We need to understand the job, rules & language of those who seek to govern us.


These actions are not a defense to them attacking us.  This is an entirely separate action.


However, as we learn to understand their jobs/ credentials/ method,

we may discover errors they are making that would stop their actions on us,

like a traffic ticket, fine, tax, etc.


As we grow to know what laws embrace or restrict them, it is often the case, we will find errors they are committing.


This is not a method to use as a defense in our court case.


We appeal to higher authorities (administration agencies/ courts) that administer their actions (of judge, police, etc.)


As or when we find errors in their action, and report that to the proper administrative authorities,

they should stop, heal, dismiss the actions of lower courts, police, authorities.


If they do not act to correct the actions of their lower authorities (they probably will not act)

Then their inaction removes the immunity of the lower courts/ authorities,

opening them for a tort claim.  This is where we get our relief.


They may have gotten a $ 250 traffic ticket fine, but they many be vulnerable to a $ 5,000 suit (or larger).

We can bill for our time and efforts and our damages when we win a tort claim.


You will learn more of this as you learn Rod Class' information and method.


Rod Class does not rely on philosophy and history of Common Law.

Rodney speaks of current written law on the books for all to see & know, and how to use them against their actions.


They, our current authorities, are under their law, but we are not under their laws.


They are limited on what they can do to us, but only when we know, speak, act.