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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania                                May 28, 2013

Dear President Jared L. Cohon,         Cert. Mail # 7012 2210 0000 7550 9531

I am CMU graduate Ted Elden ©.  Both my father and I graduated from your illustrious university, both having earned a Bachelor’s in Architecture (1937 and 1971 respectively).  Carnegie Mellon played a significant role in our lives.  Dad and I both appreciated our time, opportunities, and education at Carnegie.  They were wonderful years in our lives, setting us up for decades of work in architecture, serving on state and national architectural boards, importing, publishing, and many other endeavors throughout lives.

Even before attending CMU, I was a voracious reader, having read 300 books, not required, in my senior year at Blair Academy prep school N.J.  Even then, I was curious, seeking knowledge with a voracity that few enjoy.  At CMU, I loved the diversity of the students and professors as they offered many opportunities for seeing the world from different perspectives.  To this day, I often visit the campus as I have classmates and friends who remain in Pittsburgh .  I’m grateful for time at CMU.

Now, on the news of your retirement, I reflect on what & how we learn.  Universities are pivotal in shaping the minds of people who rise to leadership. It is important that those who graduate from CMU be willing and able to think for themselves, and not be swept onward by popular thinking, separate from perceptible realities.

As Leonardo Da Vinci one said, “There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who do not see.

Remember Me ?  My dad and I visited your campus for his 70th year Carnegie Reunion in 2007.  There I had a chance to talk with you when we both left early from the Fine Arts Play of Guido an Italian with illicit romances.

As we strolled across the night campus near each other, I remarked, “I sent you a letter about 9-11, though I doubt you have seen it.”

You responded saying, “Yes, I got your letter and I’ll answer.”

I was surprised and pleased you did, respond, but was disappointed at your response.  In essence, you communicated that I was “too passionate” and that “no one could reason with me.”

On the contrary, I had sent you an abundance of physical evidence from architects, physicists, and scholars who raised important questions of the demise of World Trade Towers on 9-11.  It wasn’t a passionate plea, but rather a reasoned logical one and since that time, many credible professionals have investigated the matter only to reach conclusions I had drawn when I wrote you that letter years ago.  

Research shows the World Trade Center were not destroyed by plane fires.  Evidence proves what happened is very different then news and government tells us. The public is mislead.  That deception was used to drive our country into a war separate from the true preptrators..

You can see the voluminous evidence at my website, www.abodia.com/911, which includes research by Dr. Judy Wood, of Clemson University, best of all research as she integrated the
broadest reach of physical evidence in her presentations.

In the illusion of 9-11, we have sent hundreds of thousands of American servicemen to war in two countries, killing and wounding many.  More than a million innocent Iraqis have died.  We continue the war where people of both countries continue to die.  Two countries lie in ruins.  Still Americans choose to ignore the obvious but suppressed truths of 9-11.  Few are those who will reason to the obvious truths.

So yes, I’m passionate to awakwn people, CMU, professors, and others to simply examine the real facts.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, but rather a well-trained architect or engineer from CMU, with access to the suppressed facts can easily see the great deception.

I’m sad you could not hear me, nor shared the information with your faculty of architects, engineers and scientists who could easily understand the suppressed evidence and make a logical determination.  If you understand the facts, you too might raised your voice !

Opportunities Lost

There was a time when I believed universities were designed to teach us to think.  I thought universities were, by design, pushing boundaries, bringing new and fresh ideas to the world.  Today the opportunities are boundless as young people have access to more information than we ever imagined possible at the push of a button.  They can access libraries around the world, talk to students in other countries, and challenge the status quo in a way unknown before. 

And yet I don’t see that.  Instead, most universities are missing these opportunities.  Instead of focusing on the educational revolution that is afoot, most schools continue to teach the same tired curriculum in the same tired way (add a few videos and some cool conferencing perhaps but otherwise, little has changed.)

Why is it that universities are so stuck in status quo ?

In the 1960’s and 70’s, universities changed the world.  Why isn’t that happening now? Why aren’t students raging against a machine that is sending their contemporaries off to senseless war after senseless war with a nebulous and unproven enemy that will continue for decades unchallenged? Yes, the war in Iraq may end or Afghanistan, but little will change.  The Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned us against is alive and well.  It will create a new war in South Korea or Iran or fill-in-the-blank as all countries are possible targets. 

Why aren’t the colleges and universities of today working harder to awaken students to the truth.  We can no longer let those in authority spoon feed us with their version of truth. Instead we must let truth and reason be our authority.  The young, who are to lead our world, must first be able to see the world for what it is.  By teaching our students to be conventional, good boys and girls instead of teaching students to look and think for themselves, we miss the opportunity to shake things up and create a better world under their charge. 

People like me, float for decades before the illusions surrounding us begin to crumble.  For some, this awakening may never occur.

Illusions Crumble

At age 58, my world flipped.  A single video on 9-11 changed it all.  I watched, transfixed.  Questioning.  The evidence was right in front of me and yet my mind struggled to see.  I could feel my mind shifting, my perceptions letting loose, as I began to see the proverbial “man behind the curtain.” My life goals and perceptions flipped.

In 2006, I began to study what really happened on 9-11. 
I researched for 1,500+ hours - then began to speak publicly & widely at civic & college groups.  As I assembled and clarified much information, I turned to the internet, and digital communications, like e-mail, and web sites, to organize and present detailed and in depth information.

For months I was quite separate from everyone I knew.  No one else had any interest in these subjects and surely would not look at the obvious facts, as you did not.

Observations led to revelations.  Revelations led to a new mission to let the world see what I see. 

From there, I moved on to reexamine other subjects I thought I understood.  Waco, Ruby Ridge, Bay of Tonkin, Vietnam, WW I & II, vaccines, fluoride, Oklahoma City bombing, Chem Trails (I’ve photoed them over CMU).  The list goes on.  Some would say I am a “conspiracy theorist.”  I simply look deeper, I research topics, test them in the real world.  They are theory until they’re proven.  Then they are valid information that must be shared.  Relegating them to the world of “conspiracy” is a way of automatically discounting its credibility.  That diversion is a tactic, not a truth. 

I no longer accept the illusions that are painted in news, government, universities and corporate spin doctors without question as so many do. 

Instead, I now understand the incredible diversity of the conspiracies around us.  My awareness has not been my friend.  I see why others choose to live in the dark.  It is oh-so-comfortable to put your head down and just accept things, earn a paycheck, retain your job and easy life. 

Instead, I have abandoned all other gainful employment to pursue, alert, and awaken other people.  In the past 6 years, nearly 1/4 million people/ hits have visited my websites to view my voluminous research.  While most struggle for money, power, influence, reputation and invest their time in work, family, hobbies, and travel, I spend my days hoping to bring information to the masses that will free them from the network of lies that surround them. 

Few have an interest to review news, history, and the broad subjects of life; health, wealth, war, and more.  But when we choose to learn, we see new opportunities and we may change what we want, what is most important.

I am deep into subjects of which I never had a former interest; history, money, debt, war, government, law, etc.    The deceptions are all interwoven.

Lawyers do not know or study fundamental law.  The same is true of doctors, bankers, many professions.  The colleges dictate the areas of importance and the practice dictates how they make their money.  Any who think differently will be ostracized, curtailed, unfunded, threatened or harmed in some ways, so most of them dance the party line without ever examining the basic premises of their professions.

Let’s Keep this Simple   We build our lives based on information.  Where does it come from? Mainstream media ? Who do we trust ?

The internet, however, has made it possible to learn and learn quickly.  It is a digital world.  Things that are scanned, typed, printed are easy to find, read, copy, distribute, easier and cheaper.

I have amassed 1/2 million files on my computer on diverse subjects: war, banks, money, loans, cures, technology, flight, energy, patents. One can quickly pass thru the Veil of Secrecy to view a deeper truth.  I find many things on the internet and copy them to my computer, as they often disappear and are no longer available.

I then weave together many different people, evidence, perspectives to see a truth that is not spoken in media.  The stories begin to present themselves with great clarity. 

Disappointment   So herein lies my disappointment with universities today and for eons.  Although they focus on some subjects, perhaps deepening our understanding and skills to work within them, we miss the big picture.  In college and in life, we are mostly governed and controlled by the news, by main stream information handlers.

Also, on graduation, we don an arrogance of knowledge and understanding that closes our eyes to examine fundamental things that surround us. Surly we think, in such elite circles of academia, nothing would remain hidden from us ?

When do we wake up to realize that our life is built on information? Mainstream and public information is specifically filled with the agenda and control by the few who wish to control the many.

Once our minds are filled, or we commit to assumptions, it takes Herculean efforts to re-open our eyes to examine things anew.

Not all things are true, nor are false.  But a true student must be able to pose questions and pursue an honest answer, whatever the cost. 

It is far easier to awaken the young as they are not committed to property, status and a world of mainstream people, so they may have  some curiosity left.  These young people are under your tutelage.  Do you give them the option to see a reality or are you framing their thought to that which supports the establishment, over facts and freedom ? Should not education, instead, spark the curiosity to learn?

Surely, students should slip past the gatekeepers – to find the great  treasures within the known universe and clearly exposed on the internet.

In Closing   People lead to ideas and ideas lead to more people.  The media stands guard against the flow of information.  Once you cross over to see of reality, you don’t desire to reenter the closed, illusionary world controlled by others.  Freedom is the elixir/ ambrosia that awakens our free spirit.  Anyone can get there, they only need to be curious, something I fear “education” takes out of people.

In summary on education: teach a child how to type (ask questions), learn to use a computer and the internet and they can reach great depths on their subject of interest far beyond the limits of present education (for free).  Spark the curiosity and let them drive with their free will.  Let’s not close their world to conform to the establishment.

When you see something different, you can ignore it or learn from it.

Language is the key.  Students who learn the internet, can easily Pierce the Veil of Secrecy, of what mainstream wants to contain. Authorities, for profit & control, now restrict information from people.

John T. Gatto & Charlotte Iserbyt speak best of education’s failure.

I developed a simple technique at www.ThoughtPrint.org; any teenager or adult can find, and confirm information and facts in seconds.  Choose a reliable source or be swamped by the crowd of witnesses.

I’ve posted my free book, A New Reality, at www.abodia.com/t It appeals to us to think, reason, and not be lulled to accepting illusions.

I send this letter on to many universities. Any who would like a peek at 100s of events where truth is opposite to main stream thinking, please contact me.

I invite any to look at my web sites including these: www.abodia.com

Plus these extensions: /5   /t   /911   /v   /law   /irs   /o   /r    /war

like this:    www.abodia.com/5        www.abodia.com/911    www.abodia.com/t         www.abodia.com/law    www.abodia.com/irs


God Bless, peace.  Ted of Elden © family  a@abodia.com   304 344 2335
c/o 1331 MacCorkle Avenue SE, Charleston, West Virginia [zip exempt]

Retired: Architect, NCARB, AIA, award winning poet & photographer, importer

- - - - -

Letter within to retiring President of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

Education should insight curiosity, encourage learning, not program, condition and blind us.

      Aspire to Inspire, before your expire.  Truth will set you free. John 8:32   My people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

Main stream discourages people from thinking deeply, suppressing truth thru shock and fear.

Facts easy to confirm via internet: (ThoughtPrint.org)

- I’ve sent 1,000s of letters lawfully across the united States for 6 ¢ postage 39 USC Ch 59 § 4253 a

- UNITED STATES is a corporation since 21 Feb. 1971, Federal Reserve is private foreign corp.

- all US laws are just voluntary; fines, taxes, court, jail

- main stream media, government, corporations, universities:

  They all suppress the deeper truth and deceive the public in many ways:

  on law, rights, cures, health, wealth, money, loans, debt, war, history.

Suppressed are: - cures for cancer & many diseases, technologies, flight, anti gravity, free energy.

Authorities don’t know or don’t want to know deeper truth. For money or prestige, they push the national  

    agenda to strip us of rights and to concentrate wealth, power & control over the masses.

Monsanto strives to control all food world wide, with unhealthy seeds & GMO. See Seeds of Death

Vaccines aren’t safe.  World leaders focus on reducing world population by 95 % thru war, famine, disease.  Their communistic goals are shown in the Georgia Guidestones, the UN, and new laws.

A yellow fringed flag in government buildings, US courts, churches shows the constitution is suspended;

   citizens have no rights, and are living under martial law, since President Lincoln, but sovereigns are free !

Secret Societies link global leaders in satanic pack for profit & control. The Illuminati thrives.

Through the internet find many insightful writers who reveal these hidden truths. Rob Menard, Mary Croft

Thrive, video by Foster Gamble, shows elites suppress information for profit while billions suffer.

Change on Horizon, video, by James Rink shows rights have been stolen by new laws in last 200 years.

    Obvious truths at www.abodia.com/5   Mailed to 15 Pgh. Pa. colleges, 20+ W. Va. colleges & newspapers


Link on this web site to more details of 9-11 as presented by Dr. Judy Wood and others



This letter mailed by 6 ¢ ounce postage:


to these Pittsburgh Colleges (Presidents) & Newspapers (Editors)

University of Pittsburgh
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Community College of Allegheny County
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
California University of Pennsylvania
Carnegie Mellon University
Duquesne University
La Roche College
Robert Morris University
Point Park University
Carlow University
Chatham University
Penn State
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tribune Review

to these West Virginia College Presidents:

Anderson-Broaddus College
Bethany College
Bluefield State College
Concord College
Davis & Elkins College
Fairmont State College
Glenville State College
Marshal University
Marshall University- South Chas. Campus
Mountain State University
Ohio Valley University
Potomac State College of W. Virginia Univ.
Salem International University
Shepherds University
Southern West Virginia Community & Technical College
University of Charleston
West Liberty State College
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
West Virginia State University
West Virginia University- Morgantown
West Virginia University Inst. of Technology
West Virginia University- Parkersburg
West Virginia Wesleyan College
Wheeling Jesuit University

College and General Publications in Pittsburgh are:

Carlow Journal
Creative Nonfiction
University of Pittsburgh
Honors College
The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review
Collision Literary Magazine
Carnegie Mellon Today
Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition
Pittsburgh Magazine
SHADY AVE Communications
Maniac Magazine
The Original Magazine
Pitt Magazine
Point Park News Service
Point Park University
Robert Morris University
WHIRL Publishing

and soon to some West Virginia Newspapers- Editors, like

Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston- Gazette, Beckley Herald Tribune, Morgantown- Dominion Post, Huntington- Herald Dispatch, Clarksburg- Exponent Telegraph, Wheeling News Register

State Journal, Graffiti,


and some members of my Carnegie Mellon Univ. Architecture Graduate Classmates, 1971

possibly to Blair Academy (prep school), New Jersey headmaster,  faculty, and fellow students

and George Washington High School Classmates, 1966, Charleston, West Virginia



- - - - -

Greetings.      30 May 2013


I am a graduate architectural student

from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh


I served on state & national architectural boards.


I have come to realize that much I learned in college blocked my thinking so that I could not see the reality that surrounds us.


I wrote to retiring Carnegie Mellon Univ. President Cohon about the Failure in Education.


As we connect with the elite in college, or the “learned” we come to believe we have the inside knowledge and that we do not need to look around us at reality, as it is predigested and understood.

That is specifically why the huge decline in our county and lifestyle,

because we are letting “AUTHORITIES” tell us their truth,


While we avoid letting truth be our authority.


The whole letter is here

www.abodia.com/cmu        Click on President’s letter.

About the failure of education


Education is the foundation of our knowledge.


I woke up at age 58, to find that most that I was taught, assumes, and was linked to is simply not true, not the deeper truth.


I first learned in studying 9-11, then found the same was true in law, money, debt, loans, war, pharmaceuticals, freedom, government, etc.


I sent my letter to CMU President to 80 people;

            college presidents, newspapers, publications, etc.


I love Pittsburgh and loved my college years and classmates, but I can easily see that many people, most people are attracted and blinded by money, power, influence, status.

To gain or maintain that

they simply avoid the hard questions and go with the flow.

We must start to think again, and get back to the real world,


Stop warring world wide, stop great deception in money, debts and restore our rightful rights in law.


Education kills our curiosity, directs us to material world and status, and puts our thinking to sleep.


If you cannot see my letter to CMU President Cohon,

or would like me to send you a copy of it,


Please contact me in any way.


Ted of Elden © family

c/o 1331 MacCorkle Avenue SE

Charleston, West Virginia


304 344 2335            a@abodia.com


 I lead a group of Truth Seekers,

with ½ million so far thru our web sites.


www.abodia.com  plus these extensions

/5         /911    /t          /irs       /law


Like this www.abodia.com/5


It is easy to see the deception in 9-11

The deception is in many other subjects also.