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God and I believe in YOU !  If you are here, you are intelligent and curious.

I'll show you things you can observe in the world and guide you to alternative solutions.

Popular news tells us our elected leaders have everything under control, that everything is OK & improving.

That is to disarm us, so that evil people can increase their control, profit & wealth, while stealing our wealth, health, rights and even our ability to think clearly.

I know of much evil and of much good.  It's all suppressed from popular news.

Learning of the extreme evil has led me to seek solutions.

You too must see how evil & deceived is our world before you will seek the suppressed information that brings us solutions.

There is NOT one conspiracy. There are 100s on going now.

Popular leaders, people you know and trust are misleading all of us.

Most people would never suspect where our problems arise, while they support those evil people.

I'm retired architect & entrepreneur.  I write this website as I discover things that we should know.

What manifest before you, the life you experience, is limited by what you know.

Please follow me into the subjects on this website.

There are 2 worlds of reality.

What you knew before, and what you can easily know.

What is commonly presented to the public, and the real story, what secret governments, private corporations are really doing.

You can piece the veil and learn the inner truths.

You only have to be curious and follow the clues.

I did, millions have.

At first the road seems unsure, dangerous, frightening, but in time, you will meet others in your quest and be comforted to know that millions have already left main stream media,
to pursue these deeper truth.

Our very life, health, safety depend on our knowing and spreading the truth.

Don't hide in the false illusion that our leaders are working for us.

Slip through the veil of secrecy and spread the word.

It is your patriot duty, and is required to save our future and our children from otherwise certain enslavement and bad things now on going.