Judge calls U.S. Marshals, FBI to Arrest the President and members of Congress.


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I have and distributed these files.


Assumed Name Registration.doc

BC Auth lily.doc


Conference Settlement- Reitz 26 May 2016.doc

De Facto to De Jure.doc

[Affidavit for TE ID]

Everything in Commerce is fiction - Herich.doc

Everything is Commerce- Intro.doc

from De Facto To Dejure Michigan.pdf

[Law Anna Reitzinger Common Law action]

Process by Kurt- Tony.doc

_ 12 Steps to Reclaim Your Estate.doc

_ BC Authenticate US SoS 183033.pdf

_ BC TE Authenticate US SoS 183033.pdf

_ De Facto to De Jure 1 Michigan.doc

_ Reitz Claim.doc

_ Step by Step Emancipation- Reitz.doc