Introduction        02/23/2018           I seek to collect and connect people and ideas.

The most important thing is to:
    Accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior, let His Word, the bible, guide you, to keep you from harm. John 3:16, Truth- John 8:32, We lack knowledge Hosea 4:6

Hi, call me Toby or 2 B Tru.  I have assembled a huge gambit of information. I am happy to share this with you.  a (at)

May I share with you how to best use this site ?  and possibly my philosophy.

I am retired architect.  In 2005, I studied 9-11 for 1,500 hours to discover that much
that government and news tells us is simply NOT true or a distraction from a deeper truth.

So ... I decided to look further. Soon I found Income Tax is voluntary, so I quit filing or paying.  
I learned I can mail letters all over our country for a mere 2 postage which I've done over 13,650+ times.

I learned I can learn, and YOU can learn. 
Sometimes when you see a NEW truth, you realize it to be true right a way, or you investigate to confirm it is true.

Some times you hope it is not true and you avoid thinking about it.

That is Cognitive Dissonance, when you see something different then you already know, yet you avoid it because you hope it is not true, yet, you feel anxious.  You don't really know if the new information is true or not true and you won't investigate it.

I say You Can Know and you should know. I show how you can know many things that most would tell you that you cannot know.

Many of us get some government benefit: Social Security, Medicare, job, privilege - driver's license, health benefit, so we are fearful to investigate things about government.  We do NOT want to know any part of government is corrupted or wrong in any way.

So, like a turtle in our shell, we AVOID looking at hard truths.

The first thing - I want you to know.  I am not super smart, I just stay on a topic until I have looked deeply.

I am not distracted by the 1,000s of voices who tell me NOT to look at conspiracies or investigate facts, events, causes.

They say, go with the flow, accept the "authorities" around you.  YOU cannot win nor prevail.  All that caution is non sense.

You can know, you SHOULD know the truth.

The TRUTH will make us free.  John 8:32

You can get and consider the suppressed information, the alternative news.  You can figure this out.

Whatever you want, you can have. If you do not want to know the truth, there are 1,000s of sources / voices who will comfort you to believe their lies.

People who tell the truth are often suppressed, threatened, mocked, discounted and hard to find.

Whatever you investigate, I am sure, if you look long enough, you will step thru the gate keepers and find the hidden truth. is a simple method I developed to find things; acts of law, court cases, news reports, witnesses, etc.

There are many sources of information; books, journals, TV, movies, internet, Library of Congress, court cases.

Of all your (free or inexpensive) sources, you will find that the internet can reach most of them, quickly & easily.

Learn how to search, particularly how to use ThoughtPrint.  You can find information to confirm or deepen your knowledge.

My free book, A New Reality, at will tell you how to use your tools, and your common sense, to see what the popular news will never tell you. These lie or mislead: universities, institutions, government, news, TV producers, publishers,

All these people & organization are linked together, often thru secret societies: Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, etc. to develop policies & agreements to fix prices, control people, populations, governments and corporations, limit food, health, supplies so that they extract maximum profits & control, and at the same time; deprive people, making supply scarcities, etc.

Foster Gamble (the man) of Proctor & Gamble fame created a Documentary titled Thrive, that shows how the elites (super rich) have intersected the normal flow of food & products so that scarcities are created, and men / populations around the world suffer & starve in striving to Thrive.

I can lead you to places you would have never imagined where you can see or understand.  I can show you the hidden, secret, suppressed information, but more importantly, I'd like to show or teach you how you can figure this out for yourself.

There are huge benefits to know truth.  You can stop paying income tax, clear mortgages, debts, and stay out of court or jail, when you learn the hidden truths. 

No one may care what I do with my life, but those who try to teach or share are occasionally threatened by political or government forces.

You can learn that we do not have governments at this time, nor government agencies.

They are all just pretend. The apparent governments & their agencies are acting as private, for profit, foreign owned corporations who disregard your inalienable rights and treat you as chattel.  They can legally do that to those people who do not learn of their rights & law.  But when you learn the truth, you can step out of their reach, as many working with me are doing.

YOU determine your life.  The quality of our lives is dependent on the knowledge we can get from others.  As I learn, I increase my freedom, safety, blessings.

Some people choose to let these people: news, government, courts, and attorneys rule their life.  They do not understand that only they themselves can free themselves.

Sure, we want to have a home, car, money, job, family, but we have to learn how to integrate that with the deceptions around us.

We often find we are helping those who oppress us by not understanding how the "system" works.

Federal Reserve (notes) are not from a government institution. The Federal Reserve is a group /monopoly of private banks working for profit & control. The Federal Reserve, or similar world wide, control ALL governments, news media, corporations and universities of the world.  They can freely print money to  bribe or pay people & organizations to do their will, like suppressing informations on vaccines, cancer cures, technologies, fuel & free energy devices.

As long as you do not know the truth, you will forever serve those who oppress you.

Many think they must submit.  Whatever you think becomes your reality.

Whether you think you can do something or you think you can't do something, you are right.  What you think become the reality you experience.

When you understand the deeper truth, you will find that many things around you are just illusions.

You imprison yourself to NOT know the truth.

I and the truth seekers I know do not profess to tell you the truth. We only tell you what we can figure out.  You should investigate to confirm or reject.  However, if you read what we find, discover, unveil, surely you will find it to be more truthful, a greater truth, a more complete explanation of the world around us.

I do not desire to coach or help people on individual problems, but I hope not only to show you great sources of information, but to teach you HOW YOU CAN DISCOVER these truths by yourself, without the help of some "authority/".

Freedom comes from within, from your understanding the forces in the world.

To me, freedom is a product of study & understanding.

No one can give freedom to you.  It is something that ONLY YOU can give to yourself, which starts in your RELEARNING many things you think you already know.

As we are deceived in many ways, we cannot now see where we are wrong or blind.

You simply have to read many things you think are not true, before you finally realize they are true.

It is easier to deceive someone then to convince them they have been deceived. - Mark Twain.

Good luck in your search.

There are many ways you can contact me. 

2 b tru                    toby    a (at)

Suggestion:  Learn   to know you can find & know things.

Read my book, A New Reality, at, to see how to use what you already know to find other things hidden from you.

No one owes me anything, but you may see I can help you and many people.  Any donation is helpful.

Although many know more then me, I think I offer simple basic ways to engage many normal people to see the real world around us.  Unless we wake up to the huge deceptions and apply real solutions, we will all be sucked into the control by the super elites, who wish to control everything about us, certainly our property, money, rights, and also of the very fiber of our thinking, to control what we think about, and what information we can get. 

I have collected 1/2 million files I try to share with people as they awaken and or seek deeper information on particular topics.  Surely I have 1,000s of different topics in my libraries I have in: video, audio interviews, books, articles & links.

There may be over 100,000 pages or files linked together on this, my web site.

Send any donation in cash or Blank USPS Money Orders to:  

Truth,      c/o 3501 MacCorkle Avenue SE # 304,      Charleston, West Virginia [RR 25304]

$ 2, $ 5, $ 20.  Anything would help me.
I have been researching these topics for 13 years with hardly any help so far, yet,  people or hits come thru this website.

The best help for me is those who choose to work with me, typing, research, communicating with others.

We have lots to share, and seek others who want to learn.  I think any teenager who can read, think & type (ask internet a question) can find these truths and or help us build and connect this information to others.

I collect and connect     people and ideas.

I believe in and am deeply committed to Jesus, God, the Holy Ghost.

To me, that is and will always be the first of any thought or action.

We are studying, truth, suppressed information, law, rights & much more,

but to spend time learning and studying the Word of God is always more important.

I search & reveal the huge deceptions from men on to other men.

As I see the incredible depth & breath of the evil around us, it makes me understand that Jesus ONLY can protect me/ us.