A New Reality

A New Reality - pdf book         - Know Truth !, an instruction book to find truth.

www.ThoughtPrint.org        a Method to find, confirm, know truth, quick & easy.


Knowledge is based on information.

Some times some one may tell you or give you information, but you doubt it.


Search for a "quoted phrase" to quickly find or confirm that information from diverse sources.


ThoughtPrint describes that method.


A New Reality discusses ways to follow thoughts, concepts, ideas.

Retain what you are learning, follow clues as you explore.


By retaining and following your clues, you can follow simple rumors to deep facts.


What is popular, what the world believes is often very different then what the facts show.


Most of us are in a hurry, and just accept what we think comes form credential, esteemed, educated scholar, and experts.


Those who decimate information have high jacked knowledge.


As we don't test information, news media; TV, newspapers, books, and movie

have rushed in to take control of the know world.


We are drowning in many lies, but a teenager, who is only curious,


can find, confirm and know deeper truths then our esteemed leaders know or relate.


People think they can hold their job, family, property, if they just accept what is on going around them.


Have we have released the limit of lies.


Each of us are drowsing in lies, but we hardly know as we are so so deep in the illusions.


At this site, view 100s of pages revealing basic suppressed truths, health, technologies, government, law, history, etc.  I am not the source. You can find diverse sources via ThoughtPrint.org or by searching for a "quoted phrase".


You have the ability to think. If you can read, think, question (ask the internet a question),

then you can find, confirm and know many deep, suppressed secrets that keep most people living in fear & submission, paying taxes, and supporting endless wars and government programs.

All this is doing is concentrating the wealth and power into the hands of unethical, greedy, evil people, elites, who are trying to rule our world.