Salary Tax Act of 1939" which is a municipal law of the District of Columbia, taxing all Federal and State government employees and those who live and work in any "Federal area."

Now ... the government knows it cannot tax those Citizens who live and work outside the territorial jurisdiction of Article L Section 8, Clause 17. or Article IV; Section 3. Clause 2.

What is not generally disclosed to the American People is that

1- This program has all the elements of what is defined in law as a Ponzi scheme.

2. Participants retain no accrued property rights to their contributions to the program:

3. Anyone entitled to receive Social Security retirement or survivor benefits  -a franchise and political right (infra, n. 150) upon acceptance of which right from the political District of Columbia, establishes legal residence in the geographical District of Columbia and becomes

a member of the class defined as Federal personnel and United States Government employee,

b. so-called individual and citizen of the United States,

c. so-called person, with political and civil rights conferred by Congress:,

d subject of all legislation within the District of Colombia. DBA United States®,

 e citizen of the federal government (political District of Columbia), and

f. taxpayer, personally liable (voluntary servitude for payment of his "fair share" of Interest on the national debt incurred by Congress and owed to the Federal Reserve. in the form of income tax.)

Anyone upon whom Government confers the franchise SSN of that certain political right to receive Social Security retirement or survivor benefits whether former slave or former sovereign and who accepts the said franchise...

(e.g.. "You can't get a job without a social securing number." "We require a social security- number for a 1094 before we can pay you." You can't remove your newborn from the hospital until he has a social security number." We cannot issue a driver license without a social security number." etc.)

and is entitled to said political right, acquires legal residence in the District of Columbia and is, a subject of all legislation a within the District of Columbia.: citizen of the federal government. and. a taxpayer liable for payment of his "fair share" of interest on the national debt incurred by Congress and owed to the Federal Reserve - a PRIVATE. tax-exempt. for-profit business run by FOREIGN principals in the form of income (and other) taxes.

Unless something changes, America shall go the way of Britannia before her and the goldsmith-bankster parasites will run their war on Mankind through their next host, China, with current administrative headquarters in the World Bank. District of Columbia.

Using the pretext of a retirement program, USG [US government) intended to induce me to remain silent and thereby give my APPARENT consent to the Social Security Contract in order to deceptively:

1. Transform me into a member of the class defined as

- Federal personnel                   - and a USG employee

- and citizen,                                - political franchisee,

- and subject of the political, municipally incorporated District of Columbia, and therefore a so-called citizen of the United States

and taxpayer (over) whose life, liberty, and property the USG exercise ABSOLUTE legislative, judicial, and executive power and jurisdiction;

2. Obligate me, as a constructive citizen of the District of Columbia, with legal residence therein, to pay interest, in the form of income tax, on the national debt incurred by Congress and owed to private businessmen; and

3. Make me responsible for the funding of Social Security retirement, survivor, and disabled benefits to third parties whom I do not know in order to attract more payroll taxpayers into the Social Security retirement program and, thereby, more income taxpayers to pay interest on the national debt incurred by Congress and owed to private businessmen;

Prior to Social Security, Supreme Court Justices refer to the American People as sovereigns and nontaxpayers and America has only peace officers. whose job is to keep the peace under the common law. Upon arrival of the Social Security political movement in 1935. Americans begin "volunteering" en masse at an increasing rate to assume the status of taxpayer, and soon thereafter registering as a type of latent criminal known as a driver and paying a tax for the privilege to travel, "voluntarily" placing themselves in constant danger of arrest at the hands of law enforcement officers for alleged violation of driving regulations.

The District of Columbia Municipal Corporation Social Security Motor Vehicle Constructive Trust provides the goldsmith-banksters and their debtor-servant proxies with:

1. Subject-matter jurisdiction over the paycheck, bank account, and property of every Social Security franchisee (via Taxpayer Identification Number): and

2. Personal jurisdiction over every Social Security franchisee (via occupational certificate to operate a motor vehicle for commercial purposes on the highways as a driver in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property. or property or cargo).

Remedies provide for restoration of one's precontractual position as of July 4. 1776. and recovery of all unalienable rights, as authorized by law.

The provisions of the Driver License Compact-constitute irrefutable evidence that each respective Union-state "member DMV" is an instrumentality of the District of Columbia

and each Union-state-member "government" a political subdivision of the District of Columbia.

The Driver License Compact (DLC) is an agreement among states that obligates member jurisdictions to exchange information about an individual's driving history.

Apparently, Americans who want to operate a motor vehicle in the State in which they are a resident are required to obtain a

driver's license from that State's DMV to do so:

An individual is usually required to provide the DMV with personal information.... The activity ... in connection with which individuals must submit personal information . An individual .. is also usually required. .. to provide personal information identifying his vehicle ...

A "driver" is a "person" is a "natural person" is an "individual- is a "citizen of the United States' is a member of the class defined as "Federal personnel" are by definition United States Government employees are residents. for certain legal purposes. of the District of' Columbia and a subject of all legislation therein.

A Social Security franchisee within in a political subdivision of the District of Columbia who wishes to use a motor vehicle for commercial purposes on the highways thereof is required to obtain a driver's license from a DMV of said political subdivision. As a condition of obtaining a driver's license, said franchisee is required to provide said DMV with personal information, such as said franchisee's name. address, telephone number. and in some cases medical information that may bear on said franchisee's ability to operate a motor vehicle. In some political subdivisions of the District of Columbia the DMV also requires the Social Security franchisee to provide his social security number and takes a photograph of said franchisee. A Social Security franchisee in a particular political subdivision of the District of Columbia who wishes to register a motor vehicle is also required ... to provide personal information identifying his vehicle, such as make. model, and year of manufacture.

Every new "carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power- is the property of the manufacturer and comes with a document of title called a "Certificate of Origin" for a Vehicle... manufacturer's Certificate of Origin." etc. ("certificate of ownership" in statutes) bearing its particular identifying information. This certificate is the actual title of the new carriage/ contrivance

The scheme works as follows:

The trustor/settler (manufacturer) vests equitable title of the trust property (new car) in a trustee (distributor dealer). to be held in trust for another person. the beneficiary (ultimate purchaser}. Upon sale of the new car to the initial ultimate purchaser. the trustee (distributor dealer) -

without disclosing the details of the process to the initial ultimate purchaser - transfers the title (MSO provided by the manufacturer) to the DMV (District of Columbia). who is now the legal owner, of the carriage/ contrivance and holds legal title thereto, for the benefit of another. the beneficiary (original buyer). who is the beneficial owner of the trust property (new carriage/contrivance) and receives a certificate of title from the legal owner. the DMV (District of Columbia):

ZIP code™

Although authorized to do so, American men and women whom rarely refuse to accept mail matter bearing a corruption of their Full True Name. (e.g.. all caps FULL T NAME) or with a United States Post Office™ identifier known as a ZIP Codes ™.

use of which is VOLUNTARY'; thereby confirm (1) proper delivery, and

(2) residence in "Territory or other Property belonging to the United States."

All United States Post Office™ P.O. Box™ holders "reside" in FEDERAL TERRITORY.

"A ZIP Code is a numerical code that identities areas within the United States and its territories for purposes of ... " [cf. 26 CFR 1. 1- I (c)].

Note the singular possessive pronoun "its". not "their". therefore carrying the implication that it relates to the "United States" as a corporation domiciled in the District of Columbia (in the singular sense). not in the sense of being the 50 States of the Union I in the plural sense).

Properly construed. ZIP Codes can only be applicable in Federal territories and enclaves that may be located .within the 50 States of the Union. and to the "United States" and District of Columbia and its territories [cf. Piqua Bank v. Knoup, 6 Ohio 342. 404 (1856) and U.S. v. Butler, 297 U.S. 1. 63 (1936)] to the effect that "in every state there are two governments: the state and the United States:'

The Federal Reserve Act [ Ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251. December 23, 1913 ]. is the creation of Baron Alfred Charles de Rothschild. [ 1842-1918 ], Director of the private Rank of England. implemented via his straw author. Paul Moritz Warburg, German bankster and Rothschild confederate, awarded United States citizenship in 1911 specifically for this purpose. [ later dubbed "Father of the Federal Reserve" by the New York Times] Each of the 12 private regional Federal Reserve banks is a private joint-stock company instituted under the auspices of the novel District of Columbia, created and constituted February 21, 1871, and patterned by its architect, Baron Rothschild, after the private bank of England.

The Bank of England (a joint-stock company). indisputably the most powerful political force formerly ever known, is "nationalized" March 1, 1946, shortly after a conference (attended by representatives of 44 different governments] in Bretton Woods. New Hampshire. July 1st-22nd, 1944. and the founding of. among other things. the so-called International Monetary Fund thereinafter "IMF" and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. later to be called the World Bank both of which PRIVATE banks will become operational in the District of Columbia in 1958.

Neither the Federal Reserve nor World Bank nor IMF answers to any government. Each aforesaid private bank is an institutional proxy of the principals of the formerly private Bank of England [parent bank of all three !]. incorporated under the auspices of the novel District of Columbia (supra, n. 98). and, in effect. a sovereign world power.

The situation

The only real obstacle standing between the goldsmith-banksters and their plans for mankind is the sovereignty of the American People.

Commandeering for their personal and fraternal use of the executive power and armed forces of almost every other political entity proves simple: Infiltrate, seduce, buy off, entrap, bribe, or blackmail and co-opt the sovereign People's authority.

The Power Structure

1. The Creator creates Man. of which the American People are a part ... so the power of Man can never be greater that that of the Creator.

2. The American People create the governments of the respective Union-states and United States ... so the respective power of said governments can never be greater than that of the American People. (Fred's "living above the line" example)

3. The government of the United States and that of each respective Union-stale creates franchises called corporations and individuals... so the power of a franchise can never be greater than that of the respective government that creates it,

Included hereof, consists of identification of the situation and commentary as to how one can go about fixing it. including the unilateral instrument and supporting documents by which any ordinary American can rectify personal error and, as authorized by law, recover and maintain his original station in the United States of America (the Trust) as one of the People (Trust Protect or/ Beneficiary).

In legal terms. the Matrix is the omnipresent menace of SUPRA­TERRITORIAL PERSONAL JURISDICTION facing the People of the several states of the Union, acquired upon their respective execution of the Social Security contract and enrollment in the public register of political franchisees of the parent municipal corporation of the United States ® , the District of Columbia, incorporated continuously since February 21, 1871, and doing business as United States ®.

In political terms, the Matrix is the public register of corporately styled. ALL CAPITAL LETTER corruptions of the respective full true name of American men and women. "property-of the United States ® and. by detault. its creditor the Federal Reserve, maintained by the (1) United States Social Security Administration. each of which NAMES is assigned its own serial number [Social Security account] . and (2) Department of the Treasury. each of which NAMES is assigned the same serial number, but called a taxpayer identification number.

The all-capital-letter "NAMES" derived from the "Full True Name" appearing on the respective birth record submitted at the time of application for enrollment in Social Security, political franchisees known as juristic persons, are nominal account holders for the respective Americans who authorize. usually unwittingly and tacitly via their silence upon attaining the age of majority (18), the opening of the Social Security account, thereby constructively accepting and executing the Social Security franchise and contract, and comprise, with their respective serial number, the "public register" and "body politic" of the municipal corporation and second national government known as "District of Columbia": constituted via the Act of February 21, 1871, or Act of 1871.

Issues To Address

1. Your Social Security Contract

2. Your Status with the IRS

3. Your Use of the Federal Zip Code (mail that arrives in ALL CAPS NAME & CA)

4. Your Driver's License Contract

5. Your "Vehicle" Registration Deception 6. The Next Move by the British bankers doing business in the District of Columbia.

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