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Crypto Currencies               

Crypto Currencies - BitCoin- Money


Money is certainly not the most important thing, however, it does facilitate most attributes of life.

We each are not self sufficient, making our own food & clothing, or own or rent a home, carr.

Money facilitates our exchange of something of value, $, gold, food, service, in exchange, for consideration to buy products & services.

The Federal Reserve banks and their notes, I believe is a private monopoly, mostly  owned and controlled by foreigners, for profit.

As it is privet, they make their own rules, i.e. the 64 million United States Codes (not laws) to regulate (to their advantage) the use of their private script, called Federal Reserve Notes. They are widely and proffered to be accepted in our country and many places world wide.

There are other forms of money like gold, silver coins, and coming crypto currencies.

Fed. Resv. notes are tenuous as a medium of value for exchange as they are tied to a set of codes/ laws governing their use.

CC Crypto currencies, little understood today, offer many advantages over Fed. Resv. notes.

Buy and seller can be unknown, even not trusted by each other, yet the exchange them make for whatever product or services can be anonymous without either having identity of the other (if desired). You can buy or sell with CC, you can deal/ sell more than tangibles, like a song, book, idea, home, car.  The transactions are authenticated and stored on all the participating computers world wide.

To hack this system, you would have to both establish the block chain (cryptic) code and simultaneously establish that on all the computers world wide, which I think is virtually impossible.

The animosity is a desired feature for many.

As the Federal Reserve keeps printing more and more FR Notes seemingly without backing, making the FR dollar seem to continually fall in value.

Crypto currencies, which have a limit to the amount of their currency pieces have a tendency to rise in value as they are accepted and used in the market place.

They seem to step out of the control of banks and governments, allowing individuals anywhere to autonomously exchange with other individuals without controls of governments, laws or banks.

Some might be frightened with these conditions, and other might be reassured by these very conditions.


Below are more notes on CC.




How I built a bitcoin empire | Marco Streng | TEDxTrinityCollegeDublin


These guys built a machine to mine crypto currencies.

It does computing to authenticate transactions.

They expanded.  Their current facility is in Iceland.

It has 25,000 computers/ graphic cards. 

Their electric bill is $ 1 million a month.

I can't imagine what wealth they are generating.

Their computing power is greater than the most advanced computer on earth.


How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott 


With this technology, you can do far more then buy & sell.

You can establish that you own things (home, property)

You can build an unbreakable record:

a firm data base of yourself, activities, locations, characteristics.


How the blockchain will radically transform the economy | Bettina Warburg