Notes from Robert , to be on our conf. call Tuesday 21 Sept. 4 pm ?

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Common law has worked for me fully.

Now i am going after about 20 or more of the bad people's property in a form of affidavit for trespass.

A trust is a corporate word.

I will not use one.

Equity law is still with the use of attorneys and not common law of self governance.

You just need to know how to follow through on the common law.

I will show all after my claim is made.  I will use one universal form and hand writ in their property address, long description and NAC number, etc. 

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(Regarding Judge Anna ?)  She tries to explain how we get back to the land jurisdiction when we never were of that jurisdiction until one does a Live Life Claim with three witnesses.

The witnesses are the power.

And notice i said, "form of affidavit", and she took it apart?  I said it before and i still say it, she is doing a 360% back into the Corporation.

I trust people like Kurt Kallenbach, Romley Stewart, Russell Jay Gould, Christopher James and David Wynn Miller.  They can not all be wrong and Anna has knocked each and every one of them.    .

Anna and the State Recording Secretaries | American Patriot Email Reports (

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give you a complete success of my being sovereign under common law.

It does work and you have to believe in it and stand your ground.

It is a great feeling to be in control of your own life.   

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I started in 2017 with the live life claim, back then it was not the same form but it got the point across.

It was sent via certified return receipt to all, Sec of State, Fl. and D.C., Pontiff, etc.

Clerk of Court was served it and was put into (on ?) the public record.

I then did a claim on 3 of my Autos and one trailer after they sent me the Vehicle renewal, registration contracts.

That is what the registration forms are, contracts which we often consented to.

I canceled the contract on a form of affidavit claiming the St. tag that i paid in full for but at the time i forgot to claim the Decal.

I also did a copy right / patent on my one created tag of RDH1,2, 3, 4, -1848, ( RDH1-1848) and so on for all four.

In the affidavit i explained how the tags i created were used to show LEO's (?) that my Auto. (conveyance) however, the tag says at the top, "Private property vehicle".

See attached.

Last year i was stopped as the officer was sitting and waiting for me as i had the State tag on and wanted to get stopped and ticketed so i can cancel out those contracts too.

He gave me four citations each for $113.00 and took, stole the truck.

I got the truck back the same day after paying the tow charge and they required that i show proof of ins. to get it back.

I did so at $60.00 by a local ins. co.  But not a Registration or a tag, etc.

I am now traveling around with my tags.

I have since sent the Sec. of St. Fl. a bill for the truck bail amount.  No reply. 

Soon to do a follow up with intrust (?).

i am yet to go after the deputy and the Sheriff for property theft and false arrest.

They have not bothered me since.

Also the Clerk of court will always return my document for the public record by informing me that they do not meet their requirements, which is within their right as a for profit corporation as if they were Wal Mart or any other business.

All the citation said that i had to respond within 30 days and i did in 14 (days) with a form of affidavit claiming no contract.

see attached.

I was served court papers which stated that if i did not pay the court cost of $136.00 they would pull the (my) Drivers License.

They did so but they do not say which one, suspended, revoked, etc. then later on the court papers were purged from the system.

I did write a letter to the FLHSMV (Florida Highways State Motor Vehicles ?), DMV, of the contract i have with them and not with any LEO's (?) or their Administrators.

No answer yet so now i will do a form of affidavit for a trespass upon my right to have a DL in case i do drive a commercial vehicle, as they call it.

At the time of the stop, all i said to the officer was, "I am not answering any questions."

Nothing more.  What can they do from here?  Nothing.  Can't arrest unless a crime is committed and a traffic OFFENCE is not a crime.

Do you see so far?  You have to take charge of yourself under common law, self governance and stop giving consent

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Also,  they have to accept the live life claim as you get the proof via the Cert. return receipt.

They do not have to answer it or look at it but i am sure they look at it and then mark you as a S. C. (?) and ignore you from then on.

But, they can only go so far before a property claim is put on them for the fraud doings which is a trespass against the People(s). 

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