Discussion Schedule

    Based on the oldest text, the Paleo Hebrew scriptures.

Name of Yahweh, God


Please watch the 30 minute video at the website or video at YouTube.

It is great introduction to the importance of the name of Yuahua,

    which is mentioned approx. 7,000 times in scripture.

    It seems the "scribes" have intentionally applied a "scheme" to hide Yahuah's name

    because there is power in His name, Yahuah.


6-May                      Correct-Names

13-may                    Through-His-Name

20-may                    4-Undisputable-Facts

27-May                    Correct-Words

                                YAH's Covenant

3-Jun                       What-is-Yahs-Covenant

10-Jun                     10-Commandments-Still-in-Effect-Part1

17-Jun                     10-Commandments-Still-in-Effect-Part2


24-Jun                     Hebrew-Aramaic-Origins-of-the-New-Testament

1-Jul                        Original-Scriptures

8-Jul                        Yashayahu-Isaiah-Dead-Sea-Scrolls

15-Jul                      Scriptures

                                Appointed Times

22-Jul                      Calendar-of-the-Creator

29-Jul                      Festivals-Or-Holidays



Sessions start at 8 pm Eastern Strd. Time

Please, read session in advance to better follow discussion.

We'll read thru the lesson, then discuss at the end.

Anyone can come on to our lessons any time.

Conferences are recorded.  Anyone may play back later.

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If there seems to be noisy or distraction on any line,

    Moderator may mute that phone number.


Expected participants:

Ted, Ellen, Shawn, Millie, Ron, Al, others welcome.