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Elden mailed 13,650+ letters with 2 ¢ to 6 ¢ postage to people across the united States. Use the US Post Office, not the US Postal Service, a private corp. Spell out the state, don’t use 2 letter state or any abbreviations, don’t use zip code in outgoing or in return address.  The U.S. Constitution gave Congress control of mail. Congress set postage rate at 2 cents per ½ ounce in 1864. The new congress set the rate in 1967 at 6 ¢ per ounce. They never changed the rate.  The USPS is a quasi private organization that handles mail, setting new rates, & posting their rules.  They must abide by rates set by Congress, but USPS doesn’t need to post those rates. Learn about postage rates

My friends also exchange 2 cent letters !

On any personal check, look at the line where you sign.  When you magnify it, it’s actually tiny letters: AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE many times.  This is part of a deception, where your name is converted to all CAPITAL letters and you are treated as a corporation, rather then the living person who you are.

Organizations print your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS, Why ? Government, banks, utility companies & corporations spell your name in all capital letters, because JOHN DOE does not have the rights that John Doe has.  When you learn the difference, you can gain the power, wealth, freedom JOHN DOE doesn’t have.

The capital name; JOHN DOE is a fictional corporation or trust created by US Corp. to control individuals. They can only control you when you volunteer to accept a benefit.  If you respond to JOHN DOE as your name, then you’re under their control. It is optional. Learn law to be free. see Rights & Remedy

Many bank agreements are flawed; Consider credit cards, mortgages, car, college or home improvement loans.  When you discover the flaw, you can notify the lending institution, They may elect to waive any further payments rather then you sue them for fraud of not disclosing the hidden terms. Clear debts.

67 million Americans do not file income tax.  according to DoJ & IRS. The US Constitution of 1787, & later amendments, make it impossible for the fed. government to collect income tax from individual people, only from corporations. Learn many reasons you're exempt, including the fact income tax is voluntary. The IRS takes some confused people to court, but many individuals prevail to not pay income tax for specific reasons.  The national news does not report these victories, but they’re easy to find and confirm.  see more on IRS

In 1789, the several states of the Union joined to form the Constitution for the united states of America.  The States & The People formed and control the federal government.

In 1871, Congress passed an Act of 1871 to incorporate the “District of Columbia”.  Later they named that  corp. “UNITED STATES”.  All US laws, taxes are just voluntary !

US corporation law applies only to 10 mile square around Dist. of Col. and territories they acquire; PR, Guam.  They can’t control subjects beyond limits of the US Constitution. You may volunteer to be a U.S. citizen (under their corporation) If you do, you lose Constitutional (1787) rights & freedoms. 

Title 26 Income Tax Code states specifically the tax only applies to those living or working in the “United States” defined as 10 mile square around District of Columbia & the territories that it acquires [ but not including the 50 separate States of the Union ].

The United States Corporation can only control subjects mentioned in the Constitution; national security, interstate commerce. Other powers revert to the States or to The People.

U.S. Supreme Court established judicial review in Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137, 2 L. Ed. 60 (1803), Any law conflicting with US Constitution is null & void, has no effect.

Government (or any contract) can only control those who consent. It’s voluntary.  God created and controls man (John Doe), who may join with a spouse, have children.  The families create communities, cities, counties, states, then a federal government.  The federal government creates (acquires) & controls new territories, corporations, laws and federal citizens like JOHN DOEThe higher creates and controls the lower. The lower is subject to the control of the higher.  The federal government cannot control living people, only corporations which they create. 


Free Energy devices have been available since 1880s.  They capture energy from the environment, like the aether or cosmic rays.  They don’t consume oil, gas, coal or any tangible product. They are pollution free, yet generate useful work or over utility, excess electrical energy.  National main stream news has ability to suppress vital information   Learn of inventors, patents, press releases, working prototypes, & where to buy models:
I witnessed Free Energy devices in Idaho Nov.’10

There’s 200 years of oil & natural gas for united States in Alaska, noted in government reports, geologist, & Alaska governors. Their reserves rival Saudi Arabia fields.  There’re other abundant resources, including those untapped in mid west. Many scientist find oil is self renewing underground.

We live in a world of deception, things widely promoted and assumed are not true.

National news intentionally misleads.              9 Global corporation bought control of national news. They get abundant information, but they carefully select what information they won’t publish & distribute.  These corporations own the military industrial complex. They promote: - war, hiding it’s down side. -  need & urgency of oil, hiding it’s abundance and the free energy technologies. We live in a vast illusion, but since we are anxious to get along, and increase our wealth & property, we don’t question those around us.  We live in unconscious fear.  We fear to question might impact our job, property or family, so we accept lies instead of thinking !

Millions know & share truth while most live in deception from national news, TV, books & movies.  These Truthers;  people, leaders, groups, seminars, etc. are easy to find once you realize they exist.  Their findings and successes are brilliant and are changing lives.

Most live under restrictions of status quo. They would rather follow the pack, then find the truth to live a better life. This is the sad parody of America. We accept the lying national news to accuse foreigners for our problems, rather then find, act on truth and solve our problems.


13 families rule the world. Fritz Springmeier explains.  They own most of the wealth and corporations. They own & control the Federal Reserves / currency in most countries, giving them unlimited funding.  They own news, governments, and effect laws, courts. Specific safeguards like FDA Food and Drug Administration seem to protect the public, but actually these are the militant hand to crush competition and expand the activities of certain, chosen private companies, who are exempted from certain tests, reports, disclosures.

People are dependent on popular authorities. They lack confidence in their own ability to reason ! Be curious, find a New Reality

Language is the limit of thought ! If you do not have a word, term or symbol for something you cannot see, remember, or tell another. Truths noted here are easily conveyed in language, presented in books, articles, videos, audio but from beyond the main stream. Main stream does not control all knowledge, only the popular, easy accessed information. Few know how to find these suppressed people & reports, Truth Seekers can guide you.

Confirm any fact in a few seconds, with the internet.  Learn how any teenager or older adult who can simply read, think, and type (ask internet a question) can find the truth from reliable public records; Congressional Reports, court cases, local news.

> Read A New Reality (Elden’s free book) Question things.     Book & 2 page summary.

> A New Reality shows by thinking and reason, we can Pierce the Veil of Secrecy to find TruthThe truth will set you free.  John 8:32  

> Elden’s Thought Print © shows how you can find or confirm a fact in just a few seconds.  We no longer need authorities like; government, universities, corporations, and experts to tell us things. We can find and confirm deeper, unbiased truth by using the internet.  Use a word processor to aid finding, managing & sharing information with others.

Our obsession with the material world and popular opinion keeps most people controlled by national news.  Few have the courage to think, question and act.  Successes are abundant, but the news blocks, suppresses, and won’t lead us to those people,

Truth Seekers meet weekly from Charleston phone conference.  Ask Elden to speak - around W. Va. to colleges & civic groups like Rotary, Civitans.  We help others with information & assist in many ways like; meetings, a library of 3,500+ resources;  DVD documentaries, shortwave interviews, books & articles, 100s of web sites & links. 

Claims here are easy to confirm thru websites and resources, from widely accepted public sources.  Read & think deeper to get past assumptions and illusions.  Government, news, corporate spokesmen & experts lie to increase their power & control over you !

Amazing good things are on going, but those achievements & people are suppressed, threatened, harmed or killed.  Find &  support these great innovations, like free energy, healing,  Cures for AIDS, cancer & more have been available for decades.  

Harmful  things are on going, in front of us across the united States, but beyond our suspicion and detection like: - Chem Trails – toxic chemicals sprayed in the skies.  – Fluoride - a  toxic chemical put in public water, - GMO - Genetically Modified Organism in food, - Vaccines.

The ruling elites form a monopoly of control over most of us.  Fewer and fewer people are gaining control over most of us in many fields like: food, seed, money (banks &  foreclosures), pharmaceuticals, energy; oil, coal, and more. They use government & their laws to control us.  
See Claim Rights & Remedy at


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