Index - Kurt's process

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We just tried to collect things and bring them to one place  scanned copy of his waiver

Kurt's process: from talkshow, there are 7 docs to prepare:

1. authenticate BC
2. authenticate COLB Certificate of Live Birth
3. forensic DNA lab report (optional)
4. waiver, 33 words,
complete & record at your county
5. affidavit non-joinder (negative averment) ??
6. declaration homestead ??
7. paramount claim  ??
8. Revocation of Declaration of Election

(combine all docs into one,
get RHSP Real Estate Stamp)

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/_ Exit the System by Kurtis.docx

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/_ Kurt Waiver.doc

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/_ Kurt's Notes 1 Mar 2016.doc

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/_ Kurt's Solution.docx

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/_ Rain Man Kurt Angela.docx

Declaration-of-Revocation  as htm file

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/_ Receipt for Declaration of Revocation of Election F.doc as MS Word file

Declaration of Revocation of Election - scanned

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/Kurt Talk show notes.txt

process/articles/Kurt's Waiver/Kurt Waiver.rtf