Pandora's Box


When I questioned 9-11 – I learned a lot.

It’s not true, what we’ve been taught.


Open and see - Pandora’s box,

Be prepared - You are in for a shock !


Our leader’s authority.

controls the majority.


Study any subject, really deep,

Prepare to make the giant leap.


Knowledge, wisdom of human kind,

You’ll find is blocked, held, in bind.


Discoveries, inventions, cures – many,

Things we’ve found, Are there limits – any ?


Secret Societies hold these clues,

It’s time for all to see these too !


In life and bible, perilous times,

seems we rush to the end times.


Power is concentrated, wealth & more,

Who’re the guards, protect these doors ?

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




Secrets are evil - empower a few,

Unites elites, It is their glue.


Open the facts, air the news,

Sunlight’s cure for everyone’s blues.


Chem Trails, War, Taxes, Drugs,

Who deceives, who are these thugs ?


By Deception,  they do rule,

By Deception,  they do war.


Google the Secret Covenant,

Be awake, alert, ever vigilant.


Together let’s hang or hang separately,

The evil surrounds us, we cannot flee.


Government is power, control & might,

Enough to frighten, but are they right ?


Authority is power, people who rule,

But who’re their sources ? Forces are cruel.


Media is popular, the nation’s voice,

Who owns the news, makes their choice ?

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Information seems at first a threat,

But much is revealed on the internet.


Yet many truths go unseen.

Congressional Record, 1917;


Callaway showed, news was bought.

J P Morgan controlled our thought.


Operation Mocking Bird’s goal,

Gone free press, now thought control.


Operation Paper Clip brings U. S.

Evil scientist from war’s chest.


MK Ultra mind control,

Beyond perception takes it’s toll.


Education, science, run amiss,

We’ve turned from truth to great abyss.




Who rules, how do they maneuver,

In the truth from J Edgar Hoover


“The individual is handicapped

by coming face-to-face

with a conspiracy so monstrous

[it affects human race]


he cannot believe it exists.”

[Yet unseen, these still persist !]


Our thought are controlled so absolute,

Few are curious, can’t find the root.


In popular world, there’s no clue,

Think & talk, they’ll come unglued.


With Goethe’s quote we close:

“There none so enslaved as those

who falsely believe they are free.”

The truth will set you free.”

                    ted elden