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        How to do Paperwork

Now comes  Ö

(you have to enter into your court case before you appear)


Title 29, CFR 2200



29 CFR 2200.23 Appearances and withdrawal

File before if plaintiff or defendant

So that you can be heard


Plaintiff (spell name properly with case #

If Defendant:

State of



Registered trust name



Unknown entity

Unknown address



File as a 3rd party intervener

A private citizen

A living being

Not sovereign, constitutional citizen


This is not me, it is a trade name, a ward of state


No special appearances


Proper Name, case number

As agent for ALL CAP H- T- E-


Intervention; appearance by non parties


Here rules that say I can come in as 3rd party.


Rule 11, all parties have to have an address. for contact.


When I am defendant:


Government registered trade name, ward, trust.


Then Real Name

3rd party intervener


Address: able to contact


Puts on record that you donít have a corpus delecti in the court room.

- -

Most prosecutors has to also file entry to the case.  See if he filed.


Honor, I object, pursuant 23 & local rules

Your boy did not enter into the record.

No one showed up.


Post pone for another status appearance.


He canít redo his claim.

He filed wrong, he canít do over.

Or I can do over my crime.


They bring another prosecutor

You canít have another prosecutor, the existing one has to withdrawal.


Know job, rules, language.


See the court record.

(Paser ?)


When you start your own case, paperwork, citizen against citizen, or citizen against diversified, citizen in other state


Am. National or federal

Check jurisdiction for the court


You pay to file.

No prosecutor has filed/ paid, or else they canít enter the case.

The prosecutor is not paying filing fee, nor setting jurisdiction.


If they drag you in, they have to file paper to start a court case, and set jurisdiction.


otherwise dismiss this case.


Standard procedure


Informa propus

You donít qualify if you own home, car, utilities,


Finance Officer asks: Do you own your home, car (or does state), have income, pay utilities, use FRN

Yes, you qualify, because of Bankruptcy since 1933, you own nothing.


Comment, under 1913 Fed. Resv. Act

Public law banking act, all property belongs to state


Or Affidavit

Reflect that you donít own anything.

I am unable to pay the fees, certified.


Put that the state owns the car

Manf. Statement is the ownership of the vehicle. Dealer send MSO Mans. Statement of Ownership to the State, that is why you have to have it registered.


But home, register to the county.


I have the warranty deed to his home,

As tenant.  The county owns the home.


She put home in trust, no taxes due.


Canít put home in trust, because state owns everything.


Trust Law, parents create a trust for your child. You the parents are trustee.


If you are the ward, the child, like to the state, you canít write a check.

- - -

Entry of Appearance

Notice of Appeal & Stay of Judgment.


If the judge bangs the gavel

Have 1 to 3 positions.


Have in your possession.


Judge finds you guilt

Bailiff take to jail.


Get out of jail free.

If they throw in jail.

Friends take same to Circuit court.


Comes now Rod Class


Dates open


Cert of Service.


Cary 5 copies, 1 to Clerk of Courts



2 extra originals.


Rod make 5 originals of all papers

Carry Appeal / Stay of Judgment

Give to court clerk

They file in appeals court

- -

If you are ever a defendant,

You can appeal anything at any time.


File notice of appeal to the appeals court

- -

Lose money to bond

Tort Claims recaptures it.


Federal Funding

USAM United States Attorney Manual

Choice of Law 210

Fed. Statutory law, const.  clearly controlling over state statutory and decisional law.

Go into state court, I you use Federal Statues

Fed. Law applies to gov. litigation

Fed Law is Statues t Large, it is color of law.


They took federal money, then even state courts fall under Fed. Law.


Clearfield Doctrine

Rodís brother is Dwight


The right of parties, determined by federal rather then state law.


Your honor, I want choice of law, I want to use the Clearfield Doctrine


Thus the rights of the parties of gov instruments, determined by federal rather then state law.


If they use FR Notes, that is federal money.


Accept fed. Money

Accept fed. Guidelines

Civil right, state loses 11th amendment



Title 23 CFR 1250 Highway Safety Act.

Title 42 2008-7 Civil Rights remedies equal

A State shall not be immune for violation of 504 1973 Rehabilitation 1972 Education 1975 Segregation or the provision any other federal statue, federal financial assistance.

Take fed. Funding, they lose their immunity.

Remedies in law and equity

Effect whole or in part Oct 1986

Fed. Laws always apply.


Tort claims come into federal court

They are embezzling federal funding, for not complying


Fed. Grant money for bullet proof vests for police officers

S 125 Bullet Vest Partnership Grant Program Reauthorization 2015


Do all your administrative claims, bring in fed. Funding.


State will have to throw flawed officials to the wolves, or.. maybe jeopardize fed. Funding.


Paperwork on Copy arrest

To administrative court & offending court

Brought federal charges


Bullet proof vest, camera, cruiser

Highway safety act.


If not immediately


Stalking without warrant, bring claim into administrative side.


You bring Tort claim

They are misusing our sweat equity, our taxpayerís money


When you get a notice

28 USC 2674 Liability of United States


Give them up to 6 months to investigate

If no report, then they have waived immunity on these people.


When they deny, then we can go after them.


Stay of proceedings, ask for more time.


All this is based on your ability to do business, commerce ?


Learn to file paperwork

Learn to file, then go back in.


76 Page Template



City, County, State, Federal governments.

Go to Gov. & AG they federal fund down hill.


Paser account, pull off documents at 10 cents / page


If you donít mention conditions, then you agree to it.  Attorneys are filing without signing.


They wait til last minute to file, check paser nightly.


Time limits.


Paser Account, shows minute orders by judge


As PAG, we aid in someoneís case

What are they charged with, what did prosecutor file ?


Language, Job Description, Rules.


Civil Rule 55, default, expired time limit

Give them notice.

Constitutional 10 day rule. (21 days)

You forgot to answer my paperwork.


Supreme Court 10 days

Habeas Corpus, 3 days


If you ask question in court, they have 10 to 20 days to respond.


Judge respond to my motion.

Check rules for time limits.

After 91 day, motion to dismiss.


He had 90 days to respond, Rodney waited 120 days, then acted


Your failure to respond prejudiced my case.


Judge recluse myself as you threatened me.


Various rule books, 14, 21, 30 days.



File for leave of court, he waited 15 days, filed notice of default.


Rod wanted equity judgment, fair judgment.


Build a record of corruption.


Rod filed security ?? & mandamus

Filed to chief judge.


Which judge over me.

You are before the appeals court.

Which are my judges, all the judges

Your underlings are not following the rules


5 mandamus, here are 36 reasons to dismiss the case


Tel the clerk of courts to open a bank account for me.


Open an account, if you win your case, keep money trail for IRS.


Open account, pay me $ 6 million


If reject 36 reason, then you are operating as foreign with no jurisdiction.


Rod is showing a pattern of corruption, not following their own rules.


Here is Supreme Court decision


US Marshal is top in DC


Provost Marshal in Pentagon is highest law officer


Motion before the court

I am asking for a settlement,

We get judgment on these people.

Because you did not move the court to open a bank account to put your judgment in.


If you have court order with judgment.

They want a receipt.

It has to be a check number to be in some account.

Their fiduciary duty.


$ 100 million case, Rod is fixing his $ 24 million judgment, client


Quo Warranto

Are you in your office, are you running legally.


Mandamus to higher court

Get that court to order this judge to do his job


If they put this on their computer, that is wire fraud.


If spoken and recorded, wire fraud.


Standard Form 95

SF 95, Do you carry insurance policy

FRA 1913, Soc. Sec. Act, federal grants to each of the state for each live birth


certificate verifies gov. US gov. holds the insurance to pay the debt.


Did you file a claim with your administration company

Is it fully deductible.


16 ..

If a claim was filed with your carrier

Filed with administrative office, who declined to respond.


Do you carry property insurance ?

Alien registration

All property including the people has been turned over to the people.

See # 1 for address.


Fill out this form, United States is the insurance co.


Not for: Telephone Company bill.


Tort claim against gov. agent


Bring the bankruptcy side.

Accountability to make them pay.

-         - -

-         Dealing with no money

Donít mix foreclosure with tax issues.


Attorney is attacking you, not an injured problem.

-         argument with Foreclosure or tax

-         go to the Rules Ė statues are admissible in this court.

-         Rule 4 & 501


Bring in Attorneys Manual


Bring up Clearfield doctrine.

Fed. Statutory law supersedes state


Negotiable instrument

Donít we have to deal with federal statues, not color of law



95, 95 A, 95 B under bankruptcy, mortgages.

Obligations of United States.


Your law says that you own everything


Attacking the bank for failure to discharge

We paid with or signature.



Mortgagee note

Under War Powers Act, that is to tell the government, how much they can borrow from you.


When we get gold back, we have to pay you back the $ 200,000 and interest.


Understanding the Bankruptcy


We are the credit line, understand that.


There is no money, your signature is collateral

Also Lindberg so assassinated


BAR Assoc.


Polite side, else bankruptcy

Discharge my debts !!!



Fed. Depository Ins. Co.

1933, they are the receiver of the bankruptcy and the comptroller of currency


Before 1917 we were on gold standard, gold coins


From US Gov. to Fed. Resv.

$ 60 billion in gold bullion

1929 gave them $ 59 more credit line

1930 $ 16 billion


It was a credit line


Fed. Resv. Is a credit organization

They pledged the people, labor


Our signature is the collateral.

Should have Given us a debit card


1930s, Hitler coming to power


Fed. Resv. was funding Germany on build up of WW II

- -

Argument of foreclosure, I gave you collateral in my signature, they should have discharged the loan.


$ 1 million annual credit coming to us.


Home, food, shelter


Attorneys steal our energy, making us work, steal our real funds.


Prisons, Roger Tanner,

Documents World Wide Auto Parts

Went into fed. Prison, paid warden $ 1 million to use prisons to build alternators,

Labor management laws, equal pay

Prisoners are not being paid


Tanner was set up for assassination, son intervened, stopped assassination


Trading with the Enemy Act

1933 Bankruptcy


Art III of constitution

Where does it legislate that the supreme court has authority, to create an association meaning BAR


Supreme Court

Is law is constitutional


11th Amendment


State Constitution create Assoc.

Give membership to private club

Cannot lisc law


Cal Constitution Article 6


Civil Rules of Procedure

Inters ? Party

By legislative statues


Congress gave me legislature authority to represent

To walk in and represent


Senate Bill 7, Procedure Act.


Represent anyone under


Where do you get you authority judge


Are ALL these courts administrative.


I will have you up on administrative


Administrative Act

402, 501

Federal Statues & constitution of article 6


It does not accountable. ??


Honor, Are you stating on the record that you will violate the Taft Hartley Act of 1940, you are running a closed shop, BAR attorneys, forbidden to run a monopoly


Title 36 705 advocate the overthrow

of the government.


Smith Act 1940


Natural Justice Academy


2 days at 2 hours a day, 3rd day Q & A


College Course

Homework is your test, research on your City Council, City people.

- -


DOT, Bankruptcy, IRS, Ö.

Get ahead of the game.


Former Seminar

$ 1000/ head for a week

Here, $ 10/ hour


His paperwork terrorizes people, but he is never charged for paper terrorism.