Computers can save you time & effort.

Lesson/ Demo Gather 5 or more people, I'll give presentation on skype.

When you learn tricks on using your computer, your android tablet, mp3 player and the internet,
then you can learn and confirm information more quickly & easily.

I have almost 1/2 million files !!! Videos, audios, books & articles, I can find things in just a few seconds.

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Demonstrate Some Computer Software, some is free

Total Commander, Index Your Files, Note Tab (do 1, 10, or 100 different things all at once, very easy.)
Omni Page Pro to convert PDFs, graphic images and photos into MS word documents.

Concepts on how to back-up & how to stabilize (make error free) your computer.

Firehand Lightening, great graphics program for photos, images, graphics, change, enhance, flip, resize & more.

I will touch on Total Commander many commands.

Speed your work, put programs on key strokes

I do much work very quickly because I learned easy ways.

Most people work hard to do simple tasks, because they have not learned the easy way.

Working long & hard does not create greater value.

Getting things done, is where you have a value.

Learning is what separates the stubborn from the animated, energetic people.

What I know & use, I did not learn from 1 book, but from 10s of 1,000s of hours of working on internet & computer.

I can make your life easier and more rewarding. Ted Elden