Rod Class seminar Notes 1

from 25-27 Sept. 2015, Charlotte NC

by Ted & hopefully comments by other attendees.


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ID 48361 Rod Class

960 shows, 2006 to current 2015


Rod teaches law, not theories

The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates

book for sheriff's distributed by John

- -

Common Law Grand Juries Ė Nat. Liberty Alliance, coordinator

 - - talking to sheriffs, John

- -

Rod asks in his class:

If you are law enforcement, Undercover you must disclose.

Wal-mart, you want to see my receipt, Do you have a warrant ?

- -

Feed fish, temp., Teach fish, permanent

Where to fish, where do you get the info.

Sources, research it, read & understand.


If here to fix YOUR problem Ė you are not for Rod's class,

If we are here to fix the problem, then that will also fix your problem.


Train to be PAG, Private Attorney General  ??? Rod-Class


We have the same problem and similar people.

Understand the foundation of the problem.


We must know where/ how problem formed, to solve.


If police stop, then file to court next day.

Know their job, language, & rules.

Local rules of court: Civil Rules of Procedure, Rules of Evidence, Criminal Rules of Procedures, Statues, Codes, Administrative Procedures.


28 USC 2255 Federal remedies on motion attacking sentence


(a)     A prisoner in custody under sentence of a court established by Act of Congress claiming the right to be released upon the ground that the sentence was imposed in violation of the Constitution or laws of the United States, or that the court was without jurisdiction to impose such sentence, or that the sentence was in excess of the maximum authorized by law, or is otherwise subject to collateral attack, may move the court which imposed the sentence to vacate, set aside or correct the sentence.


Vacate to throw out ?


This is to the Judge. Itís his job description. Where & who is the corpus delecti, I want the body.  Who is the injured party ?

If I can prove a constitutional or statues violation

Full faith & credit

Article 4, Section 1, same rights to carry concealed in DC as from my state to DC.

Tile 42, 1841, 1981 equal protection under the law.

Prosecutor broke 3 item

You tell me the statues, is he victim, whoís the injured party.

USC Title 35, Chapter 705, 705.03 Disqualification of attorney, for B.A.R. association

Any individual may not overthrow US gov. or refuses to uphold constitution of US


Violation Smith Act of 1940,


Title 18, chap 115, 23.85

18 Seduction & Resurrection, treason.


CFR Code of Federal Regulations based on Statues at Large

Stat are the dictates of Congress.

CFR is law, USC is color of law.

ß2384. Seditious conspiracy

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.


Why is prosecutor in this court room ?

- -

I will show you your job, you must follow

Know their language, rules, job, know their statues.


Ground for disqualifications

- - -

36 USC 70501 Foundation of Federal BAR Assoc.

The Foundation of the Federal Bar Association is federally chartered corporation.

- -

They are corp, so they canít represent us, the people.

No attorney can represent private citizen, they can only federal employees.

- -

Be a Private Attorney General

Dismiss all charges, opponent, divorced wife, cannot talk to people.

>><< Original Constitutional Amendments noted they were by Congress Assembled

Corporate government of 1871, does not use that term, they use say of Congress.


Ask Child services, Did he bring his father in law, post pone until he does not show up.

Know their requirement, their job description

- -



2381.   Treason.

2382.       Misprision of treason.

2383.       Rebellion or insurrection.

2384.       Seditious conspiracy.

2385.       Advocating overthrow of Government.

2386.       Registration of certain organizations.

2387.       Activities affecting armed forces generally.

2388.       Activities affecting armed forces during war.

2389.       Recruiting for service against United States.

2390.       Enlistment to serve against United States.

[2391.      Repealed.]


- -

Rod asks do you have an oath, and bond ?

I pulled their oath of office, CFR 92-92.30

Person who gave the oath must sign it & notary & file / recorded within 30 days., only one signature, no time stamp on it.

We will postpone this hearing.

- -

She is assistant, no oath required, he is from DC, no oath required.

A mere assistant to

Can only operate in DC

Had to have oath of office to city


He cannot be state officer.

Judge destroyed his paper work.

Rod C. Returned to court with USC, Ohio Rev. Code, Am Jurisprudence,


Certification from Florida that shows DL is qualified.

Tell Florida that you donít accept his license, no, Do accept it.  It is good any where.


What is the county ordinances ?

Check city or county ordinances.

Do they work for the state, city, county ?


4 Mayor- Exec, City Council- Legislature., City Law director - judicial

Co. Commissioner Ė make Co. Ordinances, Sheriff, Co. Prosecutor


State: State laws by legislators

Federal: Make laws


Police Dept cannot bring state statues into city court

Cannot operate outside his jurisdiction


Court allowing BAR to bring in state statues.

Co. Court has to charge you with county ordinance.


If state issue, take to State Supreme Court.

Co. Court only to address county court violations.


We donít abide by federal laws, they say.

If you are accepting federal money, then they have to go by federal guide lines.


Can the city police go out of the city to operate in the county ?  No.


14th amendment, bounty hunter, public debt collector.

Rod is federal PAG from congress.

Not bail bondsman, different, put up property,

If you jump bond obligation to appear, they send bounty hunter after you.


Rodís job description.

1866, Congress gave us this right.

We can do now, but we need to get knowledge

Ron has done this since 1975


In Phil. Penna., he police stopped him,

He asked: Teach me how to write paperwork,


I want to punish my accusers.

I risk to be killed to stop them.


Willing to attack them, and to work.


To be a bounty hunter, first be PAG, know your job,

Know their job, rules, language.


If person skips bail, or violates that bond.

Bounty hunter can chase them without a warrant.


When they violate the constitution, they violate their bond.

PAG to bring charges against them.


1/3 finders fee

Title 31, 3729, false claims, prove they did not do their jobs, 2/3 to treasure, you get 1/3


Rod is vengeful on the bad authorities.


If right, stand ground, take punishment as deserved only.


He is taught he owns city hall.

Are these authorities your superior, or your employees ?


Labor & management Ė 2 classes of people.


Customer come to hotel, now customer is the manager, hotel is to serve.


To vote is to be employee.


Knowledge wins.  He is classified as constitutionalist,


Couple in Florida fighting child custody case.

They brought in Rod Class.


They mis use laws, or lie.

Private contract that police cruiser contract for blue lights, the lights are not original equipment.


25 page notice of felony to the judge


You kidnapped these kids.

Judge reclused himself from bench.


He taught the couple how to read the statues & paperwork.

Read their case law.  They took it out of context.

They can use case law against you, when it actually favor you.


Child Services filed paperwork.

You are in the wrong jurisdiction,

7 mistakes., 7 different jurisdiction.

They used statues out of context.


Rod teaches impeachment.  He was in Florida, in traffic accident, hit another car. His breaks failed.


2 FBI agents with him.  Magistrate on bench.

Judge is prosecutor. You canít be processor, judge & jury.

You canít ask me questions, and then judge the answer.


Police Officer, are you representing the sate.

The judge canít represent the state.


Other party who he hit. Did my insurance company pay for damage to your car & your hospital. Yes.


Who is bringing charges ?  The State thru the prosecuting attorney. He paid fine before.


FBI wanted to grab the judge, but where does he take them ?


In court, prove they are doing what they are not supposed to do.


Implement the Common Law grand juries.

Notaries to do the judgment.


13 students here, limited to 25 in attendance

- -

Definitions of persons

1 USC 1, a person is a corporation

I am not a person, not a corporation.

Later Individual is defined.


Person, on the street, has one meaning, in court person has different meaning.

Word person include corporations companies, associations, firms, societies, individual

            See also signature, marking

1 USC 8 Person, Human Being, Child, Individual including born alive infant.

In determining the meaning of act of congressÖ

Word person, child, every member of species homo sapiens at any stage of development.


The species that you and all other living human beings on this planet

During a time of dramatic climate change 200,000 years ago


I am not  a person. I am a person on the street, but, by your definition, not in the court.

With his knowledge, he wanted a psychologist evaluation.

He was with them 1 Ĺ hours. I explained the congressional statues.

PhD You are talking over my head.

See this in the Congressional Record. He is more then competent to handle his own case.  To doctor evaluating him. She made him an expert.

How can you judge me, when you donít know yourself what I am talking about.


Language & Knowledge can save us.


IRS Code

26 USC Subtitle F Chap 79 7701 definitions

Where not otherwise   trust & individual


7343 the term person when used in this chapter includes an officer


How does that apply to you ?

Title 18, 21

5 USC 921, definitions


DC Definition 7-201 ďLive birthĒ means the complete expulsion of extraction from its mother Ö of a product


My freedom is based on my choice to not fall into their definitions.


Animal all invertebrates but not limited to other animals, birds, fish, shell fish.

Choose by his own will not to be in their definitions, your language does not apply to me.


US Code does not apply to us.

Their rules & their procedure, their guidelines as to how they apply to us,


Gov. Style Manual, the all capital name is corp

38 definitions of comma


Ask for clarification of language.

What book are we using ?

Bouvier, Webster, statues, Blacks,

File for clarification of language.

Common law.  What language in court today ?

Which jurisdiction ?


Jurisdiction Ė there is only one, civil


Capital Letters goes back to Rome/ Latin

Distinguished from free man or society


Title 8 Chapter 6  Delaware Code, tells you the last name is a corporation.

- -

He files papers, that explain the law, allowing no interpretation by them.

- -

Coram Nobis is abolished. Not true

You failed to disclose what you are talking about.

4 page Coram Nobis paperwork

1 page Court heading +

2 pages of definitions

Will overturn every court case, release prisoner


Prove Federal fraud

15 USC 249, to expatriate

- -

28 1502 1608 foreign ..

Get permission from Sec. of State and from me to drag me into your court room


Lots of stuff they donít want on the record.

Judge will throw out paperwork if judge thinks you canít explain.


Oath of Office, Title 27, CFR 92.12 Ė 30

Necessity for certification of notarial acts

Title 22 CFR Foreign Relations


They are under different jurisdiction

Title 8


8 USC 12 Immigration & Nationality

III Nationality and Naturalization

Loss of nationality

No longer American citizen

8 USC 1482 Repealed?


8 USC Code 1481 Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen


As soon as they take their oath of office, they lose their

American citizens. The oath makes them federal employees ?


We are not 14th American citizen.

Purpose to free blacks, to give rights

Born or naturalized or subject to the jurisdiction therefore


No state shall abridge +

Nor shall any state, not life, liberty or property, equal protection


+ Sec. 2, representative shall afforded whole number of person excluding not taxed.


Right to vote


To be a 14th amendment citizen, you have to be a public official.

+Public debt of US debts incurred payment of pensions


Sec. 4

Payments to bounty hunters shall not be questioned.


Administratively strip them of +

States are no longer liable to pay the bill.

They (gov ?) must pay the public debt.

They breach the bond, the insurance bond goes after them.


His brother, while in jail, put bounty on 2 judges, on his public debt, rebellion.

- -

11 26 USC 6331 Levy & Assessment

Authority of Secretary

6334 belonging to such person or on which there is a lien provided

Lien on salaries, wages, officer, employee, or elected official, United State, District of Columbia


Elected officials (state) get their pay check from the treasury.


The treasury can collect their wages before they are paid.


Who must pay taxes ? Officers, employees or elected officials of the United States, the District of Columbia.


The IRS shows you Section b, but avoid showing Section A

- - -

Read the law ! They are charging you with what ?????


CFR a disability of 10 to 50 % - you are not entitled to 100% disability


If you have a disability of less then 30 %, you are entitled to 100 %

37 CRF VA benefits


Rod: from 1975 to 2000 he was erratically disability, employers did not like to have him.


Rod got 100 % disability, he was insurance risk.


He went to administrative judge.

His dying confession or revelation.

He is near death with medical problems.

He is willing to risk more.

- -

Title 42 suit, Strip them of their immunity.

Your claim is you did not exhaust your remedy.


If you took an oath, then

If you lie, itís perjury and contempt of court.


Did the persecutor take an oath to the BAR ?


Prosecutor knew:

Heller case overturned the gun law.


Fire arms pertains to a shot gun


5 USC 552 Freedom of Information

A Definition, agency means as defined in 552 e of this title.

Individual means a citizen of the United States, or permanent resident.


Are you an alien applying for permanent residence ?

Individual / person, that does not apply to me

Boundary stones of the District of Columbia.


Laws are based on either commerce or foreign.


Individual means citizen of the United States or an lawfully admitted for permanent residence.


To be US citizen, they have to swear an oath.

Foreigner and public official has to swear an oath.


When public official takes an oath, he loses his state nationality ?


Be private citizen

I am going to get 3 witnesses to notarize my paperwork


If you are in prison, and or +


Cesti que trust Ė have 2 people will recognize you, not slaves.


Nationality Act 1902  people coming in from foreign countries, they were bond servants for 7 years. Their employer being an American citizen, Owners would go to the court house and sign them over to be a free man or woman.


Can recognize we are live citizens.


Go to a court, file in public record, your people validate you.

You come out to private side.


3 witness, not prisoners.  Get a notary to recognize you to validate the law.


Person & individual + cannot apply to us by their definitions.


Get 4


3 notaries is a judge & court.


They are NOT repealing old laws,

They just quit referring to it.




Getting status on the private side. Its all administrative.

Go to the agency, the Attorney General, for opportunity to fix the problem.

Then do a tort claim, be prosecutor to your claim.


Be private man:  Private Attorney General


Title 26, appendix (removed)         Title 26 a

IRS rules in appendix

In Cornell Legal Info Institute


Understand their job, language, rules.


In tax court, they draw you into US Dist. Court.

Name is United States Tax Court

In any place in the United States 7445 and 7701

They have to bring in a Circuit Judge.

That judge in District Court cannot hear a tax case


Dealing with administrative agency, privately owned, no authority over us, they can only deal with those in public office or living in Dist. Of Columbia



Border Stones at corners of DC land mass:

Jurisdiction of United States / Maryland State


Title 10, Go to a tax court, They must bring in a tax judge.

Harold in Oklahoma, filed paperwork into tax court, They had to bring a circuit rider judge to US Dist. Court in Oklahoma


Is this a tax court ?  They said it is not a tax court.

We cannot accept tax court paperwork.

Paperwork had to go to the judgeís secretary in DC.


IRS is administrative issue, you must have an administrative judge.

31 circuit rider judges, the judges who sits on the bench.


When the IRS come:

That court is not qualified until that tax judge comes in.


The paperwork has to be filed in Tax Court in DC.

If IRS brings you into your local judge. 

That judge lacks jurisdiction.

That DC judges is flown to your local court to hear the tax case.


We want an administrative judge, as it is a administrative issue.


Title 26 CFR, Administrative Procedure


What are your rules ?


You cannot be defendant in an administrative procedure.


60 Statues 236 - 1946 S 6

In any administrative hearing, we the people can bring a claim against any agency, we are plaintiff in administrative hearing.

Administrative courts


We are preventing us from having an administrative court.


Administrative is anything over an agency, one appointed by congress.


US Congress, an agency or department, CIA, Dept of Homeland Security.


North Carolina is a private individual not an agency.

Dallas Police Dept.

A department is an agency of the state.



Related to the management of a company or other organization, of or related to running a business.


Administration is doing business.

FDR New Deal, created agency, 833, 834

Administrative Act of 1947


Police Department has board to investigate mis conduct of police.

They have administrative agency that deals with your issue.


You need administrative hearing.

Go thru the APA, Admin. Procedures Act, or you waive it.


When the police stops you, takes you out, pats down, handcuffs, ride in cruiser, then to court house


According to their rules, Civil Rules of Procedure, Rule 3

Criminal Rules of Procedures 345 & pursuant to the Constitutional Bill of Rights Amendment 4, they have to have (start with) an affidavit, a complaint.


Rule 3 Committing an Action

A civil action is commenced by filing a complaint with the court, with the Clerk of Court.


The complaint is a written statement constituting the offense charged.  It must be made under oath before magistrate, judge, or state or judicial officer (or notary or witneses?)


Rule 4 Arrest Warrant or Summons on a Complaint

If the complaint establishes with affidavit before establishing .. probable cause .. that the defendant committed it.


They have to have a complaint (first before any action).


Rule 5 Initial Appearance

With complaint, affidavit, warrant before he stops you.


Judge called for statutory ???+


Cop cannot arrest, then file a complaint to get a warrant after doing these things.


Cop must have complaint and affidavit before making arrest.


Probable cause we presume.+


Rule 4, you have to have a complaint, establishing probable cause.+


Stops & detains: pats down, assault, kidnapping, sexual assault.

Stopping is stalking, hand cuffing is S & M

Sexually assaulted.


Kidnapping taken into cruiser

Sign bond, ransom


Prosecutor, mis lead, lied to the court.

He did perjury on his oath.

False arrest.


Title 36, Chapter 35

Discarded his own actions,

2385, insurrections, treason

Armed assault, pistol on his belt.


Change venue.

You are not dealing with John Q Public.

You are dealing with agencies.

Agencies: Tax Dept. Police, DOT, Child Services


Administrative employees attacking us the private citizen.

We have common sense laws.


Court hearing is not for 3 months.

You launch paperwork, if they donít respond in 30 days.

Then file into administrative court.

The administrative court has to rule, then get judicial review to make a ruling. (appeal court for administrative court)


You can sue cop in federal court.


Call 9-11, get your interview with cop recorded.


Go to court, does any have a charge on me ?


Ask cop in court - Where is the affidavit ?


Turn into a counter claim.

Letís talk of the flaws of the police man.


Highway Safety Act

CFR 1250 40 % of federal funding.

Title 28 2255

Statue is injured party.

4 hour interview before Miranda rights reading.

Disqualified.  4 groups overloaded with info.


Miranda rights read sometimes, sometimes not read.

Clean hands theory

Poison fruit theory

Canít use anything done before reading the Miranda Rights.


If they never Mirandaize, strike any evidence from record.


DOT Dept. of Transportation in Admin. Court

Not a corp of state +

Into judicial review court.

2 court

Police are private contractors, law enforcement.


Highway Safety Act 1966, states / cities accept the funding, that puts them under Federal guidelines/ codes.

Agency will abandon protecting rogue cops, throw under the bus.

We are sorry. That agent is not our employee.

Go back to the counties.  / funding/ embezzling

Section 333 USAM

Where US was liable

Agency has to guidelines if receiving federal funds.

They have to apply US Codes, having complaint, sequence of actions.  They can lose their federal funding.

>IFP< In forma popus, Do you own home, car, income ?  No Ė then free legal filing <


If they admitted they were police under the state, they would have to pay (your claim ?)


Check County Commissioner, have you gotten federal funds ?

under Highway Safety Act

CFR 23 1250  40 %


Dragged into court, political sub division

Charlotte vs Romney

Macenbury Co. vs Romney


Not listing property+ / funding coming into the county.

embezzling money


Admin. Court. Address these issue,


State gets 60 %, political subdivision gets 40 % and the political subdivision must be named in the court room.


Participation in State Highway Safety Program


Gov & AG sign contract they will give the money to political subdivision.


The political subdivision Ė


49 Chapter 31, USC

Sec. of Transportation is to hear all court cases if you donít like the decision, then take to US Federal Appeals Court. Overturn that decision.


Title 26, IRS, bring in circuit court judge

Sec 6341 Section a

Tell them of that


Judicial Standards Commission

Send in 25 page notice of felony


10 days when judge verbally violates your rights in court.


State Supreme Court.

When you file paperwork to local court,

the opposing party has 10 days to file response.


When US legislator pass law, the president has 10 days to rebut.


We can sue them.

Instructions on Filing Ethical Complaint

Form: Complaint must be made in writing, they have a form.


Criminal Rules of Procedure, must have a complaint and affidavit for probable cause.


They ďauthoritiesĒ are not following procedure.


Legislators, their employees, judicial officers, Public Servants

One can bring an ethics complaint on them.


Start our administrative claim with.


SF (9  ?+)complaint goes to commission.

Complaint with affidavit.

You can sue state, you canít sue the dirt, but you can sue the person on the earth.

In their actions & capacity.


Corporate Court.


If dealing with city judge, notify the mayor.


Go to County Commissioners, they are legislator. 

Sheriff is the executive, law enforcement.


Co. Commissioners create county code.

Notify the county attorney, prosecutor.


If dealing with City; mayor, council, city attorney.


Federal: President, is executive w/ Attorney General, Legislators, Judicial


State: Gov., Attorney General, Legislators,






Attorney General is warrior to bring a claim against the state or the county.


Tort claim:


Rod Class sends things by Registered or Certified mail with return receipt.


1 to clerk of court

1 to judge

1 to prosecutor

2 originals to hold


Hand to court staff

Send to Judge by certified mail.

Send to Chief Judge


City judge: notify mayor & city council.

Also to Governor & Attorney General


Gov signs approval for grant money to court.

Court are operating outside of law, outside of jurisdiction, not following their required procedures.

Notify AG that crime is being committed.

1st opportunity to cure the problem.

If they reject,

Title 42, 2601

Now you can act as PAG on private side

to bring a criminal or civil claim against that public office.


Going first to higher authorities, who deny our claim, they say they have no responsibility on the lower judge/ police.

That action strips them (the lower judge or policeman) of their immunity.


Do above if bringing charges against a judge.


If city, then notify 3 branches of city.

If county judge, then notify 3 of their branches


PAG Private Attorney General


Go to Administrative Court for federal judges, and to judiciary committee of House and Senate,

Those people (lower judges) went before those people for that appointment.


They checked their record to see if they are qualified to be federal judge


Judiciary Committee

Clinton, Holder, and Hillary were all brought before judiciary committee.

<> File mortgage with FDIC, who should discharge, but they sell mortgage as security, still getting money.


<> If non payment on credit card, they collect FDIC insurance, discharge and sell to debt collector.  They have gotten their full payment.


If we can get a legislator to back us, we can bring impeachment procedure.


When impeached, they are liable for private law suit.

Now they are open for public law suit.


Authorities: Bring a civil action, before bringing criminal action.


Judge: Are you guilty or not guilty ?

Suppose to be able to defend.


Their arraignment is their a crime, jurisdiction, affidavit ?


- -

Chapter 15 A

Criminal Procedure Act

Subchapter I General

Article 1




Waiver of Venue

Certificate of release

Service of Search Warrant

Right to appeal

DNA testing

Req. for electronic surveillance order.


Assistance to Ö

By private person


Application for superior court hearing


Article 2 Jurisdiction

Reserved for future.

15A-102 through 15A-130


Court has to have jurisdiction to charge you. They canít bring you a criminal court.


Criminal Rules of Procedure

Jurisdiction never granted

Where is jurisdiction ?


1 USC Title 50 Chapter 3 section 23

50 USC 23 Jurisdiction of United States courts & judges

Under state of emergency

Upon on complaint against any alien enemy resident and at large within such jurisdiction or district. .. danger of public peaceÖ apprehend that alien

Full examination and hearing of such a complaint.

Alien to be removed from United States


They are bringing us in under the Emergency Banking Relief Act.

Trading with the enemy


We, the people have to issue a criminal complaint.


They bring us in Title 50 War Powers Act


War & National Defense as alien enemy into this court. Yes or No ?


They bring us in as a belligerent.

They charge us from disturbing the public peace.


Appendix, Section 20 has been removed



They now have to prove that you expatriated from your country and became a belligerent.


Drivers License, Soc. Sec.

Voting card. Keep them.


Reconstruction Act, people were forced out of state citizenship


1945 International Immunity Act ?

Congress expatriated the entire government to the United Nations


A foreign corporation high jacked this country


They created laws for commerce and foreign agents.


You need to retain this information.


Hillary, Ariz/ New Mex. Governor, immigration


Hillary brought charges with the UN


Congress is part of the UN.

Dan Brewer was governor.


Every public office is under UN jurisdiction.


Chicago shut down water supply, That was human rights violation reported to United Nations.


Congress repealed March 2015

Intl. Immunity Act, they pulled out of United Nations.


Title 50 under appendix


Reconstruction Act 1887

1868 14th amendment

Created DC 1871

That dissolved the US government.


Article 4, Sec. 3 of Constitution, they can created a state within a state.

(but not a corporation)


Congress is trying to make DC the 51st state


DC was created as a corp. not as a state.


Trading with the Enemy Act

Section 21, natural citizen, naturalization

So. Appendix Trading, Act, 21

Claims of naturalized citizens as affected by expiration


This act [sections 1 to 6, 7 to 39]

Shall not be denied on ground of any

Expatriation of

March 2 1907

To the President or court

Uninterrupted loyal to the United States

Or he has been prevented


Title 50, Chapter 3, alien enemies.

They must prove we have expatriated.


We never expatriated, they did expatriate.


Criminal rules have no jurisdiction.

They have to prove that I became an alien enemy, that I expatriated.


+1 step forward, commits to leaving US citizenship.


We are under Trading with Enemy, War Powers Act, as POW, belligerents.


When we walk in, they donít recognize us

(canít hear us speak ?)+

When in jail, do they recognize our rights Ė No.


You have claim over me through Title 50.  Now you have to prove that I expatriated.


Know their rules, their language, and their jobs.


Rod had: 3 federal judges, 3 prosecutor, proved corruption, they recussed & changed.


If you bring Statue at Large, you bring the intent of US law

US Codes is theory and color of law.


Title 12 411, Federal Reserve Act

Word differences

Gold for exchange

Statues used currency

Gold changed to currency


Color of Law


Rod deals with Statues at Large.

Their books (US Code ?) are copyrighted, mis stating laws intent.


Statues at Large are Acts of Congress

US Code was published by West Law


All Acts of Congress, continuing, recorded as Status of Large


Officers out of military can be called back to active duty any time, any age


If resign your commission. Then you repatriate to be not in military.


Military oath overrides civilian oath.


If violate your military oath, that is treason.


1917 Flags


Reconstruction Act 1867, military went into south, created military districts.  South forced at gun point to give up sovereignty.  That has never been repealed, but was unconstitutional.


Congress Sine Die, adjourned without setting a date to reconvene, thereby permanently ending it.


Lincoln put us in a state of emergency since 1860


We surrendered; there was never a peace treaty between north and south.


Public Law before


We are still under Military District, Dwight Eisenhower created

Army Regulations 810  8,1 .2 Military Courts

1917 Trading with the Enemy Act.


You honor

I want to apologize to the court

My wife & child are sick, we canít make payments. I ask the court for mercy.

Wrong argument.


Bankruptcy.  Is this bankruptcy.

Letís talk about Title 12 95a 95 b that says that I signed that mortgage when there was no money to be loaned.

Banker, did you get my signature ?

Did you tend ++that over to FDIC, to comptroller.


Explain to the court that you are embezzling

Title 12, 411, Fed. Resv. Notes an obligation for the United States and Federal Reserve agents only.


That I must pay with FDR when I am not allowed to have them FDR


Her eis $ 10 bill, what is this. FRD


If you donít know what it is, then how can he require we use it.


McFadden Speech, floor Fed. Resv. Note is not money, a mere promise to pay.


At the bank did you sign a promissory note.

Did you sign a mortgage note

Did they take your signature,

All yes.


Under federal law title 95 a, 95 b

Signed under state of emergency, bank knew, you did not know.

Title 12 411, no money


Signed under

Banker give to FDIC receive


Give to controller then to treasury to discharge.


This man, banker, he sold my signature, my promissory note, to the treasury.


This bank embezzled.


Failing in courts, as we lack knowledge.


Rod got No. Carolina to admit that all public officials are just private people.


Rod: in DC, April 2015 allow people to carry side arms if they wanted.


Rifle or shotgun Ė firearms: sawed off shot gun


1902 Dick Act, anything

Miller vs US 1939, She was charged for having a short barrel shotgun.

1855 vs Maryland

Gov. has no duty to protect individuals.

2nd amendment is your right to protect yourself.


Miller won his appeal, lost in District court.

Gov. took it to US supreme Court.

Millerís attorney did not go to Supreme.


They won by defeat.

US never showed up in court, won by default.


Miller case showed not respond proved default.


Under Rule 12, Criminal Rule procedure

You canít deny me an appeal for my paperwork.


CFR 29, 2200.23 Labor

File have to file entry of appearance.

Or you default,


Did you file an enter return ?

No, you lose


You have an entry of appearance.


United States of Address

Unknown address


Rule 11, no address


No identity of


ward of state, trust

Estate & registered trade name.


Rodney Class

Private citizen, intervener


Title 29, 2200


Prosecutor had to file an appearance.


I want to stricken from the record any paperwork he filed.


Sheriff has a duty to protect us.


23 Prosecutor has to get permission to leave.


Learn administrative side.

Get their immunity.


Donít put a lien against them.

Before you have stripped them of their immunity.

Go after their bond, for violation.


Teach the administrative side.


Teach defendants. Too late, you are involved.


Teach Administrative procedures, how to sue them.


Know their rules, turn it around, from defendant to be aggressor.


Judge, we will not look at governments errors.


Well, I can stop the judge.


As a Private Attorney General Carl & Rod


Give history of Private Atty Gen.

Here is the Congressional record.


People out of Oregon, who did common law.

Supreme Court says show me the law.

I am a PAG

Here is my credential from Congress

Here is the legislative ?

I am bounty hunter


Hand me paperwork where congress provided common law court. None !


Show me the law that letís you create a grand jury, history, not congress.


US vs Williams,

Justifies the 4th branch of government.

Scilia explains.

Brightline judgment.


The sheriff can create a common law court.


Declaration of Independence

We can or modify any

Supreme Court of Georgia



Get history, Supreme Court ruling, make a factual case.


A claim without proof is void.


Show where they are not following their laws.


Rules of Evidence. 402, does it say these are admissible as evidence. Use the constitution is part of the case. Statue can be used. Supreme Court decisions are admissible.


Prima face, or anything published, statues at large.

902 prima facia law

Vol 43, Statue stopped March 4, 1925, HB 10,000 Dec 7, 1925,

Vol. 44 starts on Dec. 16, 1925


Vol. 44, US Code are prima facia of law, never passed.

How can you charge me with presumption proved to be law

1935, Fed. Registry, that Congress allowed distractive commission to

Vol 44,



HB 10,000 done on Dec 7.

US Code never applied to us, never passed.

1935 Industrial Recovery Act

Federal Registry act of 1935,

Congress created an administrative commission. US Code is Admin. Procedure for their side.

Laws never passed by Congress & Senate

Congress passed 3 times, Senate rejected 3 times.


1948 passed


Judiciary Committee, rule books, 2 book

Criminal Procedures.


Jeffersonís manual

1 topic 1 subject per bill.


100 volumes under 1 act

Not following Rules of Order


They violated one document, they cannot pass those laws.

Article 2, section 2, Sub par. D

Bills 1 item, 1 issues, 1 title

(1 subject)

That is fraud.


2007 before Judiciary Committee

John Conners Supreme Court

Roger Canners, talked to John Conner, chairman, We here because we have issues

We have separation of powers.


Title 23 CFR


Supreme Court has authority over State Courts

Put Rod in jail, he threw out paperwork.


Rod had the Jefferson manual.

Called DC


Goes thru US Printing Office, people pay for paper, ink, machines.


Jeffersonís Manual, procedures for congress.  They have to read bill 3 times on floor of Congress. 1 topic.

Waive the reading, waive the bill.


A complaint or An allegation

Get sub committee up to investigate


Anti Government Movement book, sponsored by government.


Grant number

Creating Anti Government Movement book to give to the people. You took tax payers money to suppress us patriots. How to deny our paperwork.


Class turned John Conner, black man, white.


Filed for Marque Reprisal from 1600.


Merchants went to king for letter of reprisal.


Rod got Letter of Reprisal for the citizens.

Handy letter to Conners


Congress authorized him with Letter of Marquis.


2002, Steel Workers were going to DC to protest tariff, against foreign tax.


Ohio representative knew me, I want


I want to talk to my congressman in Florida

Get involved, stay there, Iíll be there, 3rd floor.

10 DC police. Rod Class, ID, OK what is you authority. Constitution


Congress has authority over the court.


Art 3, sec 2, we have jurisdiction over

Art 1, Sec 8, 12 Congress can grant letter of marqui reprisal.


Dad died. Local Congressman who signed my letter of marquis.


FBI called Agent Harden we can threatening a public official.


Congressional Seal that we canít touch me.


Shoot police department


FBI called new Philadelphia.

This is Agent Hardin

Class brothers are under federal protect, leave them alone.


Back to Ohio CIA ATF & FBI harassing him.

They called and visited gun shops.


Did Class buy any guns ?


I will threaten to cause you to back off, then they will beat you.


I canít live on my knees.


We are at war.

They donít hesitate to shoot us.


Enemy has your partner.

Donít drop your advantage.


You are risking all your loved ones.


Rod has 8 Letters of Marquee

Wrote them up and logged them in.


Rod is disciplinarian for lawful government.


- - -