V How to Think           

Elden delights in thinking, leaving behind those who cling to what they have been taught and what their peers think.

To consider, & experience new information, to analyze it, research it, is to be open to change (improvement / awareness).

Change has many benefits, particularly in being able to see clearly the reality around us, without predetermining what you see.

I've spent 1,000s of hours in studying what most will not consider, as it is not consistent with what they already know.

If you take the time to read, think, explore you can change your own world.

I certainly did not believe I could avoid paying taxes and I thought that my taxes went to the US gov.

Legal research proved the opposite, so I got bold, wrote letters, did not get reasonable answers and I acted.

When I told the US President & IRS Commissioner I would no longer pay, I was afraid.  They acknowledged and have not written to me since.  By knowledge & action, my fear disappeared. No harm or threat came to me.

I had been living in a world of fear and bad information for decades, but by reading and thinking I out stepped my limits.

If I lived in the limited world of the news and or what my friends and colleagues think, I would still be in the old world.

I can help people who have the time, energy and the ability to think.

I can show you short cuts to what has taken me 100s of hours to figure out.

Are you suspicious or curious about UFOs, bad things on going like our government manufacturing , Aids and diseases.

I can show you direct links to people with particular knowledge, research and proof to the things you are curious about.

I have 30,000 files collected on one of my computers.  I have excellent search & investigation skills and techniques, I can teach.

Find these things by following the clues, thru the internet.  I can take you to the heart of the subjects with undeniable evidence. 
I can help you.  You only need to tell me you area of interest.  Even our CIA admits t 80% of their info comes from the internet.

You also need to learn a few things from me, like how to search for anything, to find, confirm, etc.

How to pass the limits of your thinking, leaving main stream news behind - to  follow a diversity of language, radio interviews, videos, e-Books and more to find the things that cannot reach you thru the controlled news.

Many thought the news is working for us.  News is the primary reason that we are excluded from knowing the bad things around us.  News have been bought out by the powerful, controlling and rich sources that control our world.  Learn how many are poisoning our land, sea / water, food & skies.  See how bad things are happening to many, but are not reported so most do not know.

To learn, to know is to increase your safety and freedom.

To live in the popular world is to expand and promote the evil that runs undetected.

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