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former studies: Promotethetruthcom


       Date                 Chapter topic

 7 Sept         Dead Sea Scroll

31 Aug          Original Scriptures

24 Aug          Hebrew/ Aramaic origins of New testament


17 Aug        How to Follow YAHUAH

                   10 Commands Still in Effect? Part 2

10 Aug        10 Commandments Still In Effect? Part 1

                       What is YAH's Covenant


 3 Aug        Correct Words

                   4 Indisputable Facts

27 July      through His Name

20 July      Correct Names



                appointed times

                Yahuah's Calendar

                Festival or Holiday ?



                the Dare

                true Salvation


                Scripture Study Series videos

                Pod Casts

                the Scriptures


                Layers of Shabua’ut


                Exploring YAHUAH's Calendar

                Lunar-Solar vs Gregorian:




Read in advance, search web for pdf & read Fossilized Customs book

    this discussion is showing us errors in most Christians belief

Many translations of the scripture like the Latin vulgate & KJv have errors in their translation

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Scripture            Read as you will, We'll discuss these on

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https://wwwpromotethetruthcom/    What is the real name of the Creator

Please watch the 30 minute video at the website or video at Youtube

    before joining our group  thanks

It is great introduction to the importance of the name of Yuahua,

    which is mentioned approx 7,000 times in scripture

    It seems the "scribes" have intentionally applied a "scheme" to hide Yahuah's name

    because there is power in His name, Yahuah  not God nor LORD

Upcoming reading of truthFromGodcom


Fossilized Customs

Former reading: Book & website  vaintraditionscom


Sessions start at 7 pm Eastern Strd time

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Oldest known 10 Commandments is in America,


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Former studies

Promotethetruthcom  Discussion Schedule

    Based on the oldest existing text, the paleo Hebrew scriptures

    Click for Other info on our Scripture Studies

Name of Yahweh, God   abodiacom/t/scripture


28 Apr       Correct-Names

  5-May     through-His-Name

12-May     4-Undisputable-Facts

19-May     Correct-Words

           YAH's Covenant

26-May     What-is-Yahs-Covenant

  2-Jun      10-Commandments-Still-in-Effect-Part1

  9-Jun       10-Commandments-Still-in-Effect-Part2


16-Jun     Hebrew-Aramaic-Origins-of-the-New-testament

23-Jun      Original-Scriptures

30-Jun      Yashayahu-Isaiah-Dead-Sea-Scrolls

  7-Jul        Scriptures

           Appointed times

 21-Jul       Calendar-of-the-Creator

 28-Jul      Festivals-Or-Holidays



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