REDEMPTION in brief more

Some lawyers or the general public mock us.

Sovereign citizens believe that in the 1800s, the federal government was gradually subverted and replaced by an illegitimate government.


These are facts from which sovereign rights are derived.


REDEMPTION in brief: It was the initial path taken by people who know they are free but see no hope in the judicial system as it is practiced.

It is vitally important for understanding how the people in the government turned our lives upside down and have made us believe that We are subject under them; when in reality they are subject under We The People-every being is part and partial for We The People. The important points:

1. In 1871 the Federal Government formed itself into a CORPORATION and pulled itself from under the Constitution. 21 Feb., “Act of 1871” forming the municipal corp.: Washington DC, later named to UNITED STATES, but only having dominion over the 10 mile square of Wash. DC, and any one who so volunteers, not over the people of the 50 States of the Union

Corps only have control over their subjects. A US citizen is subject to the US corp. as an employee is to MacDonald Corp.

Be outside all that by just being a state citizen, not under fed.

2. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act created the Central Banks. (Private banks that own and control the currencies of the world – in 13 families)  then the bankers started the World War to put many countries into huge debts, to pay back to the bankers. Bankers make the fastest money in wartime loans.

1917 Trading with the Enemy Act stopped US companies from doing business with our enemies, who were selling to Germany.

3. In 1933 President Roosevelt put into effect the "Trading with the Enemies Act". This applied only for Federal Citizens. Citizens of the US Corp. under US Code, under statutory law.

This law says all US citizens are enemies to the State.

4. In 1933 President Roosevelt took the Gold away from the People- although they were not required for giving it away- thereby leaving the people without "Money" for paying “DEBTS” with. Money and law are inter connected.

If you break law, you pay money or compensation to injured party. If there is no real, constitutional, gold banked money, there is no real money.  When they took away the money, they also took away the laws, putting us all under Public Policy – It is voluntary.

5. In 1933 President Roosevelt passed HJR 192 June 5, 1933-simply put- since the government had taken the Gold, the people had no "Money"- the government would pay the "DEBTS" for the people-DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR-thereby giving the people-unlimited Credit. Now we live under Public Policy.

6. In 1938 Erie Railroad vs. Tompkins made CONTRACTS the rule in our Courts. (There is no common law in federal court, just statues, just contracts !.)

7. In 1946 we lost our government and courts through the Administrative Procedures Act 5 U.S.C.A. §§ 501. There are no US courts nor judges in uSA, it is all the US Corp., a private corp.

8. In 1965, silver was taken away as a means for paying “DEBT”, the UCC became the supreme law for America concerning the Banking System, the courts were pulled together in Administrative/Admiralty and Civil (Contract or Commerce/Corporation), and the Act and Intent were brought together thereby taking away your plea of Innocent. You had to prove there was no Intent. You’re Guilty until proven innocent - changing what’s often quoted.

The US has gone bankrupt every 70 years since the original constitution of 1789.They suck in the US property, custom houses, forts, in 1860s during the civil war, they captured all the southern states, after 1933, they captured all US citizens, their property, income and those of their children forever.  The foreign European Bank creditor, who called in the bankruptcy (because they were not able to pay interest on their loans) The creditors are the same international bankers, the 13 banking families who own the majority of all corporate stocks and thereby control the governments, the media, these corps, & the people world wide.


I have much greater detail on all this on my web site.

The facts are obvious, and echoed by 100s once you understand what are the facts and what they mean.


If you watch TV & read newspaper, you will never understand reality, because those in power will never admit these basic facts.


The point is You can know, if you choose to know.


Most cling to illusions they’ve always held & refuse to look at facts.


You need not believe the things here listed, but with a little study,

you can prove to yourself they are real, relevant, true and



This can be demonstrated in video, audios, books, articles etc.

Once I considered this, I easily found 1,000s of others who shout this and confirm it in writings from Congress, Senate, acts, laws, & case law.


Others rule over you by suppressing basic information, then mocking those who reveal it, and if necessary threatening, harming and or killing the truth tellers.



Only thinking people can cross over to truth,

The rest of the masses, will forever believe people in authority have power over them.


Knowing this is how we prevail against courts, judges, lawyers.


It is a game of knowledge.


When you, engage a lawyer, you given away your rights - thinking that the lawyer will protect you.  But the lawyer is sworn to first protect the courts.  So if you and court have conflict, then he protects the court.


As long as you don’t know the truth, you are subject to the control, theft, manipulation of others.

What is popular, is simply not what is true.

What is popular is controlled by the money people who want control of your life and they own the news, and the governments.


What is true, you can discern, when you consider it.


I am not against government, nor rich people, nor harbor any anger or hatred.


I simply choose the truth, stand on it and everything else

             that would binds me - falls down.


The truth will set you free. John 8:32


To know your actions to become free or sovereign,

            see Action to Be Sovereign.