Important web sites to understand the world.

a world of information Elden learns from others. These website clarify these issues.

Discusses the Columbine Shootings, and the Zionist connection.

Read links at bottom of the other HS shootings around the world to see they all have similar Method of Operation..

Jewish shooters, drugs, therapist in place before event, etc., all planned to adopt gun control laws to take away our rights & freedom..  or www.Judicial-Inc.Org

Many articles about Holocaust denials, and more.

I thought like main stream, until I analyzed the hard evidence.

Our thinking has been controlled for centuries. The internet lets you see alternative views.

Once you consider and embrace the real facts, from public records, scientific investigations, etc. you can find hidden truths.

What we have been taught is from controlled Jewish / Zionist sources.  They are hiding their involvement.

9/11 Planes Flew Directly into Secure Computer Rooms in Both [World Trade] Towers  Was there a homing device there ?


Fuji Bank loaded to explode in WTC Towers - how Japan & their crime families are involved in 9 /11

 Were the unused batteries stored explosives ?   I spoke with Eric Hufschmid when I was first learning of 9-11.

He published book & movie Painful Questions which showed me the plane fires could not have caused the WTC to collapse. Freedom of Knowledge; The Power of Thought

brief summary of many of the major topics covered. I've placed the subjects ..."  Learn how our government is selling out it's responsibilities to private corporations who don't have to honor your constitutional rights.  Only if you know your rights can you demand them.  Learn the meaning of the US Constitution.  Any law that conflicts with the constitution is null and void (you don't have to abide by it) according to the rulings of the US Supreme Court. Know the law and be disposed to use it.  It is your only protection.