You can Know

Mail this to someone else on the list enclosed. Send list forward. Copy list if you want .Let me know you read this.

I write this letter to you. Forgive me, it also has notes that might be relevant to other people too, and not of your interest.

People come to my web site because they want to know how to:

- not pay taxes, - clear debts, - know their rights, - understand true history / wrong news reports, and much more.

Some people ONLY want to know about their particular subject and they wish to avoid other subjects.

I was a normal guy until 10 years ago.  I sort of accepted main stream, and lived in the popular world. I was not suspecting the huge gap between what is commonly known and the deeper truth.

As a retired architect, I started studying 9-11 (for 1,500+ hours) to see that government and news reports are far from the truth, or the significant facts.  Once I figured that out, I learned that taxes are not required, (I quit paying!) that medical treatments is limited to what is profitable.  Ancient and inexpensive cures are not taught, and that the very foundation of education from our earliest schooling puts us in dependency on the "government" or corporations.

Our world of popular information is compromised, diverted, suppressed.

When you simply learn to think clearly, you too can knock down all these doors to the suppressed knowledge and gain freedom and safety from the supposed forces around you.

I can appreciate that you may only be interested in one subject, and you can pursue that as deeply as you want.

What I did, once I saw 9-11 to be a huge deception, I broadened my vision to taxes, rights, driver's license, free right to travel, history, other major events: Waco, Ruby Ridge, Viet Nam, WW I & II, Columbine Shooting, Aurora Colo. Shooting, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and others.

What I learned is that nearly EVERYTHING is hugely distorted and it takes serious time, effort and study to see the suppressed truths.

The internet is a way to look behind the curtain.

I study many things from people unknown, without popular authority. They knit together facts I can verify and I understand, so I favored their interpretation over main stream media who "assumes" many things without any proof.

We are each first under the heavy influence of high "authorities". Only when you realize that you can think, study, understand can you slip out of the control of others.

My point is that I would not have had much energy or commitment, when the going gets tough on the subject that I investigate, except that I see that nearly everything I examine is heavily dominated by institutions, corporations, universities, media and government.

In America, the main stream media has removed from us the power of reasoning, to examine facts. They just neatly polish up their conclusions and repeat them many times until we have no alternatives to consider.

In America, we use to have 1,000s of publishers vying for their voice on the facts on the truth, yet today, nearly all the media has been bought up, blended together and is under the ownership or control of just 5 or so media magnets.

In old days, if media published a story of failed projects of General Motors, it was hard for them to come back to be popular with favorable public regard.

Now that they are huge media owner, they simply choose not to publish any articles that show disfavors on their huge military expenditures and or failures.

Many people want from me specific information on their subject and I have that, but more then that I try to encourage people to learn how to get information and evaluate it.

If you look at a tax form, an act of law, an old book, a rare article, if you simply take a phrase from the articles, 5 to 7 words, with no punctuation, and search the internet with that "phrases in quotes"  You can often find the source document, and or know it is true.  I call this process

I have collected nearly 1/2 million files from the internet, from inner library loans (from books across the US), from CD's, seminars, books and other sources.

So I already have much of the research that would help you.

Even though I have it, how can I get it to you ?

I have 2 great programs for windows.  Total Commander and Index Your Files, both free from the internet.

I can just give these programs some particulars as to what I want and I can find them on my computer in seconds.

I also have taken 100s of books, some were pdf, some just graphic pages, and some I scanned the whole book into my computer.

I spend 5 to 20 hours per book to convert them to MS word files. They are easier to find, read, excerpt parts from and even read on small android devices.

So a critical part of what I know and how I work is based on having, using particular software.

I have my files on a 5 Tera byte hard drive. That is 5,000,000 Mega Bytes. That is huge.

I can put about 50 Gyga Bytes on a thumb drive, only 4 Gyga bytes on a DVD, and I can put much on a 1 Tera byte hard drive that I am trying to sell.

I have spent about $ 4,000 buying books, seminars, information. I have converted much of it and put it on my computers. I can manage it better, find, use, and see relations between various files.

Everyone would file things in different directories and in different manner.

Some would put all the PDF file together and their word files together and their videos in a separate place.

I put things in the same folder of the same subject.  The computer can work with all the different file types, so I just have one folder per each topic, and keep related info together.

I could burn for you 1 or 10 DVDs. They take me about 20 to 30 minutes to burn.

I have 2,500 DVD videos.

I can put 10 on a 64 Gyga Byte thumb drive, or several hundred on a Terabyte Hard drive

I can put 1,500 books on a single DVD data disk, or 2,000 files about law on a DVD data disc.

The trick is how can you find and use them.

I will not review my 1,000s of files and find just the ones that you need, but if you will get and use the program Total Commander, and Index Your Files and then when you get materials from me, then you could look up, read, and print what you want.

I will not put all that I have on the internet.

Much of what I have is not a legal copy. They are copyrighted materials. I cannot have or sell them.

Another key point in knowing what I know and or finding things is to read my free book, a PDF from my main truth web site;  T for truth.

At the top is A New Reality. It cost me about $ 25 to print and bind a copy. I'd love to have it published, even if people bought it for $ 2 each as a kindle, that would be good.

I estimate it would cost me $ 1,000 to get it in shape and published.

The book is just common sense, but most people have forgotten that they have the ability to think directly and have fallen prey to loud voices that tell us everything and tell us anything else is just wrong, irrelevant or evil, which keeps most of us from looking more deeply.

I would like help in what I do. Anyone could help me in some way. I deal with 1/4 million people/ hits thru my web sites and certainly 100 people who talk to me directly.

I do not yet have one person committed to help me. My goals are listed on my web site.

We need to work together and help each other.  I could do more if others would do basic stuff, like having and sharing my library with others, find, collect and burn a disk and mail it to others. I have given away 3,500 DVDs, and yet, I do not have anyone else who will copy and forward the discs they have.

Those I know just expect me to do everything, tying me up with details when I could do primary research which is more complex and more beneficial.

People could host our Skype conference calls. People could call and or write to others on our subjects.

I have sent 3,700+ letter for 6 postage.

Regardless of what I say in the letter, I think that others are surprised when they get a 6 letter. Anyone can do this. It demonstrates that the US Corporation requires 49 postage, but you can mail for just 6 as per the rate set by congress, which cannot be changed.

Most will not do this, thinking they would be at risk (what risk?) or that it takes time and effort.  I have mailed 1,000s of letters. Why don't you send some, to family, friends, etc. ? Learn how:

Anyone can do it. If some of your initial ones come back, don't give up. Nearly all of mine reach their destinations quickly, even faster then those with zip codes.

To mail for 6 do not use 2 letter state nor zip code. Spell out states and all words. The US PS copyrighted Rd. St. Ave. the abbreviations.

By my format, you can mail by the rate set by congress at 6 per ounce. If you use any of their copyrighted words, 2 letter state, zip or any abbreviations, then you have to pay 49 and you are under the jurisdiction of the federal corporation, a private, for profit, foreign owned corporation, formed 21 February 1871

Every government agency around us is just a private, for profit, foreign owed corporation.

I cannot marry an elephant nor a flea, nor procreate with either. We are of different kinds.

In law, contracts and finance only like things can be joined.  Corporations can contract or file suit against another corporations.

Living people can engage with other living people, but neither corp. nor living people can bind with the other kind.

I, Ted Elden, can sue the president of general Motors, the man.

General Motors, the corp., can bill or sue TED ELDEN, an assumed corporation.

There are primary things that effect everything about us.

At our birth, a birth certificate was created noting the existence of a corporation and or a trust named as our name but in all capital letters. That is not us, nor do we have nay liability to that. It was created so that we are beneficiaries of that trust.

If you get a traffic ticket, or a tax bill, they generate "charges" against the ALL CAP NAME, the corp. the trust. If you accept that you are the ALL CAPS name, then you are responsible to pay the "debt."

If you simply deny that you are the ALL CAPS name, then you are exempt of any charges.

I have done this many times.

If you get a IRS bill, a traffic ticket, a court summons, you can just return them within 3 days and that cancels their offer to contract.

What I say to you may fly over your head. You have no way to know or confirm what I say. You think you lack evidence and details.

I have all the evidence and details, but it is strung out though  my many web sites & files. I'd like you to have and read them.  How can I get them to you ?

I'd love to have a librarian who would simply distribute what I have.

What I have you will not find in the Library of Congress, nor in the NYC public library and possibly you cannot find these on the internet.

I got many rare, old books from Inner Library Loan, from all across the US to build my library.

After I learned 9-11 was a deception, I learned that I can learn.  I know that you can learn too, if you want to.

I learned I have to go thru a lot of stuff that makes no sense, and could not be real or true, before I finally amassed enough materials that I could see how it fits together and is real and true.

So thru patience and perseverance, I learned that I can choose not to be a part of the UNITED STATES corporation and am not subject to their laws, officers, course, fines, taxes, fees.

But I have to really know that and I have to apply it.

I cannot expect an attorney, judge or accountant to help me. They all make their money based on their presumption that I have an obligation to pay and submit.

They choose not to know these basic truths.

Nevertheless if I know, then I have standing, and I can win.

So in this letter, I am asking you to send me $ 5, or to start mailing 6 letters, and or to call our truth seekers and encourage  and share with them.

I'd like someone to take a 1 Terabyte Hard drive from  me. I can put $ 1000s of videos on it and far more precious, files, documents, books.

I can also just sent you a 50 Gyga Byte Thumb drive with 10 DVDs on it.

Some of these videos you may be able to watch on the web, but they change where they are, That is why I prefer to have a full video here on my computer and to copy as I can.

David Robinson wrote about 27 books, they are great. I have 17 of them.

They are about $ 20 each.

One book, is Regain Your Christian Name, talks  about the ALL CAPS name.

He shows us that we did not win the Revolutionary war. The British soldiers left 10 years after we supposedly won, and they took home their guns. You would not let an enemy keep their guns.

They left in place their esquires or attorneys, who to this day continue to extract fine, fees that go thru the Federal Reserve back to the banks of England and the International Monetary Fund, causing more wars, famine, destruction.

Banks make their most money quickest by stimulating countries to war with each other. They loan both sides money and collect handsome profits and interest from both sides.

I also recommend the American's Bulletin, Redemption Manual 4.5, $ 150

I think that YOU need to learn many things to understand one thing.

If you are only interested in avoiding taxes, or a debt, or your rights, freedom, exercising your free right to travel (drive) anywhere in the US, you still need to understand the ALL CAPS name, the nature of "money", the assumed national debt, how laws and government really work, how every government is just a private corp. having no authority over living people  (only over the ALL CAPS name)

- -

I probably have 100 different subjects in my library, but they span different media; videos, AVIs, MS docs, PDF and other.

We should all learn to use internet, learn search techniques, manage book marks, use Thought Print, copy and format documents, etc.

Even if you choose just one subject, like

- taxes, - debts, - rights, - law, driver's license, - personal property, etc., You could be the librarian on that subject.

I have had some files for many years.  They are no longer fresh in my mind. I am managing 1/2 million files.

I have written blurbs or paragraph outlines or summaries for 500 of my videos - they are on my web sites.

I have listed 1,000 of the titles of the 2,500 videos I have, they are also on my web site.

I have huge info. I will keep what no one else wants, but it would be great if ANY ONE would keep, manage, know and share for others the things I have so laboriously collected in the last decade.

I cannot sell this stuff, it is not mine.

I bought much, but far more then that, I've spend 1,000s of hours converting these files and collecting, grouping, arranging them to be available for many.

If you can think of any way that you might help me, please respond.

Anyone, even a teenager can learn to do much of what I do: - sending letter, - engaging other in calls, - hosting skype, etc.

All these we need to do to raise the interested and hopes of the new bees.

Then we need people who are deep on any issue, to take certain people to deeper levels.

I openly admit many of the things I choose to study, made no sense, had no value to me when I started.

I thought they were just stupid. I only looked because someone claimed they had something important to say.

They did not convince me, nor were they even clear to me, but they led me to a deeper curiosity and I thereafter found someone who could more clearly tell me of that subject.

What I learned and know, I did not get from one source, but what I know is a mix from many people.

When many agree, I like that and feel more confident.

Even if just one person tells me something, without facts or proof, I learned that I can spend the time and effort and find the missing links, the facts, the evidence.  I needed only to be alerted to the problem or the question.

We are way to lazy in American, letting the loud main stream media and institutions tell us the final conclusion.
Doctors do not want to know of simple home remedies, natural cures. Their is no profit in that.

Attorneys do not know about nor fight for your rights. Only you can.

Educators just speak from printed books. They don't think deeply nor investigate themselves what they teach/ preach.

Newspaper just repeat what other news said.  We live in a land of smoke and mirrors, with a fog over nearly everything.

You can know deeper on any subject.

My book, A New Reality tries to show you that YOU CAN KNOW, if you are only curious and you spend time & energy to know more.

The internet is a great resources, as Are Inner Library Loans and many resources, some free or nearly so.

Learning how to use your computer, the internet, and strategies and software and word processor can speed and ease your learning.

I read 1,000s of pages on my screen. I do not have to have a book, nor have things printed to learn and know.

Other people who want to see things printed, vastly reduce what they can see.

Some will only watch a video, (not read) again seeing but a fraction of the info. available in print.

Much that I got from the web is no longer on the web. The truth is removed, suppressed, forgotten. Learn to use Way Back Machine to find things that are in the archives, not on the web, but you cannot search Way Back, you can only give it the specific web link and the date it was there.  It is a limited technique you need to learn.

Some do not desire to know what I know.  I want to know.

I know both of great evil and also of great new discoveries, cures, solutions.

Why do I want to know of evil and deceptions ?
To avoid their traps and to no longer support the bad guys.

Napoleon said you can control people by the sword or by the pen. The pen is more enduring.

I say, a new way is by deception, so that we are mis informed and we willing do what aids our "authorities" and we sacrifice our freedom, money and rights.

We work to their advantage because we do not understand what is really going on in - Money, - Law, - Taxes,, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports: all these gov. corporations have abundant money in investments, stock, properties earning money, that they, as private corps, do not have to report to the public. So we give them more tax dollars, when they are already rich.

See Corporation Nation on You Tube by Cliff Robinson, or his web site to see evidence that 186,000 government agencies in USA are just private corporations. As they are private, we are not under their jurisdiction. When we assume they are a government, then we submit.

Know truth, step from illusion !

The truth will make you free. John 8:32
Here are great Videos & Resources.


Thrive, by heir to Proctor & Gamble (soap) by Foster Gamble shows us huge deceptions all around us, in medicine, cures, free energy, ..  available on line for free or a fee

Change on the Horizon, part 2, James Rink, also as a text file.

       UFOs & Aliens

Sirius by Dr. Steven Greer

Fast Walkers

Secret Space, Enigma TV

Disclosure Project - Greer

Banks, money deception

Monopoly Men, shows the fake money  Fed. Resv. Notes, printing money with no backing.

Ring of Power, World Rulers, Banks

Inside Job, about Fed. Resv.

Clinton Chronicles

Many videos on You Tube explain Sandy Hook & Boston Marathon Bombing, & many article at my web site. Some Videos from NetFlix

Conspiracy 2009, FBI & Priv. Eye Ted Gunderson

JFK Bush Connection

Enron, Smartest Kinds in the Room

Capitalist Conspiracy, Griffin

Tru TV, Governor Jesse Ventura


Where Did the Towers Go ? Judy Wood, PhD  Book & video

Loose Change - 911 obvious problems prepared by college kids

911 Mysteries, technical analysis of demolition of the World Trade Towers

Painful Questions of 911.

War, Why ? Money !

USS Liberty, US President Johnson orders Air Craft Carrier NOT to defend US ship at sea. He wants it sunk as a reason to start another war.

Revolution, Tyrants & Wars, Amazing

Total Onslaught,  Amaz. Disc.

MI6 Dr. John Coleman, conspiracies

TransFormation of America, Mind Control, Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips

Taxes, not required !

Freedom to Fascism, Aaron Russo why we need not pay income tax

Theft by Deception, Laken Rose about tax


Oklahoma City Bombing

Iron Mountain, the 1950 government plan to keep us continually in war to keep the people in slavery, paying taxes, supporting government.

The Energy NON-Crisis, Lindsey Williams


Wake up of Waco

Waco, Big Lie 

Waco Rules of Engagement

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Illuminati I, II, III by Enigma TV


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Food Inc.

Fluoride Deception

Vaccines by Dr. Ayoub

Monsanto GMO

Alex Jones:

End Game, Terror Storm,

Fall of Republic

Compiled by Ted Elden

1500 Books on data DVD, also 1,000s of law files on data DVD

New World Order, 12 hours of video, collected by Elden


Fire from Ice- Cold Fusion- Reishman Ponds

Alternative Science, Forbidden Science, The science we know and is taught today excludes things discovered over 100 years ago with huge benefits, like free energy.