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First Set

1  assist of counsel 1.pdf

1  assist of counsel 2.pdf

1  assist of counsel 3.pdf

1  assist of counsel 4.pdf

1  assist of counsel 5.pdf

1  assist of counsel 6.pdf

2 controlled subst.pdf

3 notice of removal 1.pdf

6. Privacy Complaint.pdf

7. parking violation & citation.pdf

8. set aside criminal information based on fraud.pdf

misc. 1.pdf


Second Set

Administrative Law-Administrative Remedies.doc

Administrative Law-Administrative Remedies.odt

back 2 1.pdf

File on Demand 2- no fee, final 2.doc

File on Demand 2- no fee, final 2.odt

Notarial Protest Discharges Any DebtTodd.doc


Third Set

1 assist of counsel 6.pdf

3 notice of removal 2.pdf

4 motion to dismiss.pdf

5 foreclosure.pdf

back 1.pdf

misc. 2.pdf

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Subject: Enforcement through the PRIVATE seminar docs,
Conference call Sun., 1 pm Hawaii time, 7 pm eastern daylight savings time.


Attached are docs from the seminar. Please take the time to look them over and write down questions for the conference call on Sun., 7/15, 1 pm hawaiian time, 4 PST. To clarify and reiterate, i'm sharing the info. passed onto me, so that we may all learn together. I, by no means, know it all as i'm learning myself. I'll try to answer questions best i can and give emphasis where jim says very important to know. The beauty of a group gathering is that everyone has something to share and together, perhaps we can put the pieces of the puzzle together for the benefit of ALL people.

Don't know why some won't attach as copy (back 2 is too large, will send in another email), but there should be:

(2) docs in misc file

(6) in file 1

(1) in file 2

(2) in file 3

(1) in file 4

(1) in file 5

(1) in file 6, 7, 8

(2) in back file

712-775-7035 (335371#)

The notarial protest, admin law, file on demand is not part of the seminar, but very good info. to know.