drone        -3 October, 2014

Last night, 3 October, 2014, about 8 pm, I was outside standing near 1331 Oakmont Road in South Hills, Charleston, West Virginia, near Marty's.

I was talking to my friend Barton on my cell phone.  I was under some 40 foot tall trees but I had a clear view of the sky before me.

An object appeared about 50 foot nearly above me, but slightly forward to the left.  It was moving from my left to my right.  The speed was very even and constant, I estimate about 10 mph.  The path was slightly diagonal from my lower left to my upper right, but nearly horizontal from my vantage point.

It was about the size of a foot ball, although nearly a sphere.  It's flight seemed to be in perfect straight line, rising slightly.

It was not a bird, as there was no motion on it at all, no flapping wings, nor overhead rotary like a helicopter.  I could not hear any noise, yet it's speed was constant, unchanging, and it's flight path was a perfect straight line.  My viewing of it was but maybe 5 seconds, before it disappeared over the house to my upper right.

I am certain it was a small object that was near, and not a large object that was far away. 
I commented and described it in real time to my friend Barton on the phone.  I did not have time to get any one else to come and view it.

I am certain it was some kind of a drone, a physical object, man built, not a living thing. I don't know how it "flew" or what was it's method of propulsion or "flight". I don't know it's purpose.  Was it watching from above, taking video surveillance ?   I do not think it was following me. I had been inside at the home at that location for an hour or so, but I had come outdoors to make a cell phone call, where there was clear reception.

I am 60+ years old.  I have heard many personal accounts from others of UFOs, but before this event, I cannot remember any event in my life of seeing any UFO.


I at first thought this drone was not alien craft, but some agency of the government.

But it could also have been just a toy driven by some hobby enthusiast. I don't know the range they can control a remote control vehicle and or even how or where anyone from a distance could be navigating it.  Or did it have eyes on board, like a TV camera ?