1st Letter

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It is not immediate solution, you should learn the laws and teach those who handle your mail, and stand or persist until they serve you within the laws.

1st Letter to many chief officials:

City: mayor, council, court

County: Sheriff, Commissioner, Court (magistrate & circuit - court administrators & clerks)

State: Legislators - clerk, Court - administrator, Governor - State Police - Attorney General


To act within our "laws" I am studying applicable laws.

To understand what restrains are on the people in our area, perhaps under your authority, I need information.

Please send to me promptly in writing, the information and where I find it publically recorded, or available and or on line:

- your job description and those of all of your employees

- the rules for your application of your law/ codes,

- the definitions of words used in your law/ codes, i.e. USC, WV Code, CFR, Statues at Large, W. Va. & US Constitution, etc.

To be precise, I prefer to communicate with you in writing, and expect answers in writing from you.

Be complete and prompt. Please respond within 10 days.  If there is any part of this request which you are hesitant to answer, so note so I can send to you a Freedom of Information Act request.  If there are any fees, I may pay them, but request that you waive any fees.

I am primarily seeking the administrative body who can resolve any conflicts I may have with you or your staff.

Inform me if there is any reason or any part of your job or your organization that you do not serve the public.

If any part of your job, or your organization is dependent on contracts with we the people, and or involved in your being a private person or private corporation, as listed on Dunn & Bradstreet, provide full information of that as well.  Of any charters, constitutions, agreement, oaths or bonds related to you, your job and or your organization send information on that that I may check further details.

Particularly, show how you gain your authority, whether by a vote of the people, appointment by another or any means.  If you get your authority from some one or some (legislative) body, what is the evidence you acquired such delegation, i.e. letter, certificate, etc. and where that is found that I might see such a document, recording, noting it's date, signatures, and where it is available to the public, and or who is it's custodian.

Also explain if I have a grievance with you and or any of your staff or employees in your organization, to whom should I submit my grievance.

Give full name, title, organization, mail address, e-mail, phone, fax so I may see what information they need.  There must be an administrative court, council, or body to judge your actions (or your employees) in such cases.