Rod Notes Sat 1


Rod in DC Court room

Oct. 2014


Judge in Raleigh Crawled over Rod thinking Rod was evil.

When Judge was convinced that Rodney knew law, Judge treated Rod with great respect.


Civil & Criminal Rules

Statues & codes

Rules of Evidence

Local Rules


What law says, they have to follow

Constitution Article 6

Article 3 sec 2


Rules of Evidence under 402

What is admissible (in cases):


Federal Rules

Supreme Court decisions


Read the Statues at Large - real law.

US Code is similar but has word changes.


President says we are operating under the rules of law


Theory & concept of law is no excuse

USC ? Title 42, 1988, & 1983 Civil Right

Color of Laws


Private Attorney General

Rodney asked the Library of Congress for the Congressional Record that explains PAG

For a fee, they will research it and give you what they find.

I am applying for the job, PAG


Congressional Documentation that I am PAG

We can be PAG under Rod Class


We can be protected under R Classís seal.


Pushing someone elseís paperwork.


We donít have to be under R Classí seal.

We are organizing to teach.


R Class, I am private, I am de jure

            How to think:

Learn to associate, stop & think.

Dealing with Administration.

Dealing with agency of state

Follow the Chain of Command.


Tort suits - what to do AFTER you remove their immunity.

Rod has never had a legitimate attack.

He beats their charges by going upstream to their bosses.


Supreme Court - regarding police arresting you unlawfully ?+

When you are in fear of your life, and you can take his life



Stop cop up to killing him.


Supreme Court decision: John Badelk used self defense


If cop does not have warrant to detain you, then escape or avoid.


Castle Doctrine No. Carolina Law, federal

Pure right of ++


You are protected in your home, car, or hotel room, or you can defend to your life.


Fear of your life

4th amendment

Traveling in your car

Castle Doctrine applies in home, car, work place or hotel


House Bill 52, Senate Bill 34


Get the Statues of Large, by Congress,

to have the intent of the law.

West Law mis interprets in US Code.

- -

Rule of Law is Congressional Record

1934 Nat. Fire Arms

1960 Gun Control Act

1995 Owners Protection Act

They all define the definition of a fire arm.


Title 26 & 28, 50 appendixes

Title 26 USC appendix

Downloaded it. (some things disappear from internet).


Give Rodney 500 GB hard drive to fill with his 300 GB of research


Natural +


Acts are not repealed, they are just slowly forgotten.


How to enforce Common Law

There is no common law during National Emergency


President may designate any agency

- cops, - child services, - taxes.

Agencies get power from Emergency Powers

There is no injured party, no affidavit.


By the War Powers Act,

President may control by agencies,

by means of license.


They must prove we are enemy or that we expatriated.


Get State of Emergency repealed by the states, It's 99 % of our problem.


President every 2 years does Executive Order,

He announces a new emergency


They stripped of us from using gold & silver

Forced us to use Fed. Resv. It is a foreign exchange


Licenses, gold

Mis using law

Used Natural Person may be imprisoned.


USC Fraud Ė Individual/ person/ US citizen, alien

Def. of Person

Title 5, USC 55 2a individual is citizen of United States or alien lawfully admitted for permanent resident.




1899 Delaware Trust Co. created act providing general corporate law, created a corp. As a person, but not a natural person +


Get the judge on bench to rule (some) Acts of Congress have been unconstitutional.


Blackís dictionary says person is man.


Rule 60 b fraud section to do a void order


Class, Judge says: Your case was terminated

then Class one year to resolve.


No limitation on fraud.

When they respond, they said no.

which give him a way to enter his case into appeals court.


When IRS


Rule 60, any time up to 1 year to do void order on judge, or Ö+


Take to appeals court


Hazel Glass vs Hartford Empire:

brought his case up again after 20 years, fraud, appealed & won


Hartford Empire wrote an affidavit for some one to sign.

Hazel Glass showed the attorney wrote the affidavit, not the affiant.  The affiant cannot sign something that he did not write.


Fraud time limits start when you discover it.


Rodney & we should notify

Administrative Court the day after any arrest.


Go to court, I want to file an administrative claim.

Donít wait.


It is considered recorded, when it's traceable and

when Mailed at Post Office or PO street mail box.,


Certificate of Mailing


Certified or registered or service processor


Authorities are not doing traceable mail.


Play with DOT

Bring administrative claim, Supreme Court decision, you do not have to have a driverís license, because I am not in commerce.


Title 49, USC Chapter 31, Divers license, vehicle

Anything over 10,001 lb. has to have an license. 20,001 lb different license. (Is this Highway Safety Act ?)+


Under weight

Who has to have license, Those who work for political subdivision, state, county, city, or a contractor.

or drive a government vehicle.


You have to have a license if you are in a government vehicle.


If you're a truck driver, driving for a trucking company, you are in commerce.


DOT is not ++


Title 49, CFR, 523.25 automobile definition

Driver once needed to be operators license,

now driver means in commerce.


All arguments are legitimate, but we are still under the Emergency War Powers Act,


We are not enemies of the state,

we have not expatriated.

CRF 92.3 Foreign Relations


Title 98, Alien Resident


When they took their oath of office, they relinquished their citizenship.


Title 8, US Code 1481


Latest Case on traveling.


8 US.C.(section) 1481

Lose nationality

Relinquishing United State Nationality

Taking oath to political subdivision


Under our assumption, when they took these office.

We thought they were de jure

Constitutional offices


Reconstruction act of 1867

Took away their states sovereignty

Put them under

14th amendment

Incorporated public offices


Walked out of their


To a federal side

Act of 1871, created a corporation


Federal government took over the southern states

under reconstruction, gun point,


South walked out of Congress, Sine die, without setting a date to reconvene, thereby terminating the original US government.


Federal gov. told southern states:

We will replace you.

You must agree at gun point

They relinquished state citizenship


Then in 1871, they incorporated government

who is Dual citizen ? +


Authorities say:

We are legitimate gov. when we say we are, but we're a corp. when we want to be.


Article 3 of US Constitution

Can create a state within a state

but not a corporation out of a state.


When they created Dist of Columbia. they took some of Maryland and some of Virginia.


Concrete corner stones exist at corners of DC marked:

inside:            Jurisdiction of United States

outside:          Maryland or Virginia


Constitution can create a state within a state, not a city or corp within a state


New Columbia Ė goal for new name for Wash DC


Legislature, Supreme Court, & White House are New federal areas.


To make new Columbia, all that was done was illegal.


14th Amendment was never lawfully passed.


Individual Citizen, means alien applying for residence.


63 31 sec a, whose a citizen of United of States, anyone elected or appointed (or ?) who lives in DC.


2008 Corrin Nobus ?


Title 22, Foreign Nations, oaths

Title 8 Aliens & nationality

Aliens are naturalized


Does not apply to me, as I was born here.

Original Coram Nobis


March 4 1925

Status at Large Ė 2 volumes

Public Law of United States


Volume 44, Dec. 25th to March 27


On 1st law created on that day, picks up on Dec. 16


HB 10,000 to take the Statues at Large to codify into law was done on Dec. 7


Voll 43 stopped on March 4, 1925

Vol 44 picked up on Dec. 16, 1925


In Vol 44, 1st law passed


Joint resolution of salaries of Congressional Employees



The code in the official restatement

December 7 1925

Revised statues of 1879


Statues at large


No law were enacted nor appealed


The presumption by Ö


Stuff was not passed by congress


Laws, the USC codes were never passed


HB 10,000 they were to take the Statues at Large to codify into laws and put into categories


There is no record of them being there.


Not government and not our government.


They are repugnant to the constitution.


1935 Created Federal Register

To make available

Printing office


Document Presidential

License, notice, or similar or instrument

By federal agency

Agency means president of the United States


Section 6, Established a permanent administration

.. enacting, that be chairman of department

Administrative .. & President



SB Grant pdf


2007 LSC Technology Initiative Grants


CFR Code of Federal Regulations

State Justice Institute

1988 Title 42, 10001

To improve the administration of justice.

Private non profit

Responsibility ]

Direct national program

To assure each citizen of United Sates to .. justice.



To .. court system

Fair due process


Anti Government Guide Book 1999 ?, Montana Freeman

Non profit corp. by government

National Center for State Courts

Developed under grant by SJI

Impact on the judiciary and how the state shall respond

Those of the author



Fund suppose to go to governors office to be recorded


Report on National Lawyer Guild

81st Congress

Is Communist Party


Before the committee of un-American 1953

1950 McCarthyism, communism.


Any lawyers that is part of the Lawyers Guild, is communist, now attorneys


Lawyer is Common Law, Attorney


Before the BAR Association


1963 in Congressional Record


Congressional Record Ė Jesuit Oath

1940 ? C R saw the New World Order coming.



1953, Congressional Record

Subcommittee of Ways & Means

Pulled into Congress

To discuss their internal revenue practices

Alcohol & Tobacco Division


Income tax is 100 % voluntary tax

Liquor tax is 100 % enforceable.


Carl has the laws that show that income, interest, property is non taxable.


The only thing taxable is import or export or making a profit on a product.


Labor is trade, exchange


Out of IRS book, won IRS cases with this.


Internal Revue Manual Ė not for public distribution


Income is not taxable

We are not making income.


McFadden 1930 ?

Federal Reserve note is not money, itís a mere promise to pay.


40 Statues 1, Emergency


IRS, Ask IRS agent what is the FR note

State on the record what this is.

Your honor, would put on the record what is this FRN


Title 18, Section 8 (Criminal Code)

Obligation or other security of the United States defined.


Term obligation or other securities of United States

It includes bond, certificate of indebtedness, national bank currency, Federal Reserve notes, treasury notes. Fractional notes, certificates of deposits.

Bills, check or other drafts of money drawn by an officer of the united States, stamps

Issued under the

And canceled Unite States Stamps.


I have no means to pay it.


They, the United States has the obligation to pay, since we are in bankruptcy.


They cannot tell you the form of payment.


Trading with the Enemy Act, Sec. 18

Property custodians. They are not discharging our debts.


1913 Fed. Resv. Act

1933, Banking Act

Comptroller of currency, declared ..


Comptroller is the receiver, hand him the receipt for food, gas, insurance (state should get car)

TV, cable, telephone.

Have Comptroller discharge debt to the US Treasury


FDIC named receiver of


FDIC works with banking.


Title 12 USC 411

Issuance to reserve backs, nature of obligation; redemption

Thru the federal reserve agent, and for no other purposes authorities

FRN are only for Federal Reserve agents


If sales clerk wants to see his receipt, they have to have a warrant to ask for it.


11th amendment to the constitution

Article 3, section 2, conflict

The judicial power of the united states shall not be constructed to extend any suit in law or equity


Courts donít have jurisdiction


Article IIII in Constitution

Judicial Power shall not extend in all cases in law and equity arising under this constitution.

And treaties made or shall be made affecting ministers, counsel, to all cases of admiralty and jurisdiction

Controversy between citizens of different states

Foreign states


They canít bring us into court by Constitution

11th lets us go into court


Our side of court 11th amendment, they canít hear us.


Prosecutor brings us in Article 3, section 2

This court has judicial power under law and equity.

Bring charge

Court says, I canít hear you anything of law or equity.


They are not Article III Judges


Under War Powers Act.

Everything is on hold.


9 am to 9 pm on 2 Nov. 12 hours we are under constitution. Other wise we are under War Powers Act.


They Claim a constitutional office, but they donít occupy it.


Title 28, 2401, Tort Claim

71, 41, civil action commence shall be barred unless the complaint rights of action first occurred.


3 years after disability ceases


Tort against United Ste is barred, unless

6 months certified/ register


Final denial by agency to which it was presented.


Get A denial then proceed.


Have problem with Police, go first to Mayor, City Council, City law director, they control the police department.


2675, 2674


Why go to agency before title 42 ?



Go to department and to governor, attorney is law


1608, notify the law form, the legal representative.

County prosecutor state and federal government.


Created under war powers act


- -

Title 42

28 USC 2675, Federal Funding


28 USC 2675 Federal Funding


They Deny your claim.

Deposition by Federal Agency> Judicial Review Process

They judge will deny that those who harmed us are part of their agency.

Then the agency is vulnerable to lose their federal funding.

Turn it into a federal tort claim

Title 42 2000D-7 Civil Rights remedies equalization

State shall not be immune if Ö


29 USC 794

Receipt of federal financial assistance


AG will say they are not an agency Ė shuts down their funding

That agency, in Ohio, that action shut down the whole state for a time, without the funds to continue


- - -

Throw out

This court has not jurisdiction.

To bring it in

Did not go to Agencies first, Title 26

I have to file a claim first before the appropriate agency.

- -

Cop pulls over, complaint is essential facts


Rule 4, Arrest Warrant or Summons on a Complaint

You now have administrative claim, for kidnapping, etc.


Complaint to Mayor, City Council, Legal Counsel.

Chief of Police.


StalkingÖ without warrant, nor complaint

John ? Badelk, I can defend in any way.


Cop stop, did not follow procedures.

File paperwork into administrative court

They reject, then sue them in federal court


200D 7, they are getting federal funding.



Court will investigate, they can shut down the state for not following federal guideline.


Paperwork form City, not getting involved.

When they say they are not part of the state, yet they are getting money from state.


Filing a Change of Venue, court date in administrative court, will dismiss your original case.


Getting the AG & Administrative Court tell us these are private corporations and they are not part of the state.


Show these people are not official, and impersonating officer.

Because the state says they donít work for me.


He went DOT in ref to Dallas Police Dept.

He took to review court.


They are not agency of the state, the police officers are law enforcement, under governorís office.


Class explained

Waited 90 days on judge, then 120 days, then he read the local rule book.  Judge must answer in 90 ? days


Did the state threaten


Do you find people guilty of the Highway Safety Act.


These are private contractors working for the state.

The Prosecutor need to tell you in advance at what he will say.


What is Private Contractor, duties, obligations, if they get federal funding.  Since fed. Funding, they have to follow rules as if they are de jure gov.


Judge says these are local government.

            Class moved with him, when he changed venue

Judge, let me rephrase Ö


Judge changes jurisdiction many times.

Opposing party, Prosecuting attorney their argument.



Criminal Rules of Procedure


Choke you with paperwork

You request continuance


Paser Account Ė federally attorneys can file things without signing.

He must uphold the constitution.

/s/ as his signature.


Under Civil Rules 11, both parties have to have a name and address that can be contacted.


For their address


Unknown address (See Rodney's paperwork)


Their rules say you must have an address and signature. They have to apply also.


If you donít sign Ė they will return your paperwork


You have to have a corpus delecti to file complaint.


Local accounts get into see what was filed, see something was filed.

See what is filed against you.


Reading charges, Rules of Procedure

Criminal or Civil

Police Officer did not have a complaint


- -

Judge says you have to file for the agent/ agency


If agent has an attorney, they are saying they are incompetent. If hey are incompetent, then how can we accept anything they say, Your attorney just have hearsay evidence.


Have attorney take the witness stand.

How do you have any evidence ?

You were not there, you canít testify.


The affidavit has to be the injured person.


Donít you have federal funding, vested interest.




Administrative Hearing Court for state of Ö.

Court of Administration.


FDR New Deal, 1933-35, he created agencies

Every agency is required to have administrative office, to handle complaints.



They created Administrative Court


Administrative Hearing Court


City or some other public official.

Bring their own people


Policeman messed up.

Attorney brought claim to Admin. Court to reprimand cop.


Mis conduct by to Admin. Court.


To esthetic committee, Cannon Rules of

Co. Sheriff.  Judge is obtaining federal funding.


Judge need to behave even if off time. Symbol of government.


- - -

Administrative Procedure Act for state

Each state has itís own administrative procedures set up.


Tap the federal funding side of the DOT.

They donít work for us. That proves they are embezzling.

Opening door for our relief, remedy.


Art of War Ė know your enemy, their style

Counter their moves. Communist Manifesto

- -

Chapter 150 B Administrative Procedure Act

What is repealed ?

Get a copy of the legislation


Be student, research National Achieve in DC

They can give you their research with their certification.


Confirmed put in Public Records first, then to court.


Rod has power of Attorney over his daughterís bankruptcy.


He went to court of record, Power of Attorney, limited POA to handle under bankruptcy of 1935


Tile 18, sec 8

Tile 12, 411


How can pay under


She gave them hr signature, securitizing

They were return required to turn in the application money

They did not turn into government



Filing under Fed. Resv. Act of 1933, Capitol Finance embezzled, they were paid when she signed promissory note


Capital Finance, they are intermediary between you and account.


At 2 pm. Balanced all accounts.

            That shows your account was paid for.

Rod Class bought $ 200,000 for home


They should have given it to the treasury, but they invested in stocks or sold to other bank.


$ Ĺ million home.

He went to Security Exchange commission.

He found they sold his mortgage note, to various

They are buying and selling your property.


16 boxes of paperwork, certified from Security Exchange, who bought it, his home mortgage.

Judge says:

Give him his house.

You already got your money.


Every time they sell the mortgage.

They pay it off. They need to re register with the county.

County is ripped off, not paid, taxes.


If you have a car, want to trade in.

You must settle the claim, lien, debt.


If you owe $ 500 on car.

Car Dealer pays car off.

How can I hold the note when I was not asked.


His wife


Collection agency must by the debt.

When they buy it they pay it off.


You donít have to pay, those agencies.


When they call. I have a contract when you bought my note..

Let me call Federal Trade Commission, and report you on this issue.


You donít have a contract with them.


Everything is suspended under State of Emergency


50 USC Chapter 3, Alien enemies

What authorities would give you a right.

Sec. 23

Having criminal jurisdiction

Alien resident


X Admiralty, Constitution, USC, Fed. Statues at Large, Common Law

Under war Powers Act all is suspended.

In banking Act if declared war or state of emergency, then we are under War Powers Act


We are under military or martial law

Title 10, USC 333 Interference with state or federal law.

President shall take measure to suppress insurrection.

Or conspiracy.

If any is deprived of a right.

Constitute authority of a state.

State shall be considered to have denied protection


They cannot deny you your constitutionally protected rights.


Who ever occupies our nation, they have to protect our rights.


Interference with federal law

State consider to deny the equal protection.


Military is waiting, they need right invitation.


This is military

If President by militia or armed forces. Will take measures to suppress in a state,


If ti interferes with the

If any class people are deprived of a right


We are otherwise deprived of a right in our court rooms.


If authorities refuse or unable to protect your rights, then they are insurrection.  Then they are impeding the laws of the United States.


The President shall take measure to suppress insurrection, the militia or armed forces to stop the suppression of our rights.


This is how we bring our law back into the court..


Criminal, jurisdiction has been reserved for future codification.

Alien Enemies, alien resident.

War & National defense.

You have to uphold my constitutional rights.


His paperwork would overturn all court cases in country.


Did military


Foreign Sate Title 10

They are federal , I am national

They have to come under foreign sov. Immunity

Come under Sec. State of

You as a government, come under title 28

You are under foreign sov. Immunity.

We are foreign to each other.


All in his 6 page document, why they did not have jurisdiction, why they should dismiss.

- - has pdf of below

Army Training Manual

2000-25 Citizen Ship

Taken off shelf in 1929

FDR removed from military manuals

Public form of government, democracy

Dictator ship

- -